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Harry dreamed that he and Snape switched roles. He was pointing a gun at the Death Eater, who glared at him through the cell bars.

"You need to get better at dodging, Snape. How will we ever beat Voldemort unless you learn how to do it?"

"It's your job, Potter," insisted Snape. "Not mine."

"You're my prisoner, so you have to do what I say. Now dodge." Harry shot off the gun and Snape skittered around the room like a bat.

He finally managed to land a shot on the Death Eater and Snape fell to his knees.

"You idiot, Potter. You used real bullets."

Harry checked the gun. Oops. He had grabbed the wrong gun earlier that morning. "Sorry, I didn't mean to shoot you."

"You never think, Potter." Snape melted into the floor as he died.

Harry ran into the cell and grabbed onto Snape's robes. "Please! I need you! I'll never be able to beat Voldemort on my own."

"Then the entire world is doomed." Snape completely vanished, leaving only his robes.

Harry woke feeling depressed. Normally a dream about Snape's death would've cheered him up, but the despair he had felt in the dream when Snape died remained with him. He slid out of bed and brushed his teeth to try to distract himself. It didn't work and neither did trying to read Dracula. When Snape still didn't show up several hours after breakfast was normally served, Harry put down the book and sat in front of the bars.

Had Snape been killed? It wasn't like him to not serve Harry breakfast. Maybe his dream had been prophetic. Harry couldn't stand it any longer. He threw himself at the bars and banged his cuffs against them as hard as he could.

Snape stormed in about fifteen minutes later. "You had better be dying!" he bellowed.

"I thought you were dead." Harry blinked at him, then scurried back to his bed as Snape swept into the cell.

"If you would be so lucky," muttered Snape as he served Harry breakfast. "Now sit down and shut up. If I hear another noise from you I will drag you up to entertain my guests." With that threat hanging in the air, Snape stormed away.

Not wanting to be paraded in front of a bunch of Death Eaters, Harry ate his breakfast. After he finished, he read his book until Snape showed up.

"Are they gone?" Harry sat up.

"Yes, don't ever do that again. The last thing you want is the attention of a group of angry Death Eaters."

"I won't," promised Harry. Why were the Death Eaters angry? Whatever it was, it probably was good for him. He cheered himself up by imagining various things the Order could have done to compel the Death Eaters to have an emergency meeting.

Snape spelled the bars open and Harry stripped off his bottoms to go train.

"You can leave them on. They never visit twice the same day."

Harry stepped through the bars. "Do they visit everyday?"


Harry could tell from Snape's tone that he wasn't going to get anymore answers, so he didn't press. He moved to the centre of the practice room, which had been emptied again. Snape started the exercise but Harry was off. Although he could avoid four projectiles with ease, five still remained out of his reach. It frustrated him and he tried harder, but it just wasn't his day and he kept getting hit. He had started to attack the balls in anger rather than dodging when Snape stopped the exercise.

"What's wrong, Potter?"

"I don't know!" Harry fell to his knees and punched the floor in frustration. "I keep trying, but I just can't do it!"

Snape created a ring and chained Harry to it before leaving the room. Harry tried to figure out where he had gone wrong, but he didn't know what had happened. When Snape returned with food, Harry accepted the plate even though he didn't feel hungry.

"I don't get it. I was doing so well."

"You are tense," commented Snape. "You need to relax and react rather than think."

Harry gritted his teeth. "I'm trying."

"Perhaps we should stop for today."

"No! I can do it!" Harry shot upright. "Let me try again."

"Eat your lunch, then we we’ll do a different exercise."

Harry forced the food down his throat. After Harry finished, Snape left the room, returning shortly with the laser pointer.

"I want to do more dodging."

"No," Snape refused and Harry's anger shifted.

"Why not?" he demanded.

"Potter," Snape growled in warning. "You will do what I say or return to your cage."

