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He felt dirty when he woke. Snape had forgotten to cast Scourgify before he left, and Harry still smelled of sex. Rolling out of bed, Harry made his way over to the sink and cleaned himself off as best he could, trying to replace the smell of sex and Snape with soap. When he finished cleaning his body, he tore all the covers off the top mattress and threw them on the floor in a pile. Luckily, the mattress did not smell of sex.

Harry tried to read Dracula but he couldn't concentrate. He kept thinking of the embarrassing things he had said that night before. Augh! Snape probably thought he was a freak. He blamed the drug and hoped that Snape wouldn't bring it up. Maybe he could get Snape to try the drug too so he wouldn't be the only one making a fool of himself. It was probably a very dangerous drug too. Anything that made him kiss and snuggle Snape had to be highly illegal. Snape had said that he had used a Muggle drug in his recipe. Harry had always been warned in primary school about the dangers of doing drugs and now he knew why. He dressed and then distracted himself by reading Dracula until Snape arrived.

"If I don't have any magic, how come I can use Occlumency?" Harry had figured the best defence was a good offensive. If he brought up a different subject from the start, Snape couldn't bring up last night.

Snape stepped through the bars. "Even Muggles can use Occlumency - it is just a matter of controlling your emotions."

That statement made Harry frown deeply. He didn't think he had very good control over his own emotions since his anger often ran away with him. He told Snape that as Snape tapped the table with his wand.

"I know," agreed Snape, "that's why I was so suspicious of your claim. However, whenever I have tested you before the Dark Lord you have performed perfectly. Based on how well you dodged last night when I increased the pace of the projectiles, I suspect that you perform best under stress."

Snape pushed into Harry's mind and it was so unexpected and unnecessary that Harry couldn’t defend himself properly, and Snape watched several of his memories before Harry finally threw him back out.

"What the hell was that for!?" Harry glared at the Death Eater once he had recovered himself.

"Just as I suspected." Snape floated the pile of dirty sheets out of the cell. "You aren't a true Occlumens. If you ever become relaxed around Voldemort or another Death Eater they would be able to penetrate your mind."

"I'd never be relaxed around them," insisted Harry.

Snape paused and stared at him. "Not on purpose, but if they should show up while you were under the influence of the drug.... I will have to research alternatives or wean you off of it."

"I don't like the drug. It makes me say and do strange things." Harry took a sip of his orange juice and winced as it irritated his sore throat. "But I couldn’t do that without it."

"I'm aware of that, but we may not have a choice." Snape turned to leave. "We will practise after you finish your breakfast."

Harry nibbled on his toast as he thought. As much as he hated the crazy things the drug made him say and do, he didn't think he could stand to have Snape touching him without it. It would be the throne room all over again. He would just work on perfecting his Occlumency so that he could do it all the time.

After he ate, he hurried through his morning routine and parked himself against the bars. Hopefully Snape would take him upstairs today.

His wishes were granted when Snape ordered, "Strip," as soon as he stepped through the library door.

Harry tore off his bottoms and got to his feet. Snape opened the bars for him and he eagerly stepped through, following Snape to the practice room.

"Are we going to do it fast like we did yesterday, sir?"

"Speak clearly, Potter." Snape closed the door of the practice room behind them. The balls were wiggling eagerly in a corner.

"Will you send lots of the balls at me like we did the last time we practised?"

"Yes, now get in the centre of the room."

Harry hadn't reached it when five balls flew at him at once. He stumbled and once slammed into him. Six more came at him with five following shortly behind. He tried to relax and let his body remember what to do. It took some time, but he finally managed to get into that Zen-like state where he was moving only on instinct. He hummed to himself as he weaved and ducked, twisting his body effortlessly as he propelled himself through an angry cloud of black. There seemed to be balls everywhere he looked, but he managed to avoid being hit for the most part.

Snape stopped the exercise when Harry grew too tired to defend himself properly. He spelled the balls over to the corner and made a half ring on the floor to which he chained Harry before stepping out of the room. Harry lay on his back and caught his breath.

Snape returned with a tray floating behind him. Harry sat up eagerly.

"I've got better, haven't I? The whole room was filled with balls."

Conjuring himself a chair, Snape snatched his mug off the tray of food. He floated the tray down towards Harry, who grabbed the glass of ice water off of it and gulped it down, spilling some down his chest in his hurry to drink. The cool water felt wonderful against his hot skin.

