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Harry lay in bed until the sheets were cool again. Taking out his myth book, he carefully rolled up his letter, sure to make it as long and thin as possible. He practiced tying it in a loop until he was sure he could quickly tie it around the owl's leg. As he waited for dinner, he read the myth book.

Snape showed up on time, stepping through the bars and tapping the table in a hurried manner.

"More lessons?” Harry asked hopefully as he slid out of bed and sat down in his chair. The drugs appeared to have completely left his system and other than a sore throat and jaw, he felt fine.

"No, lessons will be in the morning after breakfast."

The way Snape had to control every little detail of Harry’s life infuriated him. He looked at his meal, which was composed of pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed greens, with rice pudding for dessert, and crossed his arms.

"I don’t like rice pudding," he told Snape. "I want that orange fruit."

"Eat what you are given, Potter." Snape stepped out through the bars. "This isn’t a restaurant."

Harry whirled to face him. "Why not? It isn’t hard to cut up fruit."

"I make whatever I desire to eat. If you do not wish to partake of my meals, then starve." He swirled to leave.

"Wait a minute..." Harry stopped him. "You cook? What about your house elves?"

"I told you, Potter," said Snape as if speaking to a small child, "I don’t have house elves."

"What? But you said-" Harry tried to remember.

"I certainly never said that I did," Snape stiffly insisted. "I don’t have any mangoes currently, anyway, so this whole conversation is pointless." And with that, he left in a dramatic swirl of black.

Snape had cooked all those meals? Harry poked his pork chops suspiciously. Who knew the git could cook. No wonder most of the meals had consisted of stews and soups. And who would've thought that the fruit would be mango? He’d had a mango-flavoured toffee before, but it hadn’t tasted anything like the slices Snape served. There was no point in refusing to eat now that he knew the secret behind the cooking. If Snape was planning to poison him, he would’ve done it already. Harry ate everything, then retired to his bed to read. He would be finished with the myth book in another day or two. Normally Snape would’ve given him another book to start on by now. This time, he was going to ask first. He took out the note and tucked it between the covers of Billy Budd.

Sleep came easily.


Harry dreamt that the Death Eaters couldn’t remember whose turn it was to torture him, so they all had mangos and ice cream in the throne room while Voldemort criticized their table manners.

"He hates mangos," Bellatrix confided as she licked her cone of chocolate mint which was smothered with whipped cream and nuts.

"How could anyone hate mangos?" Harry wondered over his sundae that was a meter long and composed of every single flavour available.

Snape woke him when he entered. "Eat your breakfast, Potter." He strode out as Harry blinked sleepily after him.

Harry stumbled over to his food, which was basically the same as the breakfast the day before. He ate the kippers first, chewing on them slowly while he waited to wake up. He’d ask Snape for another book after training since he seemed to be most agreeable then. As he was finishing his morning routine, Snape returned without the floating balls.

Snape announced, "You will train in a different location today. Take off your clothes and follow me."

"Why do I have to take off my clothes?" Harry suspiciously glared at Snape.

"I can excuse letting you out of your cage. I can excuse giving you clothes. I cannot excuse both easily, and I desire to keep suspicion well away from me," explained Snape. "Besides, you might have to fight the Dark Lord in the nude."

Harry shuddered but did as Snape asked. "God, I hope not." He couldn’t imagine going before Voldemort with his most precious parts exposed. He covered them with his hands as Snape spelled the chain.

"It is very important that you obey me when you are out of your cage." Snape led him through the library. "If the Dark Lord or any other Death Eaters visit, then I will hurt and humiliate you. You must play the submissive slave and occlude your mind completely. If you cannot do that convincingly, then I will not allow you to be anywhere other than your cage. Is that understood?" They reached the top of the stairs, and Snape walked towards the third door in the upstairs hallway, which Harry had never been through.

"Yes, sir." He was too excited to see what was behind the third door to give Snape trouble.

Snape led him into a wide, long room that was half the size of the throne room. The floor was covered in a plush, dark brown carpet and the walls in a burgundy paint. With so much red in the house, perhaps Snape wished he'd ended up in Gryffindor? Furniture was scattered randomly throughout the room, an odd hodgepodge that looked as though Snape had collected pieces from many different rooms and arranged them in a nonsensical manner. The multicoloured balls floated gleefully in a corner, whizzing around in their tight space with excitement. The room reminded Harry of an obstacle course and he grinned.