Harry wanted to scream at him, but he accepted the laser pointer instead. Snape spelled the balls to zoom around the walls and Harry took aim. It was far more challenging than targeting them in his room had been. The larger space made it harder for him to pick out individual balls so he cheated and stepped closer to a wall so he could aim better.

When Snape stopped the exercise and returned Harry to the basement, Harry couldn’t believe how far he’d fallen. He’d been doing so well before! He would never be prepared to face Voldemort at this rate. He plodded back to his cell and threw himself on his bed.

"There is no need for such a dramatic display." Snape tapped the table and dinner appeared. "Your skills are such that you were progressing much further than can be expected so it was natural that you'd hit a plateau before long. Furthermore, you've already proven yourself capable of dodging a large number of projectiles when you are in the correct mindset. Just work on relaxing yourself."

"But I need to be able to dodge completely all the time!" Harry pointed out. "If I get hit once, I'll die."

"You will get there. Try not to think about it too much." Snape stepped out through the bars. "Eat and rest."

Harry didn't feel like eating. He lay in bed and ignored his stomach. Why did he have to be the one to destroy Voldemort? Why couldn't anything go right in his life? He just wasn’t strong enough to defeat anyone as powerful as Voldemort, especially without magic. Even if he learned all the tasks Snape had set before him, he’d never be ready. He needed to practice more magic. He hadn’t even completed his years at Hogwarts, yet he was expected to kill a wizard who had spent his entire life amassing power and learning dark spells. Why hadn't Dumbledore had him trained during his time at Hogwarts? His whole fifth year, after they knew that Voldemort was back, they had just left him with Umbridge. Hell, he'd even had to teach! Snape's Occlumency lessons had just been about one tiny aspect of all the things he needed to know. His sixth year, instead of teaching him magic, Dumbledore had taught him about Voldemort's past. That knowledge had been useful and Harry was grateful for it, but why hadn't Dumbledore taught him spells as well?

The wizarding world had failed him. Even Ron and Hermione, his most trusted friends, had not come to save him. It had been over a month, what the hell were they doing? Hermione should’ve been able to save him by now if she was really trying. Harry refused to believe that she simply couldn't rescue him from this prison. Obviously, they cared more about the Horcruxes than they did about him. Or maybe they had given up completely without him to guide them. He had been utterly abandoned by everyone but Snape, and Snape was just using him to obtain his own goals. Although Snape had been scarily nice to him, he just couldn't trust the Death Eater after what had happened the last time he had begun to loosen his guard around Snape. He kept waiting for Snape to unleash his evilness as he had done during that time in the throne room.

Even though Harry was angry at Ron and Hermione, he couldn't blame them for giving up. There was no way that they'd be able to stop Voldemort, even if Ron and Hermione somehow managed to destroy the Horcruxes. Voldemort was right - Dumbledore had been stupid to rest the fate of the wizarding world on the back of teenagers.

Harry tried to sleep but it didn't come easily.


Harry was still depressed when he woke the next morning. He stared up at the ceiling, wishing he could fall back asleep.

Snape arrived and spelled him breakfast. "Are you still wrapped in the throes of adolescent angst?"

"You're the only one I have helping me and you'll probably just kill me after I beat Voldemort."

"I can assure you, Miss Granger and Mr Weasley have not forgotten about you," Snape declared in a firm voice.

"How would you know?" Harry turned away from him. "You've been here the whole time just like I have."

"Do you think the other Death Eaters visit me just to drink tea?" Snape's voice was impatient. "Your friends are doing their best to prepare for the destruction of the Dark Lord. If you wish to make their efforts worthless, then by all means lie in bed all day and refuse to eat. If you do not care about the lives already lost then continue to mope. However, you will gain nothing and lose everything. You are being kept alive right now to serve a specific purpose. Eventually, the Dark Lord will no longer need you for that reason and he will allow you to be hurt continuously. Instead of being given to a Death Eater for a few hours a night, you will be given to one for days or even weeks at a time. I will no longer be able to protect you then and they will be allowed to do whatever they like as long as you live."

