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Nights of Gethsemane by StarCrossed (6/65)

Inching forward....


Harry woke from a wonderful dream he didn't remember, feeling refreshed. Snape hadn't conjured food for him yet, so he sprawled out on his bed and read. He had got to Frollo's confession of love when Snape appeared on the other side of the bars. Harry tossed the book onto the bed beside him. "He's a lecher!" he said, referring to Frollo. "He should leave poor gypsy girl alone. He acts like hurting himself excuses him for everything he's done."

"He can't help himself; he is desperately in love with her," said Snape as he stepped through the bars.

"He's going to get her killed! She's already been tortured because of him!"

"He has decided that if he can't have her, no one can." Snape tapped the table with his wand and breakfast appeared.

"That's not love," Harry scoffed. "That's obsession. I hope Quasimodo kills him. He's old and ugly and a dirty pervert." Sliding out of bed, he padded over to the table.

Snape crossed his arms. "Your implication that only the young and beautiful deserve love is asinine, but I am not surprised to hear it from the likes of you. You young fools always place appearance above character and ostracize those who do not match conventional standards of beauty. Furthermore, you've neglected to observe any parts of the relationship between Quasimodo and Frollo, and yet you argue for patricide in such a cavalier fashion. He should kill the only man who has ever cared for him for the sake of a silly girl who finds his visage abhorrent?"

"Of course! The old man doesn't love him; he's just using him. Yeah, she finds him ugly and she's never going to be with him, but he could admire her from afar and he'd know that she's alive because of him." Dropping into his chair, Harry glanced over the dishes before him. He’d been given the same meal as the last.

"Mr Potter, I think you'll find that there are very few individuals who can gaze upon their heart's desire and not be consumed by the need for possession. That is why men waste away in front of the Mirror of Erised." Turning, Snape walked away.

"I'd kill him," insisted Harry as Snape walked out of sight.

After his morning ablutions, Harry took off his shirt and exercised until his limbs ached. He used the flannel to bathe himself as best he could before returning to his book. The workout had left him sleepy and he only read a few chapters before drifting off.


Harry dreamt he was a gypsy who danced in Diagon Alley for coins. He wore bells on his wrists and ankles, loose black bottoms, a white blouse, and a vest with red and gold stripes in it. An excellent dancer, he flipped and twirled his body across the pavement with the skill of an expert gymnast. Hedwig accompanied him and spelled words with her beak to the delight of the crowd.

One morning, after he had finished his routine, he bent to collect the proffered coins when he heard the clip of hooves behind him. Turning around, he saw a magnificent white steed. Perched royally on its back was a most handsome boy with a pale face, pointed chin, grey eyes, and long white hair that glittered in the sun. He was dressed in the finest wizard robes Harry had ever seen: black with a vivid green trim.

"You dance well, boy," complimented the handsome stranger and Harry suddenly knew that he was Phoebus and Draco.

"Thank you." He bowed with a flourish, his heart rate quickening at the compliment.

Draco climbed down from his horse. "Follow me." He took Harry into a building that had suddenly appeared on the corner of the street. They walked through a maze of streets and then up a winding staircase that twisted and turned and abruptly ended in a bedroom.

Draco pressed him up against a wall and kissed him. Little sparks erupted across Harry's lips as they explored each other’s mouths. Harry was suddenly hard and he rubbed himself against Draco. Draco's fingers slid down his chest and then he had Harry's cock in his hand. Harry arched into Draco at that sinfully exquisite touch before he recovered himself and pulled away.

"No, I can't. Not until I find my parents." He pulled away and crossed the wide room to sit on the bed.

"Your parents are dead." Draco was suddenly on top of him, his body warm and hard as he pressed down on Harry. "Have sex with me and you will never be empty again."

"Okay," agreed Harry and let Draco give him electric kisses along his neck. He was desperately rubbing up against the other boy when Snape suddenly burst into the room. "Expelliarmus!"

Draco flew off of Harry and into a wall. Snape , dressed as a priest, stalked over to Harry and grabbed his arm. "You belong to me, you stupid brat." He Apparated with Harry to the middle of a bell tower. Dobby was there, grinning at Harry with a loopy smile, "Dobby loves bells, Harry Potter!"

"Dobby, you have to save me!" cried Harry as Snape dragged him past the bells.

"Dobby must ring the bells, Harry Potter sir!" Dobby jumped on the biggest one and a loud clang rang out, knocking Harry into Snape.