Snape closed the door and flourished his wand, releasing Harry’s hands. The coloured balls zoomed around the room, taking up varied positions along the wall. Snape flicked his wand, and a red ball shot at Harry. Jumping easily out of the way, he ducked under a table as two greens flew at him. With his fuzzy vision, he could hardly keep track of the balls, which blended into the walls and the multicoloured furniture. Several balls smacked him in the beginning before he learned to view the furniture as possible shields, rather than mere obstacles. Then, the green balls made the furniture disappear if they hit against part of its surface. Harry got confused again in the open space, and Snape halted the exercise.

"Don’t focus on the colours, Potter," instructed Snape. "Pay more attention to the movements. The balls move in straight lines as spells do, so you should be anticipating their movements well before they reach you."

Harry plopped down on a couch as he caught his breath. "I can’t see anything. I need my glasses."

"You probably won’t have them when you face the Dark Lord." Snape strode to the centre of the room. He flicked his wand, and a blue ball began zooming around the walls. "You can see that, can’t you?"

"Yeah, but the others were moving too."

The rest of the balls began to dance along the walls. The blue one zoomed towards Harry with equal speed. Snape stopped it, and sent it back again, only to repeat the exercise. "Focus on how the movement shifts when the object approaches." He turned in a circle and a black ring about seven feet across appeared on the cleared carpet surrounding him.

Snape moved back towards the wall. "Go stand in the centre of the circle."

Harry did so.

"Now, forget dodging. The balls will not enter the circle. Instead, you should point out each ball as soon as you notice it."

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw a yellow ball zoom towards him and he shouted, "There!" as he pointed.

More balls flew at him and he quickly learned to track their movements. The circle around him slowly widened, but he became used to scanning his eyes quickly around the walls as he moved his body around the circle. Snape stopped the exercise when the circle reached the walls. Harry was panting by that point.

"Do you need to rest?" Snape froze the balls against the wall.

Harry nodded. "I need to go to the loo."

Snape led him to the one in his bedroom. "Leave the door open, Potter."

Harry scowled. How had Snape known he had planned to look through his cabinets as soon as the door was closed? He used the toilet, trying to see if there was anything interesting he could make out with his fuzzy eyes. Snape’s bathroom was devoid of anything but the basics. Even the toiletries were the same as Harry's own.

They returned to the practice room, and Snape chained Harry to the foot of a heavy couch, saying, "Wait here," as if Harry could do anything but. He returned shortly, a tray following behind him. Unchaining Harry's hands, and snatched a mug off of the tray before it rested on the floor in front of Harry. The tray had barely touched the floor when Harry snatched one of the sandwiches off of it and shoved it in his mouth. The work out had left him starving even with the huge breakfast. Not caring what Snape thought of his eating habits, Harry devoured everything.

Snape settled into a high backed chair and sipped his mug slowly, ignoring Harry. It was the first time he'd ever had anything to eat or drink in the prison, and it was strange to be reminded that he was human.

The odd feeling that he got whenever he had sex with Snape had left him. Even now, when he was being trained, he still wanted to kill Snape. He knew better than to try to act on it though, and pretended to be civil. The only time he stopped wanting to kill Snape was during after sex and it left him puzzled.

"Does that potion you give me act as a love potion too?"

"As you seem to be recovered from your infatuation with the table," said Snape in an amused voice, and Harry scowled at him. "I don't believe so." He paused, then asked, "Why do you ask?"

That made Harry suspect that the afterglow was a perfectly normal part of sex, and he didn’t want to appear the naïve virgin. "No reason, just wondering why it made me act like that." He finished his milk and set down his glass.

"Perhaps it brings out latent paraphilic tendencies. I will endeavour to safeguard the table from unwelcome wanton displays in the future." Snape peered down at Harry over the rim of his mug.

Harry had no idea what the hell that meant, but he suspected Snape was making fun of him. He glared at Snape, who stood and dismissed the tray and the remaining dishes.