Snape left and returned with a pitcher of water. Harry refilled his glass and poured it over his head. Snape frowned at him in disapproval.

"Move out of that spot so I can clean the carpet."

"It's just water." Harry testily replied, but shifted as far away from it as the chain would allow.

Snape cast a spell and the carpet was dry instantly. Wondering what the big deal was, Harry dug into his lunch.

Settling back in his chair, Snape retrieved his mug with magic. "In answer to your earlier question, you have improved, but you still require time to adjust yourself to the situation. You need to be perfectly prepared to evade when the first spell is cast."

"I try, but I always think too much at the beginning, you know?"

"I agree," nodded Snape. "We will continue with this method of training until you have mastered evasion but I will also begin readiness training. I will randomly cast spells at you throughout the day and you will do your best to avoid being hit."

"I thought you weren't supposed to hurt me." Harry glared at the Death Eater suspiciously over his sandwich.

Snape assured him, "I won't use any spells that will harm or hurt anything but your pride."

Harry finished his sandwich and drank some water. There was a question he'd wanted to ask for some time but he never thought he'd have a chance at a real answer until now.

Peering up at Snape, he asked, "Are Ron and Hermione still alive and free?"

"Yes," answered Snape simply with an inscrutable expression on his face.

Harry hung his head so Snape wouldn't see the huge grin that tore his face apart. Yes! They were doing their best to get him out and find the Horcruxes. He had to be strong and train for them so that when they were reunited, he'd be ready to defeat Voldemort with them. Soon, he'd get his letter out to them and they'd come and rescue him. He let the happiness and relief wash over him for a minute, erasing the ice he felt in his stomach, and then composed himself. Pushing himself back upright, he looked up at Snape.

"I'm ready for more, sir."

Snape nodded and sent the tray away after placing his mug on it. He unchained Harry from the floor, vanished the conjured chair, and strode over to the wall so that he wouldn't be in the way of the projectiles. He cast, and the room came alive as the small, black dots zoomed every which way.

Harry was quicker to find his focus. He danced easily, shifting and turning with finesse as he reached the point where nothing would touch him. He had always been clumsy on the ground, especially compared to his graceful acrobatics in the air, but now he’d found a way to be agile in both mediums.

Reversing the process, Snape sent balls one at a time to the corner. Harry tried to ignore the balls as their numbers thinned out. He pretended that he didn't see how many of each there were, and stopped consciously trying to track the projectiles. After steadily avoiding a number for a while, he suddenly realized he’d been successfully evading five. He had always struggled with any number above four, but now he could dodge five! It was so startling, that he stopped still and ball hit him in the face.

He shouted, "I did it! I beat five!" as he punched the air with his fist. He fell on the floor with delight.

"There is no need to scream about it," complained Snape.

Harry wasn't going to let the sour git bring down his mood. "Now I can dodge any number."

"Don't get ahead of yourself. Once you can go through a training session without being hit even one time then you will have successfully learned to dodge."

"I'm doing pretty well though, aren't I?" Harry was determined to make Snape acknowledge his accomplishment.

"Better than expected," admitted Snape. "Did you play a Muggle sport before you arrived at Hogwarts? I doubt Quidditch was enough to give you such reflexes."

"No...." Harry got to his feet. "My relatives threw stuff at me so I got used to dodging but I haven't had to do it for several years. I need to use the loo now."

Snape nodded and led him through his bedroom. Harry glanced around the bathroom curiously as he relieved himself. The burgundy towels and carpets contrasted nicely with the creamy marble and dark wood.

"Why d'you have so much red in your house? D'you secretly want to be in Gryffindor?"

Snape made a noise of extreme derision from the doorway. "If it were as garishly decorated as the Gryffindor common room, then I would've immediately redecorated. I simply had more important matters on my mind when I first arrived here and haven't felt the need to bother with aesthetics since."

"This isn't your house?" asked Harry in surprise.

"No, it belonged to another Death Eater who is now deceased."

Harry washed his hands and asked, "What about the potions lab?"

"I had that built after I was placed here."

"When I was captured?" Harry followed Snape back to the practice room.


"If this isn't your house, then how come you have a kitchen full of spices, a potion lab full of ingredients, and a library full of books?" Harry suspected the Death Eater was lying.