"If you are trying to cheer me up, you are failing miserably," muttered Harry.

"If you expect me to hold your hand and assure you that everything will be all right you have failed to realize the gravity of the situation. Either you will be a toy to be used and abused until someone takes it too far and accidentally kills you, or you can fight against Voldemort in a final battle that will probably end up causing the deaths of more of your friends and loved ones."

"I KNOW!" Harry cried out in frustration. "I know it's going to be shite no matter what. I know I'm fucked over no matter what I do. I know people are going to die. I know I have to train. It's just...." He swallowed. "You're the only one I know is helping me." He stared at his hands fisted in the sheets. "And I train because I don't have anything else to do, but how do I know you won't just bring me before Voldemort one day and both of you will laugh at me, and I will find it's all been a cruel joke?"

Snape did not say anything in response. He was probably trying to think of a way to assure Harry of his intentions, but Harry knew he was a slick liar.

"Come with me, Potter," Snape finally said. "You may keep your clothes on."

Snape would just force him if he refused, so Harry slid out of the bed and trudged after Snape. Snape spelled the chain between his cuffs and led him upstairs. Were they going to train? Snape grabbed Harry’s upper arm and pulled him towards the throne room. Harry had never been in the throne room when he wasn't being tortured. He tried to pull away from Snape. "Don't-"

"I won't hurt you now," Snape told him.

Harry didn't believe him, but he wanted to catch Snape in a lie so that he’d have an excuse to attack him. He allowed himself to be led into the room. It was empty and they passed through it quickly. Snape led him to the large entrance doors and Harry found himself in another carpeted hallway. He didn't have much time to look around before Snape pulled him into the kitchen. It was a rather large room, about the size of the practice room, with a white, tiled floor. Light filtered in from the few windows, which had been covered in some sort of white film. It allowed light to brighten the room, but prevented Harry from seeing out. To the left of Harry, stood a long wooden table ringed with chairs and on his right were several white and black shapes, probably appliances. Harry thought he recognised a refrigerator, sink, oven, stove, and dishwasher. Shelves lined almost every inch of the walls that did not have windows cut out or appliances pushed up against them. Snape brought Harry over to the table and stepped past it to reach a second sink, which was wedged between two cater-corner wooden doors.

"Wash your hands."

Harry obeyed. When he finished, Snape pulled him over to the end of the table and bade him to sit down, facing the rest of the kitchen. After Harry had taken a seat, Snape chained him to both the chair and the table. Harry had enough room to stand or sit, but not move more than two feet from the edge of the table.

"You'd be useless in the practice room today and I am not going to let you mope in your cell. You will work for me. Have you ever cooked before?"

Harry blinked at Snape. "Yeah, I made meals for my relatives."

"Have you ever made bread?”

He shook his head. “We always bought it.”

“You will make fresh loaves.”

“How can I do that while chained to the table?” asked Harry suspiciously. What sort of game was Snape playing?

"You will mix the ingredients and knead the dough for me," explained Snape. "Just a moment." Stepping out of the room, he returned shortly wearing black trousers and a black jumper that were covered by a black apron. In his hands, he carried another apron. Harry stared at him in shock. He had never seen Snape out of his robes when he was lucid.

“Stand up.”

Harry got to his feet and Snape put the apron on him, tying it behind his back. He stepped away from Harry and turned toward the wall opposite the windows. Harry tried to examine the shelves that covered the walls more clearly. With his bad vision, he couldn’t tell more than that they were completely covered in a multitude of objects.

Snape called out ingredients and they flew towards him from the shelves, ending up on the table before Harry. Picking them up one by one, Harry read the labels: yeast, sugar, evaporated milk, honey, salt, whole wheat flour, bread flour, oats, wheat germ, and flax seeds. Once Snape had finished gathering the ingredients, he stepped over to the large white object Harry reckoned was a fridge. Butter joined the other items on the table. Snape moved around at the other end of the kitchen and sent over two bowls, a wooden spoon, a set of measuring cups, a set of measuring spoons, a box of plastic wrap, and two bread pans. Finally, Snape approached again and placed three clear beaker looking objects before him. Two appeared to contain water and the other something Harry didn't recognise.

