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Nights of Gethsemane by StarCrossed (14/65)

I hate waiting for things and I am sure you do too, so here's chapter 14.

Harry dreamt that Snape set up a huge obstacle course that led through the house. He ran through it, dodging curses and fighting Death Eaters. One door took him into Hogwarts, and then he was battling Dementors in the main hall. When he finally finished, he was out in the courtyard and all his friends were clapping for him.

"Congratulations, Harry!" Mr. Weasley enthusiastically shook his hand as cameras flashed. "You’ve become the next Dark Lord!"

"But I don’t want to be a Dark Lord!" Harry protested as a crowd surrounded him, the lights from the cameras blinding him.

"Of course you do, Harry." Hermione appeared beside him, Ron right behind her. They were both smiling. "Last year you wrote an essay about how fun dark magic was and how you planned to revolutionize the field."

"Wha-? I never-"

Ron smacked him on the back. "I can’t believe you did it, mate! Voldemort couldn’t get past the Hinkypunks!"

"But really, Harry!" Hermione peered at the long scroll in her hands. Harry tried to read it, but the letters swam. "You must do better on your Unforgivables! You barely passed."

"Where’s Hagrid?" He needed to get away from them - they were all crazy.

"You killed him, of course." Ginny smiled at him brightly. "You have to cast the Killing Curse on someone before you can become a Dark Lord."

He screamed, "NO!" and he was sitting up in his bed in the cell. Snape stood on the other side of the bars, his eyebrows showing his frown. Harry fell back against his pillow and gasped for breath.

"Bad dream," he croaked out.

Snape stepped in through the bars and tapped the table. "About the Dark Lord?"

"I became him." Sliding out of bed, Harry stumbled over to the table.

"That is highly unlikely." Snape stepped back out through the bars.

Harry stared at his breakfast. His stomach felt twisted and the bacon, eggs, and sausage all looked far too greasy to try to eat. He spread strawberry jam on his toast and forced himself to take a bite. "I don’t know, sometimes I get so angry...."

"Your anger is justified; the problem is your inability to control it. You must not let it consume you. Channel it constructively and you will have nothing to fear." Snape strode away. "Eat everything.”

Harry ate slowly. He wasn’t sure he believed Snape, who seemed to dismiss his fears as though they were pointless. Ignoring the lump of ice growing in his stomach, Harry tried to focus on his meal. When he finished his breakfast he used the toilet and found a new item beside his mouthwash. Deodorant. It smelled a bit like Snape.

When he was finished with his morning routine he undressed and sat on the edge of his bed.

Snape arrived shortly, wordlessly opening the bars. Harry followed him to the practice room, first checking to make sure that the Frankenstein book was still in the same place it had been last time. It was. He’d have to cause some sort of diversion that would get Snape to leave him in the library by himself for a few minutes. Then again, he’d have to find a way to get into the library. When he finished Dracula, Harry planned to request to visit the library to read some of the titles. He felt that if he phrased it right, he could get Snape to agree to his request. Maybe if he did it while they were walking through the room Snape would be more likely to stop and let Harry explore the shelves.

They arrived at the practice room which had been cleared of furniture again.

"Stand in the centre." Snape scattered the balls around the room.

Harry did so, waiting eagerly.

Snape pointed his wand at Harry’s right foot. Half a golden ring appeared in the floor to the right of his foot. Snape did the same on Harry’s other side and a ring appeared to the left of his left foot. Harry was about to ask what they were for when suddenly, chains appeared connecting his wrist cuffs to the corresponding rings.

"Oi!" Harry hadn’t been tortured in a while. Was this a trap?

A yellow ball flew at him and he yelped, trying to dive out of its path. The chains bound him in place and he fell flat on his face.

"Use as little movement as possible to avoid each projectile, Potter. There was no need to throw yourself on the floor when you could have simply shifted to the left," instructed Snape in an impatient manner.

Annoying git. Harry pulled himself to his feet. He hadn’t thrown himself on the floor on purpose. A red ball narrowly missed his head and he stumbled, but caught himself. Snape sent another yellow ball whizzing by, and he just barely managed to get out of the way in time.

