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Harry was reading in his bed when Snape approached him. Suddenly, Snape suddenly swooped down on him and started licking his neck.

"I knew you were a vampire!" Harry yelled and kicked, but it was hopeless and soon Snape was drinking his blood. When Snape had his fill, he pressed his wrist against Harry’s mouth. "Drink or you’ll die." Harry drank and turned into a vampire as well.

"Let’s fly away from here," said Snape as he turned into a bat. Harry turned into a bat too, and they flew out of the house. They flew until they reached an old castle in the middle of farm lands. Snape transformed back into his human form and Harry did the same.

"We will feast here." Snape grinned.

"I’m not eating cows," insisted Harry.

"No, only virgins," agreed Snape. "I’ll show you what to do."

He led Harry to a room where a beautiful blonde woman was laid out on a bed. Snape unbuttoned her shirt, pulling the flimsy cloth to the side and exposing her perfect breasts. Hardening as he watched, Harry licked his lips as Snape bent down to suck a nipple into his mouth. The black eyes remained fixed on Harry as he teased the small nub.

Harry approached and mimicked Snape’s actions on the other breast, trying to replicate the Potion Master as best he could.

Snape raised his head. "Watch, Harry."

Harry stared in fascination as Snape’s fangs pierced the woman’s areola and he drank, pleasure flowing through his face. Lifting his head, blood dripping from his mouth, he pulled Harry against him. Harry eagerly opened his mouth as Snape’s tongue invaded it, pushing blood down his throat. The woman tasted so delicious, and he sucked on Snape’s tongue, darted his own inside Snape’s mouth as he tried to lick up every last drop.

"Take her, Harry," commanded Snape, his voice electric. He pushed up the woman’s dress, revealing the blonde curls of her public hair and her pink opening, which was slightly parted.

Harry bent his head and pressed his open lips against her inner thigh. He penetrated her skin with his fangs and drank slowly, the blood sickly sweet in his mouth. It felt so good and he drank harder as his penis pulsed in rhythm with her dying heart. The last beat was heavy and he came.

He awoke with his heart pounding and a sticky mess in his bottoms. Fuck. Snape was still showing up in his straight sex dreams! At least the part with the woman had been hot.

When his heart rate and breathing had returned to normal, he slid out of bed and cleaned his bottoms. He set them over a chair to dry and returned to his bed to read another chapter of Dracula. He was halfway through it when Snape showed up.

"You forgot to change my bandages last night," Harry reminded him as he put his book down.

"I didn't forget," said Snape as he strode over and ran his wand down Harry’s torso, cutting the bandages open. He was so close, with his mouth so near to Harry's. The memory of the dream returned and with it, the recollection of the kiss and how Snape's mouth had worked the woman's breast. His cock twitched with eagerness and he turned away, not wanting to be hard in front of Snape. Thankfully, his prick deflated quickly.

Snape, his hands brushing Harry's back as he examined the scars, didn't seem to notice.

"They are almost healed," Snape informed him as he rubbed something into Harry’s back. "Keep your jumper off for the rest of the day and they should be completely gone by tomorrow unless you exacerbate them." He finished and stepped over to wash his hands in the sink as Harry pulled the top sheet around his lower body and sat at the table.

Once he’d finished washing his hands, Snape fetched Harry’s breakfast, which included a bowl of mango slices.

"I love these things!" He snatched one up and stuffed it in his mouth.

"So I noticed," said Snape dryly. Moving over to the sink, Snape examined Harry’s toiletries, making sure they were all decently filled.

"What are we working on today?" Harry asked when he finished his slice.

"In the interests of preventing you from stressing your muscles, we will first begin with the same exercise as late yesterday." Snape summoned the balls to the hallway, only they all were black this time.

Eager to begin, Harry tried to stuff a whole sausage in his mouth.

"Slow down." Snape sat in the other chair, sending Harry's bottoms to the bed. "You won't be able to fight anyone if you choke to death."

