Kayla's Journal (kibatsu) wrote,
Kayla's Journal

Is this thing still on?

I became interested in Harry Potter while traveling this summer.  I read through all the books in a period of a week and fell in love with them.  I was searching for commentary on the series when I found a few livejournal communities.  I wasn't sure if I even remembered the password to this place, but obviously I do.  I doubt I will post anything personal anymore, but I've been inspired to write fanfiction so I think I will post that here.  I finished one short piece and I am working on a longer one.

Livejournal has changed a lot since I've last visited.  I am using one of the custom layouts so please tell me if you can still read these pages easily.  I will have to play around with the new options that have developed later.

Do you any of you still post?    
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