"Have you not heard of magic?" asked Snape impatiently. "I transported what I desired to bring from my home and my rooms at Hogwarts and mail ordered the rest."

"I still think that would take some time even with magic. I bet I've been here over a month," Harry mused. "Was the prison already in place?"

"Yes," confirmed Snape. "A few adjustments were made, of course."

"Wait a minute!" shouted Harry, confident that he had caught Snape in a lie. "Don't most wizarding houses have magic things like clocks that show you what your family members are up to, portraits that talk to you, and furniture with attitude? Everything I've seen here except the potions lab has been completely Muggle. You even have electricity!" He pointed at the light switch.

"The house was reworked after you were brought here," explained Snape impatiently. "The Dark Lord wanted to be sure that you were completely cut off from magic. That's part of the reason why I was placed here since I am the only non-Pureblood."

"Why are you a Death Eater if you are a half-blood?"

"Enough!" snapped Snape and several balls zoomed towards Harry. Harry wasn’t prepared for them, and two smacked into his back. He moved into the centre of the room to avoid future attacks. Geeze, Snape needed to lighten up. There was no harm in asking questions.

Harry practised until his limbs felt sore. He stopped to catch his breath and rub his calves. Snape sent the balls into a corner.

"That will be enough for today. Follow me."

Harry stood up and trailed behind him as he was led back downstairs. A cool bath was just what he needed. Snape retrieved the potion for Harry's muscles from the cabinet as Harry ran his bath. He made it as cold as he could and jumped in. The shock of the cold water was just what he needed against the steady heat that had filled his system. When he felt cold both inside and out, he sat up and turned on the hot water to have a warm bath.

"You will make yourself sick if you keep doing that.” Snape frowned at him in disapproval.

Snape was only allowed to be bossy during training sessions. Petulantly, Harry stated, "I might need to fight Voldemort when I am sick so it's better to train myself in that situation too."

"I have enough medicine to avoid that particular scenario unless you do something exceedingly brash or moronic. Based on your natural affinity for activities that define both of those categories, I am inclined to believe that it is far more likely that you will face the Dark Lord with a deleterious injury than a simple head cold. However, I am unwilling to break your limbs so that we may train under that more likely scenario, so we will just have to hope for the best." Snape sneered, "Won't we?"

"My affinity?" Harry jumped out of the tub and angrily jammed his forefinger into Snape’s chest. "If I get a broken bone it will be because YOU gave it to me."

Snape grabbed Harry's upper arm and pushed him back against the wall. He stepped close, fury glittering in his black eyes. "I do what I must, as do we all. Do not forget that."

Suddenly, Harry realized he was naked and Snape was touching him. He violently pulled himself away from Snape, shouting, "Get away from me, you pervert!"

"How dare you," hissed Snape as he stalked after Harry, who grabbed up his towel and fled back towards his cell. "I do not enjoy using you anymore than you enjoy being used!"

Harry whirled around to give Snape a death glare. "Of course you enjoy it, you faggot!"

Snape flew at Harry and he tried to dodge, but Snape grabbed his upper arm and threw him violently in the cell. "I'm not gay, you ungrateful brat! Starve for all I care!" He stormed off, a hurricane of anger.

Harry stormed over to his bed and tore apart his pillow in anger. He'd kill Snape no matter what in the end. He imagined the remains of his pillow were Snape's neck and twisted them violently until feathers were scattered all over the sheets. Fuck. He hoped Snape had been lying about not being gay but it confirmed what he had suspected: he'd been turned into a woman. Snape didn't need a potion to touch him because to him, Harry was just a substitute for a woman.

Harry jumped off his bed and did push ups until he couldn't move his arms anymore. He'd have to bulk up. He had always been small and slender. In the past he’d wished that he was taller, but overall, his size hadn't bothered him too much because most professional seekers tended to be on the smaller side. Now, he wanted to be a foot taller and have a million muscles. They wouldn't have touched him if he had looked like that. He washed himself off in the sink and put on his clothes.

He returned to his bed and stared in dismay at the feathers all over the bed. Fetching the towel he had been wearing, he gathered the feathers and fabric and tucked it up in the towel as best he could. Placing his makeshift pillow on the head of the bed, he slid between the sheets.

