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Nights of Gethsemane by StarCrossed (20/65)

Yesterday I lay in bed and ate Jelly Bellys while working on my fic. There are several disgusting flavors in those things.

The door to the library flew open and Harry glanced up to see Snape enter his cell in a flurry of black.

"The Dark Lord is here. Strip and follow me."

Harry put down the book and undressed. Hopefully Voldemort was in a much better mood. He didn't think he could survive another torture session. He followed Snape up the stairs but before they reached the throne room, he had an idea. He fell against Snape, pretending that he could still barely walk. Snape frowned at him but held Harry upright with one hand and led him into the throne room.

Voldemort was standing alone on the dais. Harry kept his eyes downcast as Snape led him to the centre of the room. When they reached the middle, Harry collapsed before Voldemort and panted as if he had just run several miles.

In a cold voice, Voldemort asked, "When will he be restored to health?"

"In another few days, my Lord," Snape was bowing on Harry's left.

Harry felt magical bonds drag him up to his feet, his head forced to tilt up and look at Voldemort. He pushed all his fear to his face.

“What are your parent's names, boy?" Voldemort snapped.

"J-James and Lily." Why the hell was Voldemort asking him that?

"Who murdered Dumbledore?" The Dark Wizard sneered with amusement.

"Snape." Harry did not bother to hide the flash of anger that surged through him.

Voldemort released Harry, and he fell to the floor. "You have done well, Severus. His mind appears to be completely intact."

"Thank you, my Lord."

"What do you have to share with me?"

"Nothing, my Lord." Snape sounded perplexed. "I thought you'd wish me to focus on his recovery first."

"Severus, you have demonstrated your ability to rape him without hurting him many times. I want to see him degraded."

"Yes, my Lord. I will not disappoint you."

"See that you don't." Voldemort stormed off. Snape remained bowed until he was out of sight, then got to his feet.

Harry realised then that Snape needed him as much as he needed Snape. Voldemort was an impossible master. Even when you pulled off a difficult feat, as Snape had apparently just accomplished with his ability to revive Harry from near death, it wasn't good enough. Voldemort was complaining that Snape hadn't taken the time to fuck Harry when the Death Eater had obviously been busy trying to just make sure he was still alive! Even if Snape was planning to kill Voldemort so that he could be the next Dark Lord, Harry was still a vital part of his plans.

Harry followed Snape down to his cell with ease. He had power here. It was in Snape's best interest to protect him and make sure he trained. If Harry refused to train, then he would be screwing himself over, but he would also at least set back Snape's plans, if not completely disrupt them. He had no intentions of stopping his training or making Snape have to work to give him lessons. Just the knowledge of the power he held was enough to satisfy him. He knew he could exercise it if he really needed to for some reason.

"We will need to perform soon," grumbled Snape. "Would you prefer tonight or tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow," answered Harry immediately. He didn't want his good mood ruined.

Snape nodded and spelled dinner on the table. He released the chains from Harry's cuffs before he left.

Harry brought over Cosmos to read while he ate his pork chops. verything was going to be fine. He'd look out for Snape and Snape would look out for him. Together they'd use each other to reach their own interests. Snape had dismissed Harry as stupid and would not expect him to be aware of his plan. Harry would play the obedient slave until he got what he needed.

He read until he fell asleep.


When he woke again, he realised he hadn't dreamed since his brush with death. He had always had pretty strange dreams since his capture so it didn't bother him too much. He read until Snape arrived, then slid out of bed and walked over to greet the Death Eater to show him how restored he felt.

"I think I can do full training today."

"We will do a full session," Snape agreed as he summoned breakfast. He took the chair opposite Harry and drank his tea. "You will practise getting close to the Death Eaters again."

"I only had trouble with you," Harry pointed out.

"I still want you to start with approaching the fake Death Eaters first. Furthermore, you seem to have forgotten what you are trying to do with this exercise. I had the distinct impression that you were attempting to get close in order to punch me rather than attempting to get close so that the other spells would hit me," Snape stared at Harry in disapproval.

"I was trying to get the spells to hit you at first, but you were too fast so I switched strategies," Harry admitted.

"While physical force may temporarily disarm an unguarded enemy, I would not advise you to try to use such a tactic in the final battle. I am side stepping the projectiles because I know of your intentions. The other Death Eaters will not be so prepared," Snape pointed out.