Only one ball was sent with each attack but Harry still did pretty poorly. Soon, he was on the floor more than standing, and he couldn't even dodge one.

Snape stopped the assault. "Breathe, Potter."

"I can’t do it!" He struggled back to his feet.

"’I can’t do it’ is not an excuse," said Snape coolly and Harry was about to yell at him in frustration when Snape continued, "Think about the point where you make the mistake. Why do you insist on moving so far to escape the balls?"

"They’re spells, aren’t they? I don’t want to be anywhere near the Killing Curse." He tugged ineffectually on his chains.

"I see." Snape tapped his wand against the palm of his hand. "I will train you with spells at a later date. For now, don’t think of them as such. Try to avoid them as if they were small bludgers." He sent a red one slowly towards Harry, who easily stepped out of the way.

Snape retrieved it with a flick of his wand. "That wouldn’t have hit you if you had remained motionless. Stand completely still and don’t move."

He sent a yellow one towards Harry’s shoulder. Harry wanted to at least flinch away, but he held himself still and it passed over his shoulder. More flew at him, each passing him by, although he was sure they would hit him. Snape continued until he had completely outlined Harry’s body.

"Now that you have a general feel for the size and shape of your form, we will target specific areas and you will practice dodging. Remember, use small movements." Carefully targeting a single part of Harry's body, Snape sent a volley of balls, once right behind the other. Once Harry could correctly judge when a ball would hit him or not, he moved on to another limb.

Now that he knew what to do, Harry picked it up quickly and it wasn’t long before Snape could shoot them at random, and he’d avoid the balls with little effort. The chains disappeared, but Harry kept himself mostly in place while he deftly dodged the projectiles. It made an amazing difference for his dodging and tracking skills. Previously, when he’d thrown himself out of the path of the balls he’d wasted energy and disoriented himself. He had never noticed before how he had made tracking difficult by throwing himself around. When Snape added a fifth ball, he was still calm and deftly avoided them. He had to move around the room, but he kept his movements tight and controlled. It was a bit like dancing, only he was much better at this dance than any other he had tried.

The other balls zoomed throughout the room, shooting around as if he was in the middle of a huge fight with Death Eaters on one side and Order members on the other. He started to get confused when Snape’s voice floated across the room to him. "Focus only on those that are moving towards you. Ignore the rest. Move only with the effort you need and look before you leap."

Harry was far from perfect. He was hit many times and tripped over his feet twice, but he didn’t expend as much energy as he had before and only began to feel tired after they had been at it for many hours. Not wanting to quit while there were still lessons to be learnt, he only stopped when hunger took him. "I need to eat."

Snape nodded and sent the balls to their corner. "You have improved."

Harry grinned. That was a huge compliment coming from Snape. Proudly, he followed Snape back to the cellar. Rather than led him to his cell, Snape walked past the bars and went into the bathroom. Harry paused outside, wondering if the Death Eater was going to use it, even though he left the door open.

"Come on in," commanded Snape. Harry trudged in. He hated bathing in front of Snape.

Snape opened his cabinet and pulled out a vial, which he set on the edge of the tub. Harry stared at it nervously. It was too soon for them to have sex, right?

"Your muscles will be giving you pain soon if they are not already. Each time after you bathe, rub this oil on the muscles you use the most during the lessons. I suggest you be sure to fully cover your legs if nothing else. After you put it on, let it soak in for a bit before putting on your clothes. Do not lie on your bed while it is on your skin – it will stain the sheets. Do you understand?”

"Yeah, rub it on my muscles, leave it on for some time, and don’t touch it to my clothes or sheets." Harry nodded.

Snape nodded and moved towards him on his way out. Harry quickly jumped into the tub to avoid being touched by his robes. Snape ignored him as he left, leaving the door open. Harry was tempted to go close it, but that might make Snape come and stay in the room. He turned on the shower and washed himself off.