"One half cup water." Snape warmed it with his wand. "Add the yeast and sugar and stir." He picked up a small spoon Harry hadn't seen before. Following the instructions Snape gave, Harry carefully measured out the needed ingredients. Snape gave the orders patiently, opening bags and boxes before pushing them over for Harry to measure ingredients out of.

After they'd added most of the items to the bowl, Snape said, “Mix the ingredients,” and handed Harry a wooden spoon.

Harry stirred the ingredients until they were combined. Snape poured in the yeast mixture and let Harry blend everything together. Once Harry had finished, Snape said, "Now we put it to the side for fifteen minutes."

Snape cleared a space for Harry in front of the table, sending most of the ingredients back to the shelves. He left for the fridge again and returned with a cheese grater and a block of cheese, with a bowl floating behind him.

"Grate half this block." He put all three before Harry and Harry picked up the block and started to fill the bowl. He had almost finished when Snape said, "That's fine," and sent the three items away. He moved the bowl of bread back towards Harry. "Now, add in the white flour and mix it with your hands until it forms a ball."

Harry did so, delighting in the squishiness of the dough beneath his fingers. Snape watched carefully and then stopped Harry.

"Here's how you do it." He pushed up the sleeves on his sweaters revealing his forearms. Harry stared at them in fascination as Snape plunged his hands into the bowl and expertly worked the dough, turning it over on itself with force. "Now you try." He pushed the bowl back over to Harry, who then imitated his actions. "Much better."

Harry kneaded the bread with force, pushing his anger out into it.

"There's no need to beat it into submission yet." Snape retrieved the bowl and kneaded it a few more times before putting it to the side. "Now, butter this bowl." The other large bowl moved over to Harry. Harry did so and Snape placed the bread in the buttered bowl, turning it around so that every inch of it was coated in butter. Once he was finished, Snape used plastic wrap to cover the bowl. "We have to let it rise," he explained as he set it to the side. "You can prepare the blueberries for the blueberry jam." Leaving for the fridge, he returned with a large bowl, two cartons of blueberries and an odd utensil Harry had never seen before. Snape poured the blueberries into the large bowl. "Mash them up as best you can."

Harry pounded them with vigour, using so much force in his anger that the juice splashed all over his hand.

Seeing and smelling all the food had made Harry hungry and, as he pushed the finished bowl away, his stomach rumbled. Snape Accio’d an apple and handed it to him. Harry bit into it eagerly. Moving to the fridge, Snape returned with a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk for Harry. Harry finished his apple, then dug into his sandwich. Snape fixed himself tea and sat across the table to drink it.

"D'you make all your bread from scratch?" Harry asked when he had finished half.

"Yes, I find it is far superior in taste to the kind available at most stores." Snape's Dark Mark moved as he sipped his tea.

"Where did you learn how to cook?

"It's very similar to potion making. I started with recipes, and then learned the properties of the different ingredients. It's all a matter of paying attention to details."

Harry finished his milk. "I always hated cooking. It's probably a lot more interesting when you make things you want to eat instead of what other people want."

"It is." Snape cleared the dishes and retrieved the bowl of dough, which had nearly doubled in size

"Wow." Harry stared at it as Snape spread flour on the table in front of him. "Is it supposed to do that?"

"Yes, yeasts are micro organisms which convert sugars to carbon dioxide. The production of carbon dioxide causes the bread to expand." Snape dumped the dough on the table and then punched it. "Now we have to get the bubbles out." He divided the bread in half and handed half to Harry. Harry followed his lead and slammed his fists into the bread. He punched it hard, imagining it was various Death Eaters, and his loaf looked a lot flatter than Snape's by the time he finished. Snape placed the loaves in the pans, then buttered the tops of them. After covering them both in plastic wrap again, he floated them off towards the other end of the kitchen.