Snape pulled him outside and they were on top of the Astronomy tower. Voldemort was waiting for him, sneering at both, his wand pointed at Harry’s chest. "Give me the boy, Severus. I need to kill him by sundown."

"No, he’s mine and you can't take him." Snape grabbed Harry and pushed him back behind him. Harry realised he was a step away from falling to his doom. "Snape, stop! You’re going to kill me!"

Snape ignored him and shot an angry red spell Voldemort. Sparks from their wands flew and a vicious spell knocked Snape back against the wall. Realising he couldn't win against Voldemort, Snape cried, "If I can’t have him no one will!" And he pushed Harry off the tower.

Harry woke before he hit the ground. He gasped for breath, panting as he stared at the wall in front of him. What a crazy dream. Snape must've given him some strange potion to have a gay sex dream. A gay sex dream about Malfoy no less. "Augh." Harry threw back the covers and climbed out of bed. He wouldn't be sleeping for some time. He glanced at his book, but blamed it for the odd sequence and decided to avoid it for a while.

Determined not to think about what an amazing kisser the dream Malfoy had been, Harry amused himself by learning to balance the chairs on top of the table.

When Snape showed up, Harry asked him a question as soon as he spotted the familiar black smudge enter the hallway.

"What if I wasn't dying but wanted to talk to you?" He pulled himself to the edge of the table and returned to the floor, certain that Snape wouldn't appreciate him laying on the table. Luckily, he had already returned the chairs to the floor.

"I doubt there would be such a need, but should it ever occur, you are allowed to call for me. However, if you abuse the privilege, the consequences would be the same." Snape remained outside the bars. "It is time for your bath."

"I prefer showers, you know." Harry informed him just to be petulant, but obediently took off his shirt and stuck his hands through the bars. The chairs had been heavier than they looked and he wanted to clean himself off.

Snape spelled the chain. "I assumed that you were astute enough to figure out how to operate something as simple as a bathtub, Potter, but once again I have made the mistake of overestimating your intelligence."

Harry wanted to slam his fist into Snape's mouth until he knocked out all the crooked, nasty teeth, but he forced himself to bury his rage and follow Snape docilely to the bathroom. He climbed into the tub and yanked up the lever to turn on the shower. Even though there was no shower curtain, the water stayed in the tub. Snape vanished the chain and Harry hummed to himself as he cleaned his body. He was washing his penis, his length twitching excitedly in his hand, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was standing stark naked, fully exposed, in front of his former professor. He kept his back to Snape as heat stormed across his face. Maybe a shower wasn't such a good idea after all? He had got so used to having Snape observe him he had forgotten he was there, the creep. Harry quickly finished his shower, thinking it would look odd if he suddenly switched to a bath so near the end. He wrapped himself in a towel as soon as he was properly rinsed.

Keeping himself covered with his towel, he wiggled his bottoms back on. The process was much longer than usual since he was trying to hold up the towel with one hand and put on his bottoms with the other. Finally, Snape snapped, “Just put on your trousers; it's not like I haven’t seen it already.”

Harry's face grew incredibly hot and he scurried back to his cell as soon as his bottoms were tied securely around his waist. "Yeah, I forgot for a bit what a pervert you are."

"I think you are projecting, Potter." Snape opened the bars for him and Harry hurried through to sit on his bed. Snape followed and tapped the table with his wand.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Harry crossed his arms and glared at the fuzzy blob that was Snape.

"That's the second time you've stimulated yourself in my presence." Snape stepped out of the cell.

Harry yelled, "I forgot you were there!" in embarrassment at the disappearing smear of black.

After Harry finished his meal of pork chops, yams, and steamed vegetables, he decided it was safe to read his book again. He was engrossed in a chapter when Snape stepped through the library door. Snape rarely visited him three times in a day and, with a spike of dread, he realised it had been a while since he had been tortured. Resolutely closing his book, Harry put it to the side as Snape stepped in through the bars.

"I noticed that you have nearly finished reading The Hunchback, said Snape, holding up something large and rectangular in his hands. "Based on your alacrity for finding trouble, I have procured another book for you to read." He sent it floating through the bars.

Along the spine and across the cover, the words ‘World Mythologies’ had been stamped in tarnished silver. The yellowed pages were disheveled as if it had been read and reread constantly. Harry had thought the other book was huge, but this was twice as big with even smaller text.

"Thanks?" Harry was pretty sure Snape had insulted him while giving him the book, based on the stiff tone of his voice, but heroes and mythical creatures were far more interesting than creepy old men and deformed midgets.