"You wouldn't give me first aid?"

"If you were so inept as to accidentally kill yourself during such an effortless enterprise, I'd be forced to deduce that the chance of you actually conquering the Dark Lord would be minimal, and I'd have to retire to Australia."

Harry tried to think of Snape on a beach and imagined the Death Eater lying on a towel in full robes wearing sunglasses. The mental picture was so comical that he started choking on his juice. Snape frowned at him and he barely managed to recover on his own.

After Harry had calmed himself and finished his breakfast, he hurried to get ready to train. The balls shared his excitement, zooming eagerly around the room.

Once Snape finished clearing the table and spelling the exercise, he left, and Harry aimed the laser at the retreating figure, imagining that he was casting curses on him. Once he was gone, Harry's attention was drawn to the wiggling black dots and he set about picking them off one by one.

It took him about the same amount of time as his practice the day before had. He had gotten better about targeting, but the lack of colours left him confused. He had two more to go when Snape showed up for lunch. Snape watched him track and target them, finally knocking them both to the ground.

"It's a good thing the Death Eaters are much bigger than these things." said Harry as he put his bottoms back on.

"Robes obscure the shape of our bodies, making it difficult to target us. You should concentrate on aiming for the face or a specific spot on the torso. We will practise that later." Snape stepped into the cell and tapped the table with his wand.

Harry hurried over to his lunch. Snape, as he sent all the balls into the corner of the room, took the chair opposite Harry. "What do you think of Dracula?"

"It started off really slow but it's gotten better." Harry drank some of the strange soup. "I wish it had more action scenes. I like the parts where the vampires drink blood."

"The person who introduced me to this work liked it, but also complained about the inherent sexism." Snape pressed his wand against the table and a mug appeared.

"Sounds like something a girl would say."

"She was." Snape's eyebrows headed towards the black line in a measure of dissatisfaction. Harry had no idea why his comment would've displeased Snape.

"But I guess I can see why she would say that," mused Harry as he finished his soup. "The women in the story seem to only care about getting married."

Snape's eyebrows relaxed. "Yes, you will also notice that the women tend to be either virginal and wholesome or sexual and monstrous."

Harry felt his face heat up as he remembered the three vampire women and the strange dream he'd had.

Snape stood. "Shall we practise?"

"Yes!" Harry pushed back his chair eagerly.

Snape stepped out through the bars and removed the table and chairs. "Try to stay towards the centre of the room."

"Yes, sir." Harry watched as the balls swirled around on the walls. Two came at him and he casually twisted to the side. Three zoomed in from another direction and a mild side step easily avoided them. Slowly, Snape increased the amount of balls attacking him until five were flying through the air and he kept being hit. As they were taking a break, he joked, "I think if more than four attack me at once I am going to just see what spell is the weakest and jump in front of it."

Snape frowned at him in disapproval. "You would not wish to step in front of any of the spells they will cast at you."

"I know." Sighing, Harry moved back to stand in the centre of the room. Snape bombarded him again almost immediately, and he quickly fell back into defence mode as he managed to avoid all five with a simple side step and bend of his spine. Snape kept the balls in groups of fives but sent them faster and faster until Harry was reacting rather than thinking. If he tried to consciously track the projectiles he often ended up on the floor or being hit by several balls at once. However, when he stopped trying to think about the paths and just started reacting, he was actually pretty good at avoiding the projectiles. He weaved and twisted, concentrating on minimizing his movements as he effortlessly dodged each round sent towards him.

Snape stopped the exercise, and Harry sat down as he tried to catch his breath.

"I think as long as we get all the Death Eaters to shoot spells at you as fast as they can, you won't have a problem." Snape sent the balls away and opened the bars for Harry.

"I've always been better at reacting than thinking." Harry stepped through them and headed to the bathroom.

"So I've noticed."

