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Snape woke him by yanking off the sheets. "Up, Potter. Bellatrix is here."

"What the hell?" Harry asked in confusion.

Snape spelled a chain between Harry's cuffs and dragged him to his feet. "The Dark Lord is waiting."

Harry stumbled after him. He felt strangely calm for being led to Voldemort. "Did you drug and fuck me earlier or was that some crazy dream?"

"Do you typically dream about that, Potter?" asked Snape in a rough voice.

"No!" He shuddered. "I've just had a lot of crazy dreams lately."

Snape pulled him down the hallway. "I will invade your mind while Bellatrix tortures you tonight." The door to the throne room opened and Harry stumbled through.

Bellatrix, Voldemort, and Lucius were waiting.

Harry took one look at Voldemort with his scaly face, red eyes, and lack of nose and nearly burst into laughter. He had enough sense to cover his mirth with a cough. He needed to get over this drug and quickly. How could he begin to Occlude with his mind so messed up?

"My Lord," said Snape as he shoved Harry into a kneeling position, then knelt before his master.

"Have you a gift for me?"

"Yes, my Lord." Snape raised his head to meet his Master’s eyes and Harry knew Voldemort was reading the Death Eater's mind. His face burned as he thought of how he must look in Snape’s memory. Voldemort was apparently very pleased because he gave that awful laugh.

"You are quite inventive, Severus. Who would imagine that I'd see Harry Potter begging for Death Eater cock."

Harry's entire body filled with the heat of his fury and shame, covering the mild euphoria still lingering in his system. He shook as he clenched his fists so hard, he cut his palms with his nails.

"I don't see how you can touch him." Bellatrix sneered as she walked over to her prize. "I can't stand having any part of his filthy body near me. Crucio!"

Screaming, Harry writhed on the floor in agony. He’d earlier decided to try Snape's advice and did not restrain any expression of pain. It wasn’t difficult to allow his body to tremble uncontrollably. Snape moved over to stand near Bellatrix as if enjoying the show, his eyes fixed firmly on Harry's. A push of magic told him that Snape had penetrated his mind and he showed him his memories of the night before? Earlier day? After he showed him that, he focused on his memory of his second year when he had set off the firecracker in Snape’s classroom so that Hermione could steal into his storeroom. Apparently satisfied, Snape pulled out and turned away.

He started to lose control after Bellatrix had been at it for what seemed like hours. The image of Neville's parents at St Mungo's seeped into his mind. How long before he ended up like them?

"That will be all for tonight, Bella," Voldemort commanded in what was almost an affectionate tone.

Bellatrix stepped away, and he could do nothing but shake with pain. The Death Eaters moved to the far side of the room and conversed among themselves. Harry was in too much pain to try to listen to their conversation. He desperately wished for oblivion brought on by painkillers and sleeping potions as he lay on the floor, unable to do anything but hurt.

Finally, footsteps approached him and Snape dragged him to his feet. He did his best to stand, and managed not to puke all over the floor.

"Remember, Severus," Voldemort's deadly voice floated across the room. "You have been given a gift. If you displease me, I will give him over to Avery and you will never be able to use him again."

"I understand, my Lord," said Snape. "I will not fail you. You will have plenty of visions to enjoy."

A door shut and Snape floated Harry down to his cell, placing him on his bed.


Harry turned his head to see Snape holding the same type of vial that held the painkiller out towards him. He opened his mouth and swallowed what Snape poured in. "I told you I did it." He closed his eyes.

"It is greatly improved," agreed Snape.

"Without you," Harry felt compelled to point out before he fell asleep.


Harry woke in a bathtub filled with a strange whitish fluid. Snape was bathing him with a flannel, his forearms bare. A powerful feeling of déjà vu washed over Harry.

He mumbled, "I've been here before."

"Yes, this is the best treatment for the Cruciatus," murmured Snape as he picked up one of Harry’s feet and rubbed the flannel over the heel.

"I thought it was a dream." He lay back and relaxed in the warm water, feeling very drowsy yet not tired.

"You are developing a tolerance to the sleeping potion. I am reluctant to give you any more." Snape cleaned between his toes. The touch of the cloth distant, as though it were happening through a dream.

"Why d'you give it to me?" Harry watched the Dark Mark move slowly up his leg. He could feel his anger that Snape was touching him while he was naked burning in his core, but he was too tired and relaxed to try to bring it to the surface.