Snape was a surprisingly good teacher. When Snape first mentioned the lessons, Harry'd expected to be sneered at or given detentions (although he couldn’t imagine how he would serve them). It was nothing at all like their miserable Occlumency lessons. Snape had been a right git then. He probably wanted to be an arsehole to Harry now but couldn’t find much fault. Harry was a million times better at dodging than keeping his thoughts secret.

After rubbing the warm, tingling potion into his legs, Harry approached the sink to wash his hands. Staring into the mirror, he realised with a start that his hair had been cut, despite the fact that he had no memory of ever having it cut. Snape must've cut it while he slept. Even stranger was his lack of facial hair. He hadn't shaved since entering the prison. Had Snape shaved that too? Creepy.

Wrapping his towel around his waist, Harry returned to his cell where lunch awaited him.

"Can we train again after lunch? I was so bored yesterday."

"I do not exist to amuse you, Potter." Snape’s voice was full of annoyance and Harry wanted to punch his nose back into his skull. "Tomorrow we will train all day if you are feeling up to it." He turned on his heel, and left in a fury of black cloth.

Feeling up to it? Harry suspected that meant that he was going to be tortured tonight. He slowly approached his chair and stared morosely at his shepherd’s pie. Who was going to have the ‘privilege’ of torturing him tonight? Trying to put it from his mind, he dragged the Dracula book over and read while he ate. There was a very hot passage where three female vampires seduced the male hero and his cock rose to life as he pictured the scene.

He was lying on a couch when a beautiful blonde female vampire began licking and kissing his neck while a brunette moved between his legs. He turned back to the book to see what happened . . . of course; Dracula interrupted the scene and gave a little speech that sounded very gay to Harry. This man belongs to me! He also spoke of love for the male hero. Was everyone bisexual back then?

When he pictured Dracula in his mind, he thought of Snape. They were both old, ugly, gay, lived in dark places, dressed in black clothing, liked killing people, and kept young men as their prisoners. Snape would be just as hard to kill as Dracula was.

The hero’s escape from the evil clutches of Dracula cheered Harry up. While the book wasn’t quite as action packed as he had hoped, it had gotten better as it progressed and he was eagerly awaiting the day when Dracula was destroyed.

He was still reading when Snape arrived that evening. That meant either food or torture.

The order came, "Strip," and Harry knew it was the latter. He undressed, dropping his clothes on the floor and walked to the bars, putting his hands through. Snape spelled the chain and led Harry to be hurt.

Voldemort and Avery were standing on the dais. Avery glared at Snape and Harry’s guts twisted painfully. It wasn’t Avery’s turn, was it? He was pretty sure that the Death Eater wasn’t allowed to rape him, but he could do other things.

Snape grabbed the chain between Harry’s cuffs and hoisted him up on his tiptoes, chaining him to the ceiling. Voldemort took his chair, his greedy eyes glittering as he watched. Snape murmured something behind him. A crack rang through the room and then a line of pain shot across Harry’s shoulders.

Snape was whipping him. Harry gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as he tried to focus on his thoughts rather than the pain. The lash fell steadily and rocked him forward with each stroke. He forced memories of his last whipping to the forefront of his mind. He would win this game, never would Voldemort see what he and Snape were planning.

It seemed as though he hung there for hours. He allowed himself to cry out and beg as time went on. It seemed like such a loss of control the first time he had begged, but he understood now that he had control over his reactions. He was telling them what they wanted to hear, but he had made the choice to give it to them and thus robbed them of the pleasure of it. Only he knew what he thought in his head. Let them think of him as a mouse. When he would finally strike at them, they wouldn’t know what hit them.

Finally, when he was slipping on his blood, Voldemort commanded Snape to stop. Snape released Harry’s wrists and he fell to the floor, his back protesting as his cuts pulled open at the movement. Snape’s fingers closed around Harry’s upper arm and he was yanked to his feet and dragged from the throne room. In the hallway Snape sneered, “You will get blood all over the carpet,” as if Harry had gotten himself whipped on purpose just to annoy him. Snape slid out of his robe and wrapped it around Harry’s body. The fabric wasn’t very soft, but he enjoyed being covered. Then Snape shocked him by picking him up and carrying him down to his cell. He placed Harry face down on his bed, delicately retrieving his own robe as he did so. He poured a potion down Harry’s throat, then stepped back to admire his work.