Harry was peeling off his bottoms when he suddenly thought of something. "Wait a minute! I thought you said I had to practise naked since I'll probably go up against Voldemort without clothes. Why didn't you make me undress this time?"

"Although I will mostly train you in the nude since that is the state you will most likely be in, I also want to make sure you know how to dodge and fight when partially and fully dressed," explained Snape. "I also was curious to see if wearing trousers improved or impacted your ability to dodge."

"Did it?" Harry poured bubble bath into his water.

"At first it helped you a little bit." Snape walked over to sit in his chair. "I theorize the difference was due to a more relaxed mental state than any property of the garment."

"The jumper will probably slow me down," mused Harry as he scrubbed his arms.

"I concur," said Snape. "I will find another shirt for you. You must be prepared to do battle at any moment."

"As long as I am not drugged out of my skull," agreed Harry as he shampooed his hair.

“That will be difficult to circumvent," muttered Snape as he stroked his mouth. Finally he spoke, "If I should be removed from my position for any reason, you must train as best you can. At the very least, keep your leg muscles strong."

Harry nodded. "I will." He ducked down under the water to rinse off his hair. He doubted he’d be able to do much of anything if Snape was replaced by another Death Eater, but he tried not to think about that possibility. Finishing his bath, Harry dried himself off. Snape had left the bathroom and Harry put on the lotion for his muscles in peace. After a few minutes, he pulled on his bottoms and stepped out to see where Snape had gone off to, and found him summoning food on the table.

"So what's the plan?" Harry plopped himself down in his chair and stirred his stew. "You are going to bring me before Voldemort, and give me back my magic. I kill Voldemort, then finish off the Death Eaters." And then you finish off me, Harry added in his head. "Is that it?"

Snape summoned tea for himself. "Just know that your primary objective will be to destroy the Dark Lord."

"I don't understand how I will beat him without a wand though. We can't test out wands ahead of time because you won't give me back my magic before then. So how am I going to kill him with my bare hands?"

"Let me worry about that," answered Snape simply. "Focus on your training now. You should be concerned only with improving your skills."

"Why don't you just arrange it so that it's only me, Voldemort, and a few other Death Eaters rather than having me worry about a whole army of them? Or are you just training me to fight all of them just in case I have to?"

"Contrary to what most people believe, it is actually easier to fight a larger group of enemies than a smaller one if you know what you are doing; especially if you are fighting against a group like the Death Eaters who will have no qualms about aiming at their companions if they believe it will destroy you. Your strategy should be to get as close as you can to a particular Death Eater and have the others' spells hit him."

"Get close to another Death Eater?" asked Harry incredulously. That sounded like a horrible plan. It was nearly impossible to dodge spells shot at a close range.

"Yes, but you must do it in a way that doesn't reveal your intentions. We will work on that later. For now, concentrate on dodging and aiming." Snape finished the tea and sent his cup away.

Harry nodded and finished off his stew. He wasn't sure he had the skills necessary to pull off what Snape was planning. It was hard enough time dodging spells that were sent to him from a considerable distance. However, the idea of making the Death Eaters destroy each other really appealed to him. He wasn't sure if he could kill anyone but Voldemort, Lucius, Avery, and Snape even after what had been done to him.

When Harry finished his dinner, Snape sent the dishes away. He stood and took the hated vial from his robes, placing it on the table before Harry.

"If you'd like, I can step outside the cage until you are ready again."

"Yeah." Harry nodded numbly. He had forgotten that he'd pushed this off until today. Not wanting to embarrass himself with the table as he had before, he climbed into his bed and drank the potion quickly.

It didn't take long to kick in. The bed sheets felt amazing against his bare back as he wiggled against them. He petted the covers, delighting in the way they felt against his skin. All the heat in his body shot to his groin and his nipples hardened. He touched them and it felt good, but not nearly as amazing as when Snape did it. Why was Snape all the way over there instead of touching him?

"Touch me," pleaded Harry.