As much as he wanted and needed to train, he didn't want to apologize. Things had been going so well and somehow everything had been bollixed up. He wasn't sure quite how it had happened. One minute Snape was being annoying like he normally was and the next he had thrown Harry in his cell without dinner. Maybe he had been offended at being called a 'faggot.' Harry hadn't meant it. He'd just been angry and it was the worst thing he could think of to call Snape.

Harry replayed the conversation in his mind once he had calmed down. Snape had said that he didn't like having sex with Harry anymore than Harry liked being fucked by him. Snape always came, but then again, so did Harry and he knew that he didn't enjoy it. He hadn't seen Snape take any potions, but he hadn't ever watched Snape the whole time and he didn't know what Snape normally tasted like so there was no way he'd be able to tell if there was the taste of a potion on Snape's tongue when they kissed.

Harry shook his head. Snape hadn't taken any potions when he had raped Harry in front of Voldemort, and he had been able to climax then, so he didn't need a potion to have sex with Harry. Not unless he carried an aphrodisiac around with him constantly, although that seemed highly unlikely. But . . . the Snape who raped and whipped Harry seemed like a different person than the Snape who trained him and stroked his back after sex. How Snape could be so monstrous sometimes yet helpful and even caring at other moments? Maybe sex orgasms just made anyone be nice to whomever they were shared with. He knew that he stopped wanting to kill Snape after he had one.

He hoped that Snape did hate having sex with him and had to take potions every time because Snape was straight and hated being forced to have sex with another man. Maybe that was why he refused to have sex with Harry in a position where they both faced each other. Maybe if he didn't see Harry, he could pretend that he was fucking a woman. Just as long as Snape didn't think of Harry as a woman....

Harry sighed. He needed Snape to train him. He shouldn't have let his anger run away with him. Snape would never train him again unless Harry apologised and Harry would rather have sex with Snape than apologize to him. He'd have to trick Snape into training him. He'd wait till tomorrow and see what sort of mood Snape was in before he started planning.

Feeling better, Harry ignored his rumbling stomach and went to sleep.


Harry woke starving. The workout the day before had left him famished and he was almost willing to apologize in exchange for food.

He read Dracula until he heard Snape's footsteps in the library. Setting down the book, he sat up on his bed and prepared to deal with Snape, who strode into the hallway.

"I hope you rested well, Potter." Snape's voice had a strange tone to it. "I brought something new for you to dodge."

"Huh?" Snape wasn't holding the previous night against him? He was being trained?

Snape pulled a huge, black gun out of his robes. It was about two feet long and pointed directly at Harry.

"FUCKING SHIT!" Harry scrambled as far back in his bed as he could. "ARE YOU MAD?!"

Apparently, Snape was because he aimed at Harry and pulled the trigger. Harry heard a loud crack as he dove down on the bed. Snape was actually shooting at him! Bullets were faster than spells, weren't they? He was going to die. He was going to get shot by Snape and they'd never get a Healer to him in time.

"Remember what I taught you about tight movements, Potter." Snape aimed again. "There is no need to throw yourself around."

"YOU'RE GOING TO KILL ME!" Harry leapt off the bed and overturned the table. He ducked behind it. "I CAN'T DODGE BULLETS!"

"You will never learn how to dodge if you hide, Potter." Snape spelled the table out into the hall and aimed at Harry again. He pulled the trigger and Harry rolled out of the way just in time to feel something brush past his shoulder. This had to be a dream. There was no way in hell Snape was shooting a gun at him. Did he forget how dangerous guns were during his time in the wizard world? Had being stuck in a house with Harry driven him out of his mind?

"Voldemort is going to kill you if you shoot me!" Harry never thought that he’d be invoking his worst enemy's name to save himself.

"I dont think he'll mind too much." At the pop, Harry dove to the other side of the room.

"Snape." Harry stood and pressed himself back against the wall. He wasn't going to dodge anymore. He would reason with the Death Eater. "I didn't mean it when I called you a 'fag.' I was just angry."

Snape lowered the gun and Harry relaxed. "Apologies are far less believable when they are spurred by fear for one's life." Quickly, he yanked the gun up and shot Harry in the stomach.

Harry fell onto his knees and grabbed his stomach with both hands. It didn't hurt nearly as much as he thought it would. Had he really been shot? He felt liquid seeping through his jumper and timidly pulled his hand far enough away to see red staining his fingers. He quickly pushed both hands against himself to staunch the bleeding. Snape shot him! SNAPE SHOT HIM! He was going to die in a Death Eater prison for absolutely no reason. "You killed me."