"Now strip, Lucius is waiting."

Harry felt as though Snape had just thrown him in a pool of iced water. He methodically undid his clothing. For a hysterical moment he thought of refusing to go with Snape and making him force him through magic, but now that Voldemort was here, Snape might use pain to compel him to move, and he'd sworn that he'd walk to his doom with his head high. He got to his feet, but his knees locked and he almost fell over. Snape steadied him with a hand on his back and walked him through the bars. He kept his hand on the small of Harry's back as they passed through the library and up the stairs. At the top he tapped the left manacle with his wand and the chain appeared between Harry's cuffs.

"He arrived a day early. I wouldn't have fed you tonight if I had known," said Snape in a rough voice. Harry wanted to throw himself at the Death Eater and beg him to whip him - do anything he wanted to him - but not to let Malfoy touch him.

He didn't though. Instead, he walked through the door on trembling legs. Voldemort and Malfoy were there along with Dolohov. Snape didn't have to use magic for Harry to end up on his knees in the centre of the room. Harry tried to calm himself as Malfoy strode over, stopping right beside him. The Death Eater conjured a table and set a black box on it. He waved his wand and the chain binding Harry’s cuffs disappeared. A strong hand gripped his hair and yanked him to his feet. As soon as Harry was on his feet, Malfoy pushed his arms apart.

Concretio Ferratilis.” Chains appeared, connecting each cuff to the ceiling, pulling his arms up and apart so taunt, they hurt. Malfoy kicked his legs apart, and cuffs appeared around his ankles. He struggled but his legs were spread so wide it was painful to try to move them. Having his body stretched into the shape of an X left him feeling incredibly vulnerable and defenceless. His genitals dangled exposed between his legs and there seemed to be miles of open skin on his body for Malfoy to hurt.

Lucius slowly walked around Harry as if surveying a work of art. He picked something up from the table and brought it over. Harry tensed before he recognised what it was: his glasses! Malfoy slid them over Harry’s nose with a surprisingly gentle touch. Harry had got used to things being fuzzy and it was strange to see clearly again. He blinked as his eyes adjusted.

"Much better." Malfoy was smiling at him with a dangerous gleam in his eyes. "I want you to see everything that I do to you."

Harry's insides twisted. He looked away from Malfoy's face to see Snape sitting by Voldemort on the dais. Snape had a look of bored disinterest on his face, the long fingers of his right hand lightly tapping the arm of the chair he rested in. Harry shifted his glance to Voldemort and was dismayed to find a raw hunger twisting his alien features. He hated the way Voldemort was watching him and he squeezed his eyes shut to block it out. Malfoy spanked Harry’s bare arse, causing him to jump.

"I did not give you permission to close your eyes, boy."

Harry wrenched his eyes open. He would've talked back to any other Death Eater, even Voldemort himself, but there was something in Malfoy's eyes that scared him more than he'd ever been scared before.

Malfoy opened the box and calmly pulled out a smaller, long wooden container. He opened it, showing the insides to Harry who hesitantly looked to see two dozen objects that looked like oversized needles. They were about four inches long and silver, neatly lined up in perfect rows. Malfoy gently placed the box back on the table and removed black gloves from his robes. He made a show of sliding them on his hands before he carefully picked up a needle. He held it close to Harry's face, as if showing off how sharp it was, and Harry tried to push his head as far away from the needle as it would go.

In an easy, almost jovial tone, Malfoy said, "I am going to stick these in you. I'll give this one to you as a gift, but you will need to ask for the rest of them. When you ask for them you will say 'another, please' and I will give it to you. Whenever I ask you a question you will answer with 'yes, sir' or 'no, sir,' is that understood?”

Harry swallowed thickly. Malfoy clicked his tongue in disapproval and slashed Harry’s cheek with the needle. A wake of fire followed the path of the tip and Harry cried out in pain.

Malfoy sharply said, "I asked you a question, boy. Now give me an answer." He held the needle up again, poised for another strike.

"Yes, sir," Harry answered quickly. He could get through this. It was just like with Umbridge. He would give Malfoy the bare minimum of compliance.

"Much better." Malfoy smiled before pinching Harry's right nipple, pulling on it hard before he pushed the needle through the taught skin behind it.

Harry hissed and squeezed his eyes shut at the pain of it. The needle pieced through the skin on the other side, and Malfoy removed his hands, leaving the length stuck in Harry's areola. Both his cheek and his areola burned intensely and he whimpered when the pain did not fade.