Snape paused, set Harry’s foot down in the tub, and poured an open bottle on the cloth. He started on Harry's other foot. "You have a tendency to exacerbate your injuries with your refusal to remain still for long periods of time. The Cruciatus can cause nerve damage if you are highly mobile after being exposed to pronounced episodes of it. I have cut off your ability to feel the pain caused by your overactive nociceptors. They are still firing rapidly, so I use the bath and the salve to calm them down so that I do not have to give you large amounts of pain killers mixed with sedatives while waiting for the nociceptors to return to a normal state.”

"My noci-what?" Harry asked in confusion as Snape finished his leg, stopping just above the knee.

"Your nociceptors – neurons that send pain signals to your brain."

"D'you know everything?" Harry asked suspiciously.

The ends of Snape’s mouth quirked up as he poured more lotion on his flannel and moved behind Harry. He gently pushed him into a sitting position and rubbed the potion into Harry’s back. "After repeated sessions of the Cruciatus, I was determined to develop a better way to recover from the effects. I searched through Muggle literature on pain until I was fairly sure how the spell worked, and then experimented with potions until I developed one that proved productive. I originally created it to be ingested, but I have since found that it is far more effective if administered as directly as possible rather than waiting for it to be metabolised by the liver."

"I don't understand how you can use Muggle literature to figure out the type of potion to make." Harry brought up his knees and relaxed against his legs as Snape massaged his back with the flannel. The sleeping potion still in his system left him feeling as though his body was made of water.

"Scientific literature to be exact. Wizard bodies appear to be nearly identical to Muggle bodies. That's why wizard magic can heal or hurt Muggles." Snape's flannel worked Harry’s neck, and he pressed back against it, enjoying the feel of the cloth sliding over his skin. It wasn’t nearly as good as it had been on the sex potion, but it still felt very nice.

"What is magic?"

"No one knows. I've heard many theories, and the strongest argument seems to be that magic users are able to manipulate one of the other dimensions." Snape manoeuvred Harry back to lean against the tub. His fingers slid through Harry’s hair as he rubbed the potion into his scalp.

"Other dimensions?"

"Yes, length, width, height, time are dimensions. You may remember how I told you during your fifth year that these matter in magic." Snape's fingers skillfully worked their way across his skull. "Some Muggles believe that there are other dimensions which impact us but can not be seen or detected with current technology. It is possible that we, through a genetic mutation, are able to manipulate these unseen dimensions and produce magic."

"How d'you know all this stuff?" Harry tilted his head back so Snape could run the lotion under his fringe.

"I've spent most of the last month reading. My duty towards you doesn't take that much of my time,” Snape said, then smeared the lotion on Harry's face with the flannel.

Harry closed his eyes. "How d'you get the books? Have I been here a month?"

"I order everything by mail. I brought most of my library when I knew I would be living here." Snape finished with Harry's face and then worked the lotion over the front of his throat.

Harry noticed his avoidance of the second question but did not try to press the issue. "Who is in charge at Hogwarts?"

"The Carrows," spat Snape. The darkness in his voice suggested he not at all pleased by that fact. "I requested of the Dark Lord to remain at my position, but he was insistent that I play jailer to you."

"Why you?" Harry opened his eyes and watched Snape's hand move over his chest. Snape's fingers brushed over his nipples, sending a twitch to his groin, but the hands did not linger and worked their way lower.

"At that time, I was the one he most trusted. I also knew sensitive information and I think he understands that I am one of the few with restraint enough to obey his orders not to harm you while he isn't around. I also know more about healing than most other Death Eaters, which means I can restore you efficiently. Since I am a non-Pureblood I was also the most equipped to deal with the terms of your imprisonment," Snape said as he rubbed Harry's belly. Harry was about to object to him going lower when he stopped and pulled his hand with the flannel out of the water, wringing it out into the tub.

"At the time you were the favourite, but not now?" Harry relaxed again.

"The Dark Lord grants favours through work and I have not been able to win his favour through acts as easily as the others." Snape walked over to wash his hands in the sink behind Harry.

"You just got a favour," Harry pointed out although he didn't feel like reminding Snape of the specifics.

"For which I have Avery to thank," Snape muttered darkly. "I will need to do something noteworthy soon so that I can continue to remain in his good graces."

"Just don't involve me." Harry cupped his hand and examined the strange water.

"Move as little as possible," ordered Snape as he spelled the tap to add more hot water. "I will place a bubblehead charm on you and then you should rest completely under water while moving as little as possible."

"What about my arms?"