When Snape returned, he cleared the table. "Take off your apron and leave it on the table." As Harry took it off, Snape conjured a bowl and poured water into it from his wand. "Wash your hands." A towel flew over and Harry caught it automatically. When his hands were cleaned, Snape made sure his clothes were flour free as well.

"Your cage hasn’t been properly cleaned for a while." Snape stepped back over to the other side of the kitchen and returned with a plastic tote of cleaning supplies. He was no longer wearing the apron and the sleeves covered his forearms again. He freed Harry from the table. "Follow me."

Harry tried to trail behind him to see the kitchen in more detail, but Snape grabbed his upper arm and hurried him along. "Did you clean when you lived with your relatives?"

"Yeah, I did everything there."

Snape led him into his cell. "Let me give you something else to wear so you won't dirty your clothes."

Harry poked at the cleaning supplies and found all the items he'd need to properly clean the cell. Snape returned wearing his robes and handed Harry an old, grey nightshirt. Sliding out of his shirt, Harry buttoned the nightshirt over himself.

"We will have to perform tonight or tomorrow."

"It doesn't matter to me."

"Tonight then." Snape left.

Harry cleaned every inch he could reach. He started with the sink and toilet and then washed down the walls. After wiping the bed posts, he tackled the table, even cleaning off the underside. Finally, he scrubbed the floor by hand. When he had finally finished cleaning, only half the paper towel roll remained, and he was hungry and tired. He stripped off the nightshirt and washed his hands in the sink.

He pulled his shirt back on and waited for Snape to return. As much as he hated having sex with Snape, a part of him looked forward to the relaxation and euphoria that came with it. He could use one of those post-orgasmic moments of relief and bliss more than ever. If he could trade Snape for Ginny he'd be having sex at least once a day, if not more. Of course, Ginny wasn't here and he was stuck being fucked like a girl by an ugly, old, evil Death Eater. Harry scowled. His only consolation was that Snape hated doing it too. Harry had always thought of his professors as asexual but Snape seemed to know what he was doing in bed. Was gay sex really different than straight sex? Did you have to cast lubrication spells on vaginas too? Probably not, otherwise Muggles wouldn't ever have sex. Maybe lubrication wasn't needed but just made things easier. Hopefully Ginny would know how to have sex.

The thought of Ginny leading him through sex made his cock harden and he picked up Dracula to distract himself while he waited for Snape. If his erection didn’t go down, then Snape might mistakenly think it was for him. After about an hour, when Harry's body had calmed again, Snape arrived and stepped through the bars. Harry tucked the book under the mattress and lay back, expecting Snape to start right away but the Death Eater spelled dinner on the table and left.

He took the twang he felt in his gut for hunger rather than disappointment and slid over to the table to eat. Snape had served pork chops with scalloped potatoes and spotted dick for desert. Harry finished it, then drank his orange juice. Snape always gave him orange juice when they were going to have sex. Once he finished, he returned to the bed.

Annoyingly, he was half hard when Snape showed up despite all his attempts to fix the situation. Snape remained outside the bars.

"Time for your bath."

Harry didn't want to take a bath because then Snape would see he was aroused, but he probably smelled like cleaning solutions. Standing up, Harry walked over to the bars, hiding his erection with his hands. He stepped through and went into the bathroom. Snape followed him in, taking up his position along the wall. Hiding his groin from Snape, Harry undressed and quickly got into the tub, pouring in a lot of bubble bath. He cleaned himself carefully, saving his penis for last. He cleaned it quickly, not wanting it to grow any thicker. Finally, he stepped out of the tub and dried himself off. He dressed in a hurry and then returned to his room. Snape opened the bars for him and he stepped through and headed towards his bed as he dried off his hair.

"I doubt your hair would be such a mess if you didn't attack it with the towel," commented Snape as he placed the potion on the edge of the table.