Snape obeyed, stepping through the bars and approaching the bed.

Harry crawled across the covers to greet him. He grabbed the front of Snape's robes and yanked him forward, trying to pull him down on top of him. A bedpost got in the way and Snape hissed in irritation as he was knocked against it. Snape growled, "Potter," and the depth of his voice sent shivers down Harry's spine. "Must I always tie you up?" He pulled Harry to the head of the bed. Harry lay on his back and tried to pull him down on top of him, but Snape pushed his hands up above his head and chained him.

Harry was not worried that Snape was going to leave. He'd stay until Harry was finished. Harry tried to wiggle out of his bottoms. He wanted Snape to touch him between his legs.

"Stop squirming," ordered Snape as he undid the drawstring on Harry's bottoms and swiftly revealed Harry's most favoured part. Crawling farther onto the bed, Snape hooked his legs over Harry's to pin them down. He bent his head, his soft hair falling over his face and brushing Harry's chest as he took Harry's right nipple into his sinful mouth.

It was so fucking good. Crying out in pleasure, Harry tried to thrust up his hips and Snape's mouth worked magic on his nipple. Suddenly, he remembered his dream where Snape turned him into a vampire.

"Don't drink my blood," he insisted.

"I won't," promised Snape.

"I'm not a virgin."

"I'm aware of that fact." Snape’s voice was warm like honey as he moved over to tease the other nub. His fingers wandered up over Harry's arms and Harry pressed against them as they worked their way down his sides. He wanted to see Snape's eyes, but Snape hadn't given them to him except for the very first time.

"Lower! Lower!" cried Harry when Snape's fingers danced over his belly and hips, moving in slow circles that went everywhere except where they were most needed. "Fuck! I need you to touch my cock."

Snape disobeyed and sat up. Strawberries filled the room and Harry knew what was coming. He had figured out this game. First, came fingers, then cock, then he got to orgasm. Spreading his legs as wide as he could with one trapped beneath Snape, he eagerly watched as Snape's hand moved from the jar to between his legs. The spells were cast and then Snape had a finger inside of him. Harry thrust back against it. This part always took too long and he wanted to skip ahead. "Just stick it in!"

Snape ignored him and added a second and then a third while Harry tried to get him to go faster. After what seemed like an eternity, Snape finally released Harry’s hands. Harry scrambled to sit up and launched himself at Snape as soon as he was on his knees. He pressed his mouth against Snape's, remembering how good of a kisser he was in that dream. Snape had apparently forgotten how to kiss because his mouth stayed closed and his eyes open, staring at Harry. Harry lost himself in the darkness of Snape's eyes for a second. He caught himself and then helpfully whispered, "You have to open your mouth."

Snape instantly shut his eyes. Wanting to stare at the blackness, Harry made a noise of protest, but then Snape was kissing him and he forgot everything but the taste of the tongue invading him. He sucked on it eagerly, wrapping his arms around Snape’s shoulders as he tried to taste every part of Snape's mouth. Snape broke the kiss far too soon and turned Harry around to face the wall. He grabbed Harry's wrists and pressed them above his head.

Harry hated it. The position reminded him of being whipped. It had been good the first time, but now he wanted to lie on his back. "No, no." He twisted, trying to get away. He hated it when Snape whipped him.

Snape spelled the chains. "I'm not going to whip you. Relax."

"No, not this!"

Snape released him and laid him on the bed. Happy, Harry rolled onto his back and wrapped his legs around Snape's waist.

"Look at me," he requested.

"No." Snape removed Harry's legs from his waist and rolled him onto his stomach.

"No, not this one!" Harry hated this position too and tried to flip back over onto his back. Snape held him steady and Harry heard the pop of buttons.

"No! On my back!" he insisted.