"I coated them while you were still asleep." Snape cast the charm and Harry let himself sink beneath the surface of the water. The tub was pleasantly warm, and Snape turned off the hot water to let him soak. Harry closed his eyes and drifted off.


Harry woke when Snape began draining the tub. He sat up and the bubble-head charm disappeared. He was still far more sleepy and serene than he would've normally been. Snape was sitting on a chair in his corner, reading a book. His forearms had been covered again.

Harry watched the water drain out of the tub. "I hate being drugged. I've not been myself for a while."

"Would you have so placidly rested and allowed me to bathe you?" Snape asked from behind him.

"No, I would've punched you as hard as I could."

"I thought so." Snape stood up and walked over. Harry felt the familiar sensation of Mobilicorpus lifting his body up out of the water, and then Snape wrapped him in a very soft, fluffy black robe that smelled like its owner. Harry breathed in the scent of Snape and remembered how the smell had originally disgusted him. He guessed he had got used to Snape, or the greasy git had finally learned to bathe because the smell was relaxing rather than agitating.

Snape floated him back to his cell. It irritated Harry, who wanted to walk, but his limbs weren't fully responding to his orders. Snape laid him on his bed and then dressed him carefully. Harry moved his limbs as best he could to make it go quicker. Snape took away the robe when he was finished and Harry was disappointed by its loss. Maybe he could convince Snape to give him one of his own. The robe he had previously owned was no where near as soft as that one had been.

"I'm not tired, just sleepy." Harry protested when Snape laid the cover over him. He knocked back the sheet and forced himself into a sitting position. "And I'm hungry."

Snape tapped the table. Food appeared and Snape conjured a tray with two thick handles. He turned the tray upside down and placed the food on top of it. He floated it over to Harry and the handles fit perfectly on either side of Harry’s thighs so that he had his own little table. Breakfast was composed of porridge, but it was a fancy porridge with little cups around it holding such things as nuts, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, raisins, brown sugar, and butter.

"Finish it off completely," Snape said. "If it grows cold you have permission to make noise and I will give you a warm bowl."

"Did you put potions in it?" Harry sniffed it suspiciously.

"No, I have no need to give you potions now. Eat up." Snape strode out of the cell.

Harry added all of the toppings and ate slowly. He had never liked porridge before, but the bowls he’d tried had been watery, not thick and delicious like this. Where the hell Snape had found house-elves who were so good at cooking? Maybe Snape made them read cookbooks like he made Harry read old books.

By the time Harry had finished breakfast his limb movement returned, which was good because he really had to pee, and the last thing he wanted to do was have Snape come hold his dick. His face burned as he thought of how Snape had held his dick. The pervert. If Snape had to have sex with Harry so Voldemort could have wank fantasies then at least he should have the decency to drug him completely out of consciousness, instead of giving him that weird potion.

After his morning ablutions were complete, Harry decided to check on how the toothpaste had held up as a glue. He was delighted to find it worked remarkably well. If he curled up the paper very tightly, then the pasted on piece moved slightly but overall, it remained securely in place. He pulled everything onto his bed and then searched through the pieces of Billy Budd until he found a page that was mostly blank. Now . . .what to write? He needed to convince them that he was the one who had written the letter as well as tell them as much as possible about his situation.

But what did he know about his situation? He was being held captive in some sort of house with Snape as his prison guard. Voldemort wanted him alive and unhurt when the two were away from each other. Harry was being blocked from his magic by use of runes and hadn't been able to escape despite several attempts. Snape ordered items by owl, which meant that they'd possibly be able to track down the house by following the owl. He would have to give them clues about things Snape would probably order so they knew where to search for the owl.

What would Snape order? Large orders of all-black clothes, tons of books – both Muggle and wizard, gallons of pumpkin juice, and unusual foods.

Harry pulled out what remained of the myth book and carefully tore out a few more pages of myths he had already read. The Billy Budd letters were too small for him to write his message. It took him a while but he finally managed to write, "Ron n herMione Im in voldy prisOn snApe guard gits muGgle booKS by owl geT all the HC ?"

He hoped Hermione would understand HC to mean Horcruxes. He felt very tired by the time he finished, so he tucked his letter in the middle of his myth book, slid it under his mattress and drifted off to sleep.


He was chained up naked on his bed and Ginny was standing beside him wearing a tight pink shirt that showed off her breasts, and a white skirt.

"Ginny!" he exclaimed, "Did you come to rescue me?"