"I coated the needles in Hellesborne," gloated Malfoy. Harry opened his eyes to see Malfoy’s smug smile. "You will feel the pain of them for hours. Would you like another?" He picked up a second needle.

"No, sir," Harry said.

"I'm a patient man." Malfoy carved up Harry's cheek starting with his lower left jaw. Harry tried to jerk his head back, but Malfoy held him in place as he slowly crossed the other wound. "I will decorate you with paintings until you ask for me to put it in your skin,” he purred as he finished with Harry's cheek and ran the tainted needle down the right side of Harry's neck causing another wave of fire to follow in its wake.

Having the needle in his chest hurt like hell, but with the herb or whatever it was that Malfoy was using he knew it would be far more painful to let the Death Eater give him poisoned cuts all over. He held out until Malfoy began to cut up his chest and then he knew it would be better to just get this whole thing over with as quickly as possible.

He gasped, "Another, please!"

"Smart boy." Malfoy smiled and pinched Harry's other nipple. He slid the second needle in place while Harry grunted and bit his tongue so hard he drew blood.

Malfoy picked up the third needle and twisted his lips in a way that could almost be considered affectionate if it weren't for the malicious glint in his eyes. He didn't have to wait for long before Harry obliged him, "Another please."

Malfoy decorated Harry's thighs, arms, and chest with the pins. He got to eight before Harry couldn't hold back his cries of pain and at fourteen Harry couldn't stand the torture anymore.

"I can't-!" He started to plead but Malfoy slashed him across the stomach viciously. "I did not give you permission to speak, boy! If you disobey me again I will pierce your tongue."

Harry somehow managed to ask for the last six. When the final needle slid into place he sobbed with relief.

He closed his eyes and hung his head as clapping rang through the room.

"Wonderful, Lucius." Voldemort was saying as if the Death Eater had just sung him a beautiful aria. "I wish I had time to enjoy more of your work, but we must be off."

Malfoy yanked all the needles out at once with a whispered spell and Harry choked back his scream. When Malfoy had returned the needles to the box, he plucked the glasses from Harry's nose and strode out after Voldemort.

Harry squeezed his eyes tightly shut and hung against his chains as he tried to ignore the pain in his body. He hated his fear and his weakness. He should've been stronger than that. He should've been defiant until the end.

Someone approached him and he recognised Snape by the smell of potion fumes. Snape's fingers closed in his hair and pushed back his head as a bottle pressed against his lips. Obediently opened his mouth, Harry drank. The familiar sweet taste of the painkiller mixed with sleeping potion was ambrosia on his cut tongue and he tried to will it to move through his system as quickly as possible. Snape released Harry's bonds and he sagged against the tall Death Eater, too shaken to stand. Snape gripped Harry's upper arm firmly and marched him back to the basement, Harry's legs trembling as he followed Snape's lead.

Snape pulled down to the bathroom rather than his cell, and helped him into the tub, turning on the taps for him. Harry stared down at himself and found he was quite bloody. As he cleaned himself off, the water in the tub turned pinkish. It was difficult for him to move while the drugs rolled through his system but he did his best, not wanting Snape to touch him any more than necessary. When he finished, Snape lifted him up out of the tub, dried him off, and then supported him back to his bed. Harry screwed his eyes tightly shut and pressed himself against his mattress, burying his face in his pillow. He was ashamed of his tears, but he couldn't stop them from coming. He had never felt so weak, so helpless and he hated it. He was angry at himself, angry at Malfoy, angry at Snape, angry at everyone. Finally, the potions kicked in and he allowed the sleeping potion to take him away completely.


A touch on his shoulder woke him up. "You need to eat, Potter."

"I'm not hungry," he mumbled into his pillow.

"At least have a drink."

"I'm not thirsty."

The hand moved off his skin and Harry drifted off again.


He had a strange dream that Snape was bathing him. He was in the bathtub and Snape was running a warm flannel over his body. Snape wore a sweater and his forearms were exposed, his Dark Mark moving as he ran the washcloth tenderly over Harry's limbs. He was saying something, but all Harry heard was low thunder.

"Whip me," begged Harry.

Snape leaned in close and Harry thought he was going to kiss him but he just whispered softly, "I can't give you what you want, but I will give you what you need."

That didn't make any sense and Harry closed his eyes and left to find a better dream.

[[I wrote the Draco/Harry scene for my friend who loves that pairing. I love writing the dreams and I’ve had to restrain myself so that I don’t fill the fic with dream sequences. ]]


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