"Stay on your stomach. I will heal those later." Snape disappeared and Harry slept.


When he awoke, his torso was bandaged and food rested on the table. Moving gingerly in case his wounds hadn't yet healed, Harry approached his breakfast which was porridge with its myriad of sides. It was still warm which suggested Snape had placed it there relatively recently. He wanted to practice, but he wasn’t sure if his back could handle it. Maybe if he just dodged a few at a time he’d be fine.

He was brushing his teeth when Snape arrived.

"When you finish, lay down on the bed so that I may examine your back."

Harry nodded, rinsed his mouth, used his mouthwash, then lay on his stomach. Snape approached and Harry felt the bandages open as the wand slid down his back. Snape peeled away the layers from Harry’s flesh and pressed his cold fingers on the skin, examining the wounds closely. Harry wasn't concerned about them. Snape had healed worse.

"Kneel on the edge of the bed facing inward. I’ll need to wash your back."

Harry carefully did so, taking what remained of the bandages and tossing them to the floor. He didn’t feel any pain, but he knew that he was drugged and did not want to aggravate his injuries. Snape returned after wetting the cloth and gently ran it over Harry’s back, spreading warmth throughout Harry's skin. When he was finished, he carefully rubbed some sort of lotion over the scars. His fingers moved methodically, slowly working the potion into every inch of Harry’s back. It was a very relaxing back rub, and Harry wanted to lie down and fall asleep even though he had just woken up.

"Stand so that I may replace your bandages."

Harry stood like a cross with his arms outstretched. Snape quickly passed a fresh roll around his torso and then secured it in the back.

Suspecting he would leave soon, Harry made his request. "I’d like to practice today."

"You are drugged to not feel any pain so-"

He interrupted, "I know, but I promise to be gentle. Can’t you just send a few balls at me at a time and I will practice being as still as possible?"

There was a pause, then Snape cleared the dishes and transported the table and chairs outside of the cell, and Harry knew he'd get his wish. "Wait here." He strode out.

Harry eagerly sat back on his bed.

Snape returned with five balls. He divided them into two groups. "Stand in the centre of the room."

Harry obeyed and the groups took turns zooming at him. He practised moving his body only ever so slightly with each attack. The bandages made him unable to move his torso much, but he learned how to dodge quite effectively.

"Practise holding your arm out before you as if you were casting a spell on me," Snape suggested, and it was quite easy for Harry to imagine himself casting hexes on the Death Eater as more projectiles were cast his way.

He was surprised at how steady he managed to hold his arm. Just a few days ago he would’ve been diving all over the place and his wand would’ve ended up aimed at all sorts of random things rather than his target. Now he could point the imaginary wand directly at Snape’s chest while he weaved to avoid the balls.

Snape stopped the exercise after only a few hours. Harry wanted more, but he doubted Snape would give it to him, so he lowered his wand hand and stepped back towards the bed.

"You should be improved enough to have a longer training session tomorrow, although we will still avoid anything strenuous until your wounds have healed." Snape sent the balls away through the library.

"Right." Harry settled himself on top of the covers.

Snape stayed at the bars as if he were going to speak. Harry watched him curiously, but the Death Eater just turned and strode away.

Harry read Dracula until he was so bored he couldn’t stand to look at the pages anymore. How had he ever lasted before training? He was feeling hungry and expected lunch soon, so he sat where he’d have the best view of the library door and leaned against the bars.

When Snape opened the library door, he announced, "I’m so bored."

"Did you finish Dracula?" Snape stepped through the bars and headed to the table.

"No, but if I read too long my eyes hurt. Please, I want something to do. I’ll even do chores!" Getting to his feet, he joined Snape at the table.

"I suppose you could scrub your blood off of the throne room floor."