"Yes, but first, let's have sex." She yanked off her shirt and climbed on top of him. Her fingers found and pinched his nipples and he moaned and pulled on his bonds as he tried to touch her. "It feels good to have them touched, doesn't it?" She breathed and moved her body up so one small, pert white breast dipped towards his lips. "Suck my tits, Harry."

He lifted up his head and took the small pebble in his mouth, tonguing it as he greedily sucked.

She threw back her head and moaned with delight. "Ah, you are so good, Harry!"

She pulled back and moved down to lick his nipples. Her tongue was electric and little sparks shot into his nipples and spread throughout his body. She licked him like a cat eating cream and asked, "I'm much better at this than Snape is, aren't I?"

"Much better." He became aware of the thickness of his cock and tried to thrust back against her.

"Know what else I am better at?" She sat back.


"Fucking you." She ripped off her skirt and Harry saw that she had a penis. It was white like the rest of her, long and thin with a dark red tip.

"You're a boy?" He asked in confusion.

"Yes, mum wanted a daughter so she made me one. You don't mind, do you?"

"As long as it is you," he assured her.

She moved between his legs and was suddenly inside him and she thrust, knowing just how to hit that spot inside of him that made him squirm.

"Oh god, Ginny, you’re so fucking good!" He moaned in pleasure and thrust back against her. Fuck, she made him so hard.

She bent down to kiss him and she tasted of strawberries. "Let's be gay together, Harry."

"I'm not gay!" he insisted.

"Okay then." She was suddenly on top of him and a girl again and then he was inside her and her pussy clenched around him like a hand. "Yes, Harry, fuck me!" she cried and his hands were free and he grabbed her hips and drove up into her as hard and fast as he could. "Harry! Harry! Don’t stay here, come back to me. I miss you, Harry."

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, Ginny!" Her pussy gripped him so tightly and he came into her. Something warm and wet landed on his face. Startled, he opened his eyes to see himself holding his still twitching prick in his hand and come splattered over his torso. He released himself and lay back in the bed.

What a fucked up dream. He hoped it was the fault of the potions he had been given. What the fuck had Snape done to him? He couldn't even have normal sex dreams anymore. He had been turned into a woman even with a woman. He swallowed thickly as he thought of Ginny. She'd never respected him if she knew he had been raped. He'd never tell her. Never. Girls wanted guys who were strong, not guys who got raped. That only happened to girls.

Feeling sick, he got out of bed and cleaned himself off. Ron would be disgusted with him. Ron would've fought like hell and never allowed it to happen. God, he'd enjoyed it too. He'd begged Snape to fuck him. Feeling very sick, Harry puked in the toilet. He threw up until nothing but saliva came out and then gagged some more. When his dry heaves had finished, he turned on the sink and splashed cold water on his face. He tried to return to his bed but his legs were weak and he fell to the floor half way. Fuck. Fuck. He had to get out of here. He had to get Ron and Hermione to rescue him. But he was afraid. What if they showed up while Snape was on top of him? They'd be grossed out and leave. They'd never understand.

He managed to pick himself up and get back to bed. Shaking violently, he pulled the covers over himself and curled in a ball. He couldn't do this. He couldn't just stay here and be tortured and hurt until nothing of him remained. He had to kill Voldemort before all was lost. He had to get out of here and get a wand or he'd die trying.

Uncurling himself, he retrieved his myth book. His letter was still perfect, all the letters stuck in place. Stroking the paper, he re-read the note several times before closing the book and placing it back under his mattress. It was his beacon of hope. He just needed to survive long enough to get the message out to them that he was still alive so they could come rescue him. If that meant allowing Snape to . . . touch him again, so be it. Once he got the letter out, he'd never allow Snape to come near him again. Even if Snape locked him in a cupboard and fed him dog food, he'd refuse to do what the bastard wanted. His mind set, Harry curled into a ball and waited for Snape to bring dinner.

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Dec. 9th, 2007 11:54 pm (UTC)
I actually disagree. I think the silliness works. the line "let's be gay together" really cracked me up. the silly dreams portray Harry's growing hysteria delightfully. Also, btw, I think you've spelled Occlumency correctly. (Sorry to be annoying; I love the fic!)
Dec. 10th, 2007 02:15 am (UTC)
Thank you so much. I am dyslexic and never would have caught that. Microsoft word catches most of the misspellings but not the Latin words.

I'm glad you liked the dream! As another girl with six brothers, I think Ginny would be fairly masculine in personality and Harry would recognize this subconsciously if not consciously.
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