"Shall we begin again?"

Snape repeated the last exercise, but Harry hadn’t forgotten so quickly, and it was way too easy for him now that he knew how to look.

After a short while, Snape made a new circle of about twelve feet across. "It is important that you distinguish between spells that are approaching you and ones that will avoid you. I will send one of each colour across the room, and you will identify which colour would enter the circle and hit you if allowed to continue."

Four balls immediately zoomed towards him, and he tried to follow Snape’s instructions, but both the green and the blue seemed to be heading straight at him, one towards his head and the other towards his belly. He froze and Snape stopped them.

"Did you not see that the green would strike you?"

"The blue would too!"

"Not unless you grow a foot or jump." Snape whipped his wand and the blue shot over Harry’s head, missing by a considerable amount. The balls started coming from all different directions and he quickly learnt to judge their trajectories. He soon realised he seemed to think himself taller than he actually stood, and stopped dodging those that would pass above his head. As he practiced, the circle grew smaller, until it finally disappeared.

He was much better at dodging now that he had learned to predict the path of the balls. Unlike the bludgers, which zoomed randomly, the spell-like projectiles didn’t veer once set in motion. As long as there were only four, he was able to avoid most of them. Over four confused him, and he had the habit of running from one into the path of another. He practiced until his muscles were aching, and he tripped over an end table. Snape’s magic caught him and returned him to an upright position.

"That is enough for today." Snape vanished the balls with a flick of his wand. Harry had had his fill and didn’t object. If he kept at it with his current pace, he would need an entire day to rest. Now that he'd been allowed out of his cell, spending an entire day there sounded like pure torture. The more training he did, the quicker he could face Voldemort, but only if each of those sessions helped him.

Snape spelled dinner for him and left. Harry dug into the stew. He was sure that by the time Snape finished training him, he’d be able to go up against a room full of Death Eaters and get out alive as long as they didn’t act in concert, and someone picked them off for him. Snape never said if he was going to help Harry in the final battle, so Harry had to assume that wasn't going to happen. Harry would have to focus on trying to kill Voldemort rather than besting all the Death Eaters. If he caught him by surprise, he’d probably be able to do it. He just needed a good wand and access to his magic.

As he was climbing into bed, he suddenly realised that he had forgotten to ask Snape for a new book, and made a mental note to ask the next morning. He fell asleep quickly and slept soundly.


He woke before Snape arrived. He felt dirty since he hadn’t bathed after training the night before. A bath would probably help with how he smelt. Snape obviously agreed because he greeted Harry with, "You need a bath."

As Snape spelled the bars open, he said, "Leave your clothes on the bed and I will wash the entire set."

Harry really didn’t like being naked in front of Snape, but it seemed silly to object when he had spent most of the day before without clothes. Resolutely stripping, he covered himself as he walked out through the bars.

Snape did not follow him to the bathroom, and Harry decided to take a shower. For the first time since his imprisonment, he was really excited about the day. He had never been much of a scholar and, while reading books was better than doing nothing, reading would never be his favourite activity. He had been bored out of his skull. Not only did he love training, but he thought he had been pretty good at it. Snape hadn’t said anything either way, but Harry reckoned lack of insults or complaints meant that Snape couldn’t find fault with him. He had made several mistakes, but once Snape had shown him what to look for, he had picked up on it rather easily. Even if Snape was setting him up to fail, the training was making him stronger and more dangerous.

But why was Snape training him? There were three reasons why Snape would train him. The first reason was that he was doing it on Voldemort’s orders. Voldemort might have told Snape to try to gain Harry’s trust. Harry doubted that because there were no other signs that Snape wanted his trust, and he couldn’t imagine why Voldemort would want him to think he had a friend. There was that rule that he couldn't be tortured unless Voldemort was there, but he doubted that was out of any desire to ease his suffering. If anything, Voldemort seemed disappointed that he couldn’t be around more often. Did they want something else from him? He couldn’t think of anything they couldn’t take with Legilimency.