"Don't be so melodramatic, Potter," said Snape impatiently as he stepped through the bars. He lifted his gun and Harry flinched. Snape muttered a spell and shot at the floor a few inches away from Harry. Instead of a hole, a splatter of blue paint appeared.

"I wanted to see if you'd freeze in a stressful situation," explained Snape as he put the gun away and cast two Scourgifys. Harry felt the ‘blood’ disappear from his fingers and he lifted up his jumper to see he had a mild bruise but nothing else. "Now eat your breakfast or I won't let you train anymore today."

"I thought you killed me." Harry was still trying to make sense of what had just happened.

"Not yet, Potter," Snape assured him. He prepared breakfast and stepped out of the cell. "I trust that you have been sufficiently chastised for your behaviour last night. If you disagree, I will lock you in the cupboard until you are willing to behave." He strode off, his robes billowing behind him.

Harry rose up on shaky legs and made his way to the table. His starvation and near death experience had left him ravenous. Luckily, Snape had given him a breakfast three times the size of a normal one with almost every single breakfast food imaginable. Harry dug into his pancakes as he tried to calm his nerves.

Snape was mental! Harry understood that Snape had been training him, but he had no doubt that Snape would actually shoot him if given the chance. Where the hell had he got a gun anyway? Harry should add a reference to it to the letter. There couldn't be many wizards who owned guns that shot paint. Hopefully they wouldn't be training with that in the future. Even though he knew it wasn't a real gun the thought of facing it again made him nervous.

At least Snape hadn't refused to train him anymore out of spite for their argument the night before. He couldn't really train on his own like he could with Snape’s help. Besides, if Snape thought him too undisciplined, then he might call the whole thing off. If Snape was helping Harry because he wanted to be the next Dark Lord then Harry was expendable. Harry had to prove his worth to Snape. If Harry could be trained to defeat Voldemort then he could also defeat Snape. Harry would kill them both together.

Harry somehow managed to eat the majority of his breakfast. After he had finished his morning duties, he read Dracula until Snape arrived.

"Strip and follow me."

Harry eagerly did so. He stepped through the opened bars and almost ran into Snape in his excitement.

"Where did you get the gun? Why did you get the gun?" Harry clamoured up the stairs.

"I mail-ordered it in case the Dark Lord forbade me from using magic around you," Snape explained.

"Why would he do that? I can see why he'd restrict my magic but not yours."

"It's a precaution necessary for very powerful wizards. I managed to convince him that we don’t have to worry about that with you."

The practice room had furniture scattered randomly across the floor. Snape started the attack and Harry quickly figured out how to use the furniture to his advantage. Snape varied the attacks and Harry trouble whenever he tried adjust from dodging a few to dodging many.

After hours of practise, they took a break, and Harry threw himself on a couch in frustration. Snape chained him to it before leaving. Harry stretched himself out while he waited for the Death Eater to return with food. His muscles were stiff.

When Snape returned, Harry ate hungrily. "I'm going to need that lotion after practise today. My muscles all ache."

Snape nodded, "Then we will focus on limited movements for the second half."

After lunch, Harry practised remaining stationary while Snape sent balls at him. He'd just mastered dodging moving only his torso when Snape cut the lesson short early.

"I can do more," pleaded Harry.

"You will be sore for days." Snape led him down the stairs. "Take some time to read."

That suggestion didn't please Harry, but arguing wouldn't get him more training. He just gave himself a cooling bath this time. Snape retrieved the potion from the cabinet and placed it on the edge of the tub.

When he finished bathing, Harry stepped out of the tub and grabbed the vial. Since he'd been moving more in this training session, he decided to put it everywhere instead of just on his legs. He was twisting around, trying to smear it on his back when Snape stepped forward and grabbed the bottle from the floor, dribbling it on Harry's upper back. His hands moved in brisk, clinical strokes that finished before Harry had time to object to being touched. When he finished, he sent the bottle back to the cabinet.

Harry grabbed a towel off the rack and wrapped it around himself before returning to the room.

"Remember; don't put on clothes for a few minutes." Snape reminded him.

"I won't," promised Harry. He picked up his book and sat on the chair.

Snape left and Harry read Dracula until he was beyond bored. He dressed and stretched, testing out his muscles. They didn't hurt anymore and he moved fluidly. Maybe his difficulties were due to stiffness rather than ability. He should do better tomorrow.