"It would," Harry assured him. "My aunt used to forbid me from touching it after a bath and it always looked bad even when she combed it." He grabbed up the potion, embarrassed about how hard he’d been earlier. Augh. He wanted the orgasms, but he didn't want to be with Snape. He wanted to feel happy, but he didn't want to say strange things. Snape stepped outside of the bars, but it wasn't enough for Harry. Snape didn't have to take the drug, he got to keep his clothes on, he got to be in the male position, and he got to get up and leave afterwards. It wasn't fair and Harry hated it.

"You have to take off your clothes this time." Harry put the potion back on the table.

"No," Snape refused and Harry's anger spiked.

"Yes! It's not fair that I am the only one naked!" Harry turned to glare at Snape. "If I have to be completely exposed then you do too!"

"Fine," Snape relented after a moment's thought. "But I will only undress after you take the potion."

"Okay, but if you cheat I will bite off your penis!"

"I'm never letting your mouth near my groin," Snape assured him.

Harry drank the potion, undressed, and climbed onto the bed. Even though it had been nearly enough time for the potion to take effect, he was already growing hard. He laid face down to prevent Snape from noticing his erection. After a bit, the towel began to feel really interesting against his face, so he rubbed against it as he slowly humped the bed. He felt the bed dip as Snape climbed on it, and he flipped on his back and sat up to examine Snape.

Snape's body was very pale, as though only his face and hands ever saw light. Long, wiry limbs emerged from a masculine torso. Several scars marred his body, including a particularly nasty looking one that almost cut through his right areola. Snape's penis, perched proudly in a cloud of black pubic hair, was similar in colour to the rest of him: pale with undertones of blue. Harry had compared with the other boys in the showers but he had never seen another bloke’s penis up close, and he was especially curious about this one so he reached out and grabbed it.

Both Snape and his cock jumped as Harry's fingers closed around his length.

"What are you doing?" asked Snape in a slightly panicked voice.

It was about the same size as Harry's full one, although based on how squishy it was, it probably would grow even bigger. Harry began to bend down to examine it when Snape quickly stopped him with one hand and removed Harry's fingers with the other.

"What are you doing?" he asked again in alarm.

"I have to get close to see," explained Harry.

"You don’t need to see," Snape firmly stated and then turned Harry around. Harry was about to object when Snape pulled him back onto his lap. Spreading his legs and straddling Snape's, Harry pressed his back against Snape's warm body. He could feel Snape's twitching cock trapped between their bodies. Snape's teasing fingers ran up and down Harry's torso as he licked and sucked on the crux of Harry's neck and right shoulder. The evil fingers touched everywhere except his painfully hard nipples, and Harry finally grabbed the hands and showed them where to go.

"Here, touch me here."

"Like this?" Snape rolled the nubs between his thumbs and forefingers and Harry moaned with pleasure.

"Yes, just like that." Harry pressed back against Snape. It felt different this time around. His thoughts weren't running away from him like before and his high wasn't as euphoric as before. As much as he enjoyed the greater feeling of self-control, he wanted to lose himself in ecstasy. He rubbed back against Snape's cock. "Go inside . . . I want you inside."

Snape pushed Harry up on his knees. Harry leaned against the wall and spread his legs.

"Accio lubrication." Snape's deep voice drew shivers from Harry. Harry glanced back to see Snape unscrewing a small jar that contained the strawberry-scented lube. After unscrewing it, Snape placed his hand on the small of Harry's back, sending both spells through him. Why did he use both the spell and the gel? Maybe Snape just liked the smell of the strawberry lube.

Snape's hair covered his face as he watched his fingers slowly breached Harry, two pushing in and spreading out as they wiggled their way inside. Harry gasped and pressed back against them, eager for more. Snape took the hint and quickly added a third digit, spreading the three wide once before removing them.