The second reason was that Snape was being truthful (for once) and did want Harry to defeat the Voldemort. There was a huge problem with that idea though. Why had Snape killed Dumbledore who could’ve helped defeat the extremely powerful wizard? Perhaps Snape changed his mind after returning to Voldemort, but that seemed unlikely. If Snape did want Voldemort destroyed, then why didn’t he just free Harry? Snape had to have the power to do it, after all, he was almost as powerful as Voldemort himself. Perhaps Harry had to be close to Voldemort in order to be able to kill him eventually. Voldemort did seem to regard him as nothing more than an amusing plaything, so he would probably not anticipate the attack.

On the other hand, Harry would be better trained if he spent all of his time doing practicing instead of sneaking training sessions in here and there. If Harry was free, he’d also be able to develop plans with the other members of the Order, and together they’d give Voldemort one hell of a fight. Harry couldn’t figure out why Snape would keep him prisoner if he wanted to him to destroy Voldemort.

That fact led to the third scenario which was the most likely. Snape desired to become the next Dark Lord. That would explain why, when compared with other Death Eaters, Snape was being nice to him, why Snape was so insistent that he learn Occlumency, why he was training him in private, and why he had killed Dumbledore. Harry had to be careful. Snape probably planned to dispose of him once he killed Voldemort. He would have to defeat Voldemort, then immediately turn on Snape. Snape thought him stupid, but he could use that to his advantage. He would pretend that he thought Snape was helping him so that the Death Eater would never suspect he was onto him.

Snape hadn’t brought back his clothes by the time Harry finished with his shower, so he wrapped himself in a towel and padded out into the hallway. Snape was no where in sight, so Harry tried to open the fourth door in the hallway. It was locked and he walked over to the library.

As much as he wanted to make a run for it, the whole situation was too suspicious. Snape was far too clever to leave him alone on accident; this was probably a test. Harry wanted to keep him guessing. He decided to explore the library since he hadn’t been in the room before during his first escape attempt. Stealthily sneaking in, he slid along the left wall; curious to see what sort of books Snape kept in his possession. He had to lean in close to examine the titles, but didn’t recognise most of them. Several looked as though they were ancient, their tattered covers worn thin.

The fireplace stood at the other end of the room from the. Across from the empty bricks rested a comfortable looking tan coloured couch. Two dark wood end tables perched on either side, and the one close to him held a smattering of books. Those were probably the ones Snape was reading currently. Harry approached curiously, noticing that one was set apart from the others: Frankenstein.

One Hallowe’en he'd been forced to stay with Mrs. Figg while the Dursleys went to a party. She'd fed him stale candy, and made him watch the old movies they had on the telly. Frankenstein had been one of the ones he had seen and he couldn’t remember much about it, except that it involved a monster that killed people. He was reaching out to grab the book when Snape snatched it away from him in a surprisingly fast flurry of black. Harry fell to the floor in shock. How the fuck had the Death Eater appeared in the room so fast? He hadn't heard the crack of Apparition.

"What the?" He asked as Snape stuck the book on a very high shelf - way out of Harry's reach.

"You need to eat breakfast now. Return to your cage immediately." Snape, a wall of black anger, glowered down at Harry.

"Why can’t I read that book?" asked Harry as he pulled the towel back over himself and stood up.

"And allow you to shred it?" accused Snape, his voice angry. Harry suspected that wasn’t the true answer and to test it, he asked what he’d been wanting to ask for a while.

"Can I have another book if I promise not to damage it?" He followed Snape back to his cell and stepped through the bars. Breakfast was laid out for him on the table.

"Will you be able to live up to that promise?" Snape’s voice still had far too much anger in it warranted by such a benign activity as trying to pick up a book.

"Yes, I would never do it now that I know you will help me," Harry said with calm he did not feel. He had promised to not talk back to Snape in order to get training, but it seemed as if the Death Eater wanted him to get angry and yell so he would have an excuse not to do the training sessions. Harry wasn’t going to let him have that satisfaction.

"Very well." Snape’s body lost some of its tension. "However, you must promise me that you won’t destroy any more of my books. If you do, not only will I keep you from ever possessing one again, but I will lock you in the cupboard until you have sufficiently paid for the crime."

"Okay," agreed Harry as he ate a kipper. He had never been so excited to get a book in his life. "I’d like to read Frankenstein."