Snape didn't listen, but pressed into Harry instead, spreading him open. It didn't hurt, but Harry whimpered at having his wishes ignored. He couldn't come like this. Then, after Snape had his whole, hard, heat stuffed inside, he slid one hand under Harry's chest and turned them so they both were on their sides, Harry pressed up against Snape's chest. Long fingers curled around Harry's hip and when he thrust - a long slow slide - he held Harry in place, warm and secure in his arms.

Harry loved being held during sex. The pace was horribly slow and the angle all wrong, but he could feel Snape's heat even through his thick clothes. Snape's breath tickled the hair near his ear. Harry melted back into the embrace, feeling incredibly content and loved. He moved his right hand to reach back and clutch Snape's robes while his left stroked the hand pressed flat against his chest. It seemed a bit unfair to him that Snape got to caress him all over but he never got to touch any part of Snape other than his hands and face. He was about to request that Snape take off his clothes when the fingers on his hip journeyed down to wrap around his needful prick.

Harry gasped in pleasure and thrust eagerly into Snape's hand. Fuck! "Yes! Yes! Fuck, yes!" He jerked his hips as much as he could as he closed his eyes and concentrated on the building sensation in his balls. Snape's left hand shifted to capture Harry's right nipple between his fingers and he mercilessly teased the sensitive hardness as his prick brushed faster against that spot inside that made pleasure surge through Harry's body. It was too much and soon Harry was coming, his dick spurting furiously, as his whole body jerked like a fish out of water.

Snape was still hard, and he carefully pulled out of Harry, then rolled him onto his stomach, pushing his knees forward and pulling him up on his hands. It was exactly the same as that terrible first time. Normally, Harry would've strongly objected to the position, but he was so relaxed after his orgasm and Snape was still hugging him tightly. When Snape pushed in again, it wasn't anything like it was in the throne room. No pain, only pleasure, even when Snape's hips jerked faster and he fucked Harry hard.

The pace grew faster and harder and the sex was so much better this way than any other. Harry's cock, so recently satisfied, rose again with interest as Snape hit that spot inside of him that made him see stars when it was done correctly. It was over far too soon, Snape's hips jerking quickly as he closed his mouth on the base of Harry's neck, biting the skin lightly.

When his body had stopped shaking, Snape gently pulled out of Harry and lay down on the bed beside him, resting on his side. Upset by the lack of contact, Harry pressed himself against Snape again, burying his head in the Death Eater's robes as he smelled Snape's scent. Snape was stiff as a board when Harry first pressed against him but after a while, he slowly relaxed and very tentatively put his hand on the small of Harry's back.

Listening to Snape's rapid heartbeat, Harry curled his fingers in Snape
s robes. He felt so relaxed. If Voldemort had shown up right then and there he would've told him to fuck off.

"I don't think he'd appreciate that." Snape's voice was honey again. Harry couldn't decide if he liked the honey or thunder more.

Harry mumbled into Snape’s chest, "I'm going to stay here forever."

"I'm sure the call of nature will propel you out of bed eventually." Snape's fingers slowly stroked Harry's lower spine. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the path of the cool digits for a minute.

"No one's ever held me like you do," admitted Harry and the fingers stilled. "Maybe my parents but I don't remember. Hermione was the first person who hugged me and I thought it was very strange."

Snape’s body had gone stiff again and Harry didn’t like it. Had he said something wrong? He pulled back his head and looked up at Snape’s face. Snape had his eyes tightly closed as though he were in pain.


"You should sleep." Snape pushed Harry away and placed his feet on the floor as he adjusted his clothing.

"I want you to stay here." Harry pouted. He couldn't understand where things went wrong.

"No, you don't." Snape stood, his back to Harry. "The drugs make you temporarily more agreeable to anyone or anything, but you will return to yourself once they wear off. Sleep now, we will train tomorrow." He left without looking back.

Harry fell back against the sheets, feeling disappointed. He pulled the covers over himself and fell asleep shortly.

[[I was inspired by literary criticism of Dracula to write this dream sequence. You can find one of the pieces here.]]

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