Harry grabbed the toothpaste from the sink and pulled out his letter. He carefully added ‘guN that shoOts paInt’ to the bottom of the letter before placing it back in the book and shoving the whole thing under his mattress.

When Snape did not bring dinner at the appointed time, Harry knew what was in store for him that evening. He reformed his makeshift pillow, made his bed, and slid out of his clothing, leaving the garments neatly folded on the end of his bed.

Snape finally arrived. He thrust something black towards Harry. "A new shirt," he said crisply.

Harry accepted it and placed it on top of his jumper. He approached the bars and put his hands through for Snape to spell the cuffs. "D'you ever wear anything other than black, white, and green?"

"No, follow me." Snape briskly led Harry up to the throne room.

Harry trudged behind him. The thought of what awaited him left him bitterly depressed. If only he was ready to fight! If only he'd done better in his training!

Lucius and Dolohov stood on either side of Voldemort. Draco uneasily hung back on his father's right side. The former classmates stared directly at each other, Draco’s eyes deliberately avoiding Harry’s groin.

Why wasn't Draco at Hogwarts? Was this a weekend? Was the school year over? If only he had his glasses so he could see Draco's face! Even though Draco was a man now, as Harry was, he seemed frail and small compared to the imposing figures cut by the Dark Wizards who shared the dais.

"Begin, Draco," commanded Lucius. Obediently, his son approached Harry with an awkward gait. Snape joined the others on the dais, distancing himself from Lucius.

Draco's wand shook slightly as he pointed it at Harry. "Crucio!"

Draco’s Cruciatus didn’t really hurt. Harry pretended that it was worse than it was and theatrically wiggled all over the floor as he cried out. Draco repeated the spell several times but it always seemed half-hearted. Harry could feel fear, anger, and disgust pouring off of Draco, but it didn't seem to be directed towards him. Lucius had probably helped Draco earn the privilege.

As he writhed on the floor, Snape penetrated his mind. Harry showed him a memory of a time he had been hit with Rictusempra and had laughed uncontrollably. Rather than being amused, Snape strode down to Draco's side.

"Put all your anger in it," he ordered. "Like this. Crucio!"

Harry's screams were real as his back bowed violently. Fuck! Snape's Cruciatus was as powerful as Voldemort's! A ringing filled his ears and when he could finally hear again, Snape was telling Draco, "Use this ... Scindo!"

Skin on Harry’s upper arm tore open as if sliced by a razor blade. He rolled on his stomach to protect his most delicate parts as skin split all over his back as Draco said the spell over and over. Fuck! It hurt like hell and it wasn't difficult for Harry to cry out in pain with each new cut. Finally, when it seemed as though every inch of his exposed skin had been opened, Voldemort gave the command to finish. Harry's vision swam red as he was pulled to his feet. The soles of his feet had been cut and it was painful to walk as Snape dragged him out of the throne room.

"I'm getting blood on the carpet," mumbled Harry as he stumbled against Snape.

"I'll make you clean it tomorrow, you stupid boy." Snape dragged him back to his cell. Once there, he pushed Harry through the bars and onto the bed. Taking a vial from his robes, he poured the liquid down Harry's throat. When Harry had gulped it all, he left in a swift cloud of black.

Harry wanted to sleep, but the potion had only contained a painkiller. He rolled onto his stomach so as not to aggravate his wounds.

Snape returned with fury a few minutes later. "You imbecile!" he hissed as he grabbed Harry by his hair. "What have I told you about masking yourself in the Dark Lord's presence?"

"I showed you what I wanted you to see! I was Occluding!" Harry retorted. He didn't understand why Snape was so angry at him.

"Fool!" spat Snape. He released Harry's head. "You are not performing just for me! If the Dark Lord had stepped into your mind then he would've known you were only pretending to be hurt. You must play your part completely!"

Harry forced his face into a calm he didn't feel. "I'm sorry. I didn't think about that."

"You never think!" accused Snape.

Harry's rage shot up like a spike and he wanted to scream at Snape, but he managed to suppress his anger, balling his hands into tight fists, as he struggled to keep himself from lashing out at the git. He wanted to be trained and he wanted to get access to an owl but Snape would refuse to do either if Harry treated him like he deserved.