Ah-hah. So it was a special book. He couldn’t remember anything from the movie that would make Snape want to keep it from him. What sort of dark magic was hidden in its pages? "Why not?"

"Do not pester me, Potter, or I will change my mind. Why do you wish to read it anyway?" Snape stared at him sharply.

"I know it’s a book about a monster that kills people. I saw a movie about it once." He dug into his omelette.

"If you wish to read a work of that genre, why don’t you read Dracula?" Snape’s pose relaxed.

"They wrote a book about that too?"

Snape’s eyebrows moved in utter contempt. "I will bring it to you after your lessons."

Harry pushed back from the table, eager to begin. "I’m ready. Are we going upstairs again?"

"Yes." Snape stepped away from the bars.

Harry quickly took off his clothes and followed Snape up to the practice room, plotting ways to get his hands on Frankenstein. Snape’s attempts to keep him from it only made him desire it more. It would be difficult to steal it from under Snape’s huge nose, but he was sure he could do it if given enough time to plan.

The practice room was completely cleared of furniture this time and the coloured balls began to wiggle around the walls.

"Remember what you learned last time." Snape flicked his wand, and three balls raced towards Harry, who immediately dodged out of the way. "Try to anticipate their paths and concern yourself only with those that will actually strike you."

Harry effortlessly dodged the volleys Snape sent at him. He had not forgotten the lessons from the previous day and, with no furniture to block his path, he was able to weave his way around the room without being hit even when four balls flew at him. The addition of a fifth made the task challenging, and he was almost hit a few times. His heart rate shot up, and his breath came quickly as he desperately tried to avoid being hit. Mercilessly, Snape added a sixth even though Harry had not mastered five, and suddenly Harry was pummelled every time. Snape stopped the exercise while Harry lay on the floor and tried to catch his breath. They had been at it for hours without a break and his failure to avoid being hit frustrated him. He had done so well the day before! He also couldn’t help but feel Snape was being a bit unfair. He had too many limbs to try to dodge six balls that shot at him from six different directions.

Snape dismissed the balls to a corner. "You are moving away from each projectile with far more force and effort than necessary. There is no need to throw yourself across the room every time one comes within inches of you."

"Okay." Harry got to his feet. "Give me more."

“I must attend to my potions.” Snape tucked his wand back in his robes.

"Can I come?" Harry asked before he could stop himself. Brewing potions was certainly more interesting than hanging out in his cell, but he didn’t want to give Snape the impression that he enjoyed his company. He expected Snape to say ‘no’ and the Death Eater did not disappoint.

"No." Snape motioned for Harry to follow him. "The Dark Lord has asked me to keep you out of my lab."

It was a good enough excuse although Harry wasn’t sure he believed it. Snape Accio’d Dracula as they passed through the library.

After a bath and a delicious lunch of tune and grilled cheese sandwiches, Harry exercised until he was tired, then read Dracula. It was not nearly as exciting as the movie. Writers in the past loved to fill their pages with huge words and pointless details. He'd slogged through the first two chapters before he grew too bored to read anymore. Now that he had been given a taste of the world beyond his cell, he wanted more. He didn’t know how he managed to stay sane during the first weeks of his confinement when he had nothing to do but read or wank.

The thought of masturbating made his prick twitch in eager excitement, but he was afraid that if he touched himself he’d think about one of those times in the bed with Snape. He hated the fact that he had been brought to orgasm. Twice! He wasn’t gay and didn’t like having sex with blokes at all. No way. Especially not as a girl. Shuddering, he pulled the covers up over him. His reaction had just been because of that potion Snape gave him. Snape had told him it contained an aphrodisiac, which explained why he had come. He’d even tried to have sex with a table! He hated the potion, and sometimes wished Snape wouldn’t give it to him so he wouldn’t come, but he knew the alternative was worse. He couldn’t stand having Snape look at him when he was naked much less touch him. The thought of Snape doing that while he was fully aware of what was going on made him want to puke. He wished Snape would just knock him out completely, but Voldemort certainly wouldn’t enjoy that, the freak.

Pushing all thoughts of sex, Snape and Voldemort to the side, he tried to sleep, but it was a long time in coming.