"Okay," agreed Harry, eager to do anything that involved him being out of his cell. He sat down and dug into his turkey sandwich.

From the way Snape's eyebrows shot up, he hadn't expected that reaction. After a pause he said, "It has already been removed. I suppose there is an exercise I could begin today, although you must swear that you will stay on your bed and move no more than necessary."

"I will, sir." Harry agreed.

Snape left, returning shortly with the coloured balls and a long, thin, cylindrical black object about half the size of a wand. He stepped through the bars and placed the object on the table. Putting down his pumpkin juice, Harry examined the object, finding a single button on the side. When he pressed it, a thin red beam shot out of the tip. A laser pointer.

"It moves faster than a spell ever would, but you can practice aiming with it. You will have to learn to aim by tracking movements since it is unlikely you will be given glasses." Snape spelled the balls to spread out along the back wall of Harry’s room and dance around the hallway. "You can cheat and leave the laser on, but I suggest that you only click the button when you think you will hit a target. I will spell the balls to move randomly and you must remain on your bed. If you step off the bed at any time I will halt the exercise. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir." He finished his juice and then returned to his bed, holding the laser pointer in his hands.

Snape waved his wand and the balls zoomed around the room. Without a glance at Harry, he left. Harry suspected that if he put even a toe on the floor Snape would return, so he stayed on his bed and tried to target the dancing balls. It was difficult for him to focus on one, since they moved randomly and intermingled with each other. The Snitch had been the only thing on the field. He concentrated on waiting for the balls to approach a spot he picked out on the wall, then targeting them one by one. When he hit one with the laser, it would fall to the ground. Once he had managed to get one third of them on the floor, targeting the ones which remained became easier.

It took him hours to target them all and by the time he was chasing the last one, Snape arrived for dinner. Harry shot it off the far wall as Snape stepped through the bars.

"I did it!" Harry grinned at Snape. "They move as quickly as Snitches but I still got them!"

"That was faster than I expected," admitted Snape as he spelled food on the table and Harry was full of pride as he sat down to eat his chicken. "Next time I will spell them all black."

"I’ll still get them." Harry confidently announced with a mouth full of chicken.

"Don’t speak with your mouth full," sighed Snape as he stepped out through the bars. He paused and turned back towards Harry. "We must perform for the Dark Lord before the next visit. Would you prefer tonight or tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow," answered Harry immediately. He didn’t want anything to destroy his high. Snape nodded and strode off. Harry quickly finished his dinner and crawled into his bed to read Dracula until he fell asleep.

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Dec. 17th, 2007 12:24 pm (UTC)
I only just saw this update this morning - not sure how I missed it yesterday.

I remember reading Dracula years ago, but I don't remember much about it. It didn't impress me at the time, but I may have been to young to understand it. After reading Harry's thoughts on it, I will have to read it again.

I'm enjoying this story very much, although I'm sure you know that by now. I can't wait to see how Harry gets a hold of Frankenstein - that is one book I haven't read yet. If anything, your fic is inspiring me to do some reading outside of fanfiction!
Dec. 17th, 2007 01:28 pm (UTC)
I'm glad for that! I think books are a lot more interesting to read if you read them in groups or read literary criticism along side them. I didn't think much of it the first time, but after rereading it, I thought, "Wow, there is a lot of homoeroticism in this" which was very unexpected but interesting.
Dec. 25th, 2007 08:57 pm (UTC)
*currently reading Dracula and loving it* I can't imagine ever being in a situation where reading books would BORE me XD But poor Harry, he certainly is more of an action-type of guy.
Nov. 2nd, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)
I'm re-reading this since you just posted the 2nd Invitus chapter and at the end of this chapter Snape says "Voldemort." I'm pretty sure he wouldn't call him that and as far as I can remember he only calls him the Dark Lord, except in the 4th film he says You-Know-Who once. Nothing major, just being nit-picky :)
Nov. 2nd, 2010 06:20 am (UTC)
Yikes, thank you so much for pointing that out.
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