Luckily, Snape had finished ranting and he ran his wand over Harry's wounds. Harry could feel his skin stitching back together and it was a very strange feeling. After Snape had returned Harry's skin to normal, he spelled food on the table.

"Eat." He stepped out through the bars. "If you ever do that again I will Obliviate you."

Harry ignored him. Snape took the silence for submissiveness and left.

The chicken stew was delicious. Harry finished it off quickly and read Dracula until he fell asleep.

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Dec. 20th, 2007 06:48 am (UTC)
Sorry I haven't been commenting, RL is so very busy right now. I'm still loving every word, I just wish I had more time to comment(30 people at my house for X-mas, someone shoot me) I'll do better after Christmas I promise. If if I don't get to post til after Christmas Have a wonderful holiday.

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You too! I completely understand! If I hadn't already written most of this, I wouldn't be able to keep posting.
Dec. 20th, 2007 04:58 pm (UTC)
Great update. The paintball gun was a surprise, and Draco being there also.

The entire gay/not gay thing is keeping me guessing about Snape also. I don't know if he really feels anything for Harry or not. As much as Harry seems to hate Snape, his dreams seem conflicted.

I didn't get a chance to comment on the last update before this one came out, but I did like the Snape/Vampire dream sequence there also.

Looking forward to the next parts.

(Do you know yet how long this will be? I really enjoy it and don't want to see it come to an end. Just wondering if you have it planned out very far ahead or are just writing as you go along.)
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I've known the ending since about the 10th chapter although I am still not 100% sure how to get there yet. I try not to box myself in too tightly because I feel I do my best written when I have a basic outline of what I want to happen and then fill in the details as I go along. For example, at chapter 27, I had this scene I had all planned out in my head, but when I started writing it, Harry refused to go along with what I had planned and changed the situation and I thought the end result was amazing so I was quite glad I hadn't written more than an outline.

My beta has been helping me with the execution of it rather than changing around key plot points but I am keeping my mind open to change if it is suggested.

I do not know how long it will be total, but I've already written 30 chapters and I've written out ideas/outlines for rest. I didn't intend for this to become so massive and I originally anticipated writing a shorter work, but I also refused to take short cuts and force characters to do things I didn't think they were ready for. I've never written anything of this length but it seems as though I get more ideas instead of less as I go along. I have had road blocks and there are sections I'm not sure how to get through yet, but I do plan to finish this fic within the next few months unless I force myself to slow my writing even more so that it becomes better. I started writing on the 13th of october and had produced most of these 30 chapters by November 20th since that time I've only written about 2 chapters and fixed older chapters and I think I've gotten in better, in large part to my beta.
Dec. 22nd, 2007 08:05 pm (UTC)
It's such a beautiful story, and I regret finding it so late (although it's still a WIP, so yay :D) I loved the way Harry's messed up completely and still he is the same confused young hero :) I too, also liked that neither Snape nor Harry are sure they are gay or even attracked to eachother. Most fics just blast it away and claim that Harry was gay like forever. You make it so Slytherinish :D I absolutely loved the involvement of Ginny in the story and how Freud-eskly she becomes Snape.

I am also in love with that getting-high potion, not because it makes Harry complete love bunny (boy, the table-sex LOL!), but it tortures Snape immensely until the point of escape. (Oh the irony of "Look at me"!) I would like to see more of that and also I would like to see a non-potioned Snarry kiss. The training, the shock of the gun, all amazing and Harry still trying to reach his friends. Just perfectly almost canon. His captivity is perfectly organized.

And the dreams! They are so in point, and even gives us more perspective. Go on, spend your time with them :) I liked the book parallels too, it gives deep to the story.

Your story is amazing and there are so many things I like about! I hope this comment will speed you up and give us more chapters :) When is the next update, please?
Dec. 23rd, 2007 03:36 am (UTC)
Thanks so much. I still haven't reposted the earlier chapters yet, so if there are any corrections/things you think should be changed, feel free to offer them.

I think of the sex scenes from Snape's point of view and then translate them to Harry when I write and I imagine Harry is similar to an octopus. if you've ever been grabbed by an octopus, you know exactly what I mean.

I will post the next update now just for you :)
Dec. 23rd, 2007 06:57 pm (UTC)
You rock my world! :D
Dec. 27th, 2007 06:44 am (UTC)
Oh! There's more! Yay. Going off to read 17 now.
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