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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 11th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
Yes, I wholeheartedly believe that the homophobia so prevalent in our modern society is due to sexism on the part of males who equate homosexuality with femininity. I see this as subconscious sexism on Harry's part.

Harry's had 6+ years of thinking the worst of Snape. I don't see him trusting Snape easily.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 12th, 2007 04:13 am (UTC)
Well, I never said that Snape was Deathly Hallows compliant :D But yes, Harry has no reason to trust Snape.
Dec. 12th, 2007 12:14 pm (UTC)

“I make whatever I desire to eat. If you do not wish to partake of my meals, then starve.” He swirled to leave.

“Wait a minute...” Harry stopped him. “You cook? What about your house elves?”

“I told you, Potter,” said Snape as if speaking to a small child. “I don’t have house elves.”

“What? But you said-” Harry tried to remember.

“I certainly never said that I did,” Snape stiffly insisted. “I don’t have any mangoes currently, anyway, so this whole conversation is pointless.” And
with that, he left in a dramatic swirl of black. Squeee! Snape is so vulnerable and hurt here and harry is so oblivious! I'm wondering how this story is going to end up. I would love to see Snape and Harry trying to have a "normal" rleationship relationship after Voldemort is dead, and Harry not having all kinds of problems adjusting to their equal status now that Snape is no longer his guard.
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:07 pm (UTC)
Don't think they could have one earlier?
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:10 pm (UTC)
Hmm, not sure how that would play out but am eager to see.
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
I'm not trying to be coy, I am just wondering if you think that both of their personalities are such that it would never work.
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:16 pm (UTC)
It's less that I don't think it would work, but more that I'm anxious to see how they treat each other, once the prisoner/guard dynamic has been removed.
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:27 pm (UTC)

I will post the next section soon. I begged and begged for my friend to read it and he finally did, so I should be able to post it once he's corrected it!
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:40 pm (UTC)
Yes! I am so excited. If you ever need extra beta-ing, I'm your girl.
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:41 pm (UTC)
okay, what is your email addy?
Dec. 12th, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
Jan. 15th, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)
"Harry dreamed that the Death Eaters couldn’t remember whose turn it was to torture him so they all had mangoes and ice cream in the throne room while Voldemort criticized their table manners.

“He hates mangoes,” Bellatrix confided as she licked her cone of chocolate mint which was smothered with whipped cream and nuts.

“How could anyone hate mangoes?” Harry wondered over his sundae which was a meter long and composed of every single flavour available."

I loved this, LOL! I really like your dreams sections;)
Jan. 15th, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, and his explanation of Snape, trying to become the Dark Lord II... That's sooo like him, so silly! But then again, he doesn't know what we know (and even our "knowledge" is based on reading between the lines of your story, so...)
Jan. 16th, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Thanks. I really should write more of them.
Jun. 13th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
I want to start off by saying how much I'm enjoying this story! I really like the way you've done the characterizations and the pace of the story you've set up. I can't wait to keep reading! And I may be tired and cranky tomorrow at work because I can see myself staying up all night to read this :)
My only question (and I'm not really sure why this is bothering me so much) is why you portray Harry as having such a limited vocabulary as to be almost laughable? I'm just wondering if that's the understanding you got of him from the books or if there's a specific point that you've endowed him with the vocabulary of a middle schooler...sorry if that comes across snarky; but I really am curious if you read him that way
Jun. 13th, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
There are no literature courses at Hogwarts, which means that Harry stopped taking English classes at age 10. As the Dursleys were said to only have TV magazines to read and Harry's not a nerd and shows no love for reading on his own, I can't imagine that he had much exposure to literature outside of school. Therefore, I would expect him to have a very limited vocabulary and would have a difficult time reading works of literature like Dracula without help. I think JK sort of glossed over what would have happened if Harry had had an education like he did in Hogwarts, where he doesn't have any science, english, maths, etc beyond a primary education.

I hope to portray him as intelligent, but very uneducated since that's how he comes across to me in canon. I have a friend who reminds me strongly of Harry (not much education but highly intelligent) and I've read some of the phrases to him and when he doesn't know certain words, I've suspected Harry's wouldn't either.
Feb. 7th, 2011 04:04 am (UTC)
Single Kontakt aus Thuringia

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
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