Harry pressed his arms against the wall and thrust out his arse. Gripping Harry's hips, Snape pushed his cock up against Harry's entrance. He yanked back as he thrust forward, and sheathed himself completely inside with one stroke. It felt so good even with the tiny bit of pain that came from such an abrupt entrance. Snape stroked Harry's thighs lightly for a moment before started thrusting like a jackhammer. Harry could do nothing but cling to the wall, nonsense words spilling from his lips as he struggled to keep upright and not melt into a puddle of happiness.

Fuck! This was just what he needed! Snape's heat was slamming against the thing inside of him that made his cock so thick and heavy and he couldn't think of anything but how incredibly amazing it felt. He lost himself in the pleasure, the ice in his stomach vanishing completely as he couldn’t think and feel anything but how fucking amazing it felt. He wasn't about to be tortured. He wasn't a prisoner. He wasn't in a fight for the entire wizarding world. He wasn't abandoned and cut off from everyone who loved him. He was just a boy who was having the best damned sex of his life.

He was so fucking close, but he just couldn't come, so he reached down and grabbed his needful prick. He was so ready to blow that he only needed to pull his foreskin up over the head twice before he was coming, his balls emptying completely against the walls in white strips of paint. He collapsed back against Snape, the force of his orgasm draining him. All the tension and hate had been emptied out of him with his spunk, and he felt at peace for the first time since his last orgasm. Snape placed one hand against the wall and wrapped the other around Harry, holding him tightly as he continued to slam into him. Harry could feel his jerks quickening and knew it would be over soon. He didn’t want it to end. He wanted to feel this high again, so he said, "Fucking is better than training," just as Snape poured out his seed.

Snape released Harry and pulled out of him quickly. "You . . . you...." he gasped in shaky breaths. Harry lay against the sheets, feeling quite pleased with himself.

Snape finally managed to catch his breath. "You stupid boy, I warned you from the beginning that you have to watch what you say. We will have to attempt this again tomorrow."

"I don't mind." He flipped over and tried to wrap himself around Snape. Snape quickly pushed him away and left the bed.

"You don't mind now, but tomorrow you will be angry and probably will blame me, even though I specifically told you not to mention that." A flurry of black surrounded his pale form as he dressed himself.

"It's okay, really. Please don't leave." He wanted to cuddle with Snape. That was the second best part!

"You will hate me again in the morning."

"I don't hate Sex Snape." Whipping Snape he hated and wanted to kill, but Sex Snape was fine.

Snape misunderstood. "Of course you don't hate sex! It's because of that drug I gave you. I shouldn't have done that. I should've found some other way. We will stop it immediately."

"No, I need it!" Harry sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. "I won't say anything tomorrow. I swear. Please?"

Snape finished dressing and smoothed out his hair. "Perhaps I will gag you." He considered for a moment and then said, "If you behave tomorrow then I will give you the drug. If you do not, then we will try it without it. And by behaving I expect you to train instead of moping. Is that understood?"

"Yes, of course," Harry eagerly agreed.

Snape nodded, cast the cleaning spells, and left. Harry waited until Snape was out of sight before he fell back against the bed and grinned. He would've preferred it if Snape had stayed and held him after sex, but the sex was so wonderful and he felt so happy and free that he didn't let that minor set back annoy him. He’d get to have sex twice! That last session had been so amazing and he hoped the next one would be even better. Feeling completely satiated, he fell asleep in no time.

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Dec. 26th, 2007 12:40 am (UTC)
I'm loving how these sex scenes turn more intimate time after time. It really portrays well how Harry's feelings towards Snape change bit by bit. I was also very impressed by how you made Harry split his emotions between "Sex Snape" and "Whipping Snape" as if they were two different persons. In a way they are and that kind of split in a situation like this is very realistic because I believe it is one of the defences the human psyche develops in order to protect itself.

Very much looking forward to following chapters! Merry Christmas! <3
Dec. 27th, 2007 03:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too. I am very interested in psychology (I study behavior in general) and I've tried to make this fic as realistic as possible.
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This one is going in my works in progress folder, because there's no way I'm missing the rest of this story.
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Thanks! :D
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