"Yeah, but won't they figure it out before long?"

"Probably," Snape agreed. "I am hoping that the confusion will distract them enough for you to take out your most dangerous opponents."

"So will I go after Voldemort or the Death Eaters first?"

"Do not worry about that now, just focus on sharpening your skills."

Harry suspected that Snape didn't know himself, so he finished off his breakfast and hurried through his morning routine, eager to begin the training. Once he had stripped, Snape led him up to the practice room which was cleared again.

"First, we will practise dodging blindfolded again, but from spells cast at your back," said Snape before he blindfolded Harry and cast the spells.

Harry hated having his back to the spells. He kept wanting to turn around, but he forced himself to remain still and dodge. It was a bit more difficult for him to do because of his distraction with having his back to his enemy and he was hit a few times.

"Relax," suggested Snape. "The difference you feel between this exercise and the one we did yesterday is all in your head. With the blindfold on, you are equally disabled, regardless if you face me or are turned away."

"I know, I just feel more defenceless for some reason." Harry tried taking deep breaths to calm himself.

"I will move around the room and cast at you from different directions."

Harry couldn't hear Snape's movements at all, but the spells started coming from various points. Snape made a full circle around him and by the time he was back behind Harry, he was no longer bothered by having his back to the Death Eater. He realised it was all the same really. After Harry hadn't been hit for what had to be an hour, Snape's voice came from right beside Harry.

"That's enough for now. We will take a break."

Harry jumped. How the hell did Snape move so silently!? He yanked off his blindfold to see the Death Eater chain him to the floor before leaving.

Harry sat down and rubbed his legs. They felt a bit sore which annoyed him because he hadn't moved them that much.

Snape returned with lunch and placed Harry's on the floor for him. Harry ate the sandwiches hungrily and, by the time he'd finished eating, he was ready to train again and when he told Snape that, he set up the exercise with the fake Death Eaters.

Now that Harry knew how to dodge spells without looking at them, it was much easier for him to get Snape's spells to disappear into the clouds of black even when Snape spelled them to move back and forth along the walls as if they were trying to dodge. Harry pretended he had a wand in his hand and was casting on the Death Eaters on either side of his main target. After he had ‘defeated’ all the fakes, he approached Snape again.

"I'll get you this time," he declared as he weaved and dodged the spells Snape sent his way.

"That remains to be seen." Snape easily dodged a ball.

"If I get a ball to hit you, you have to say that I am the greatest wizard of all time," Harry insisted as he easily detected Snape's feint.

"And if I hit you?"

"Then I will clean my cell."

"You're on," Snape said with amusement. Having stakes made the game more interesting, and Harry began to move around the room in his determination to avoid being hit. Snape chased after him and Harry laughed with delight as he made the Death Eater almost get hit several times in his determination to take Harry out.

Unfortunately, it was too much stress on Harry's recovering body and his legs trembled and he tripped and was hit.

"No fair! I'm still recovering and you are in perfect shape." He pushed himself back up to his feet.

"You agreed to the terms at the beginning, Potter," Snape said and offered a hand.

Harry took it and allowed Snape to lend him support while they returned to his cell. "Yeah, I know, a promise is a promise. But just you wait; I will get you next time. D'you want me to clean right now?"

"No, you can do it tomorrow." Snape led him to the bathroom and released him as Harry stepped into the tub.

Harry turned on the taps and poured in bubble bath. "You have to give me cleaning supplies because I am not cleaning it with my toothbrush or anything like that."

"I hadn’t even thought of that," admitted Snape as he took his chair. "That hardly seems to be the most efficient way to clean the space, so you can be assured that I will give you the same supplies as before."

"Good," Harry scrubbed himself off. He was cleaning his penis when he remembered he had agreed to have sex with Snape today in order to avoid having it the day before. His length began to harden in his hands as he thought of sex. He tried to focus on other thoughts, but his penis remained annoyingly interested in sex of any type and he was fully hard by the time he finished bathing. Whenever he tried to think of something gross to make it calm down, his thoughts kept switching back to Snape. The smell of the Death Eater filled the room and distracted him. He was embarrassed by it but tried to remind himself that just because he wanted sex didn't mean that he wanted gay sex with Snape. The potion would take care of the details.

He kept his groin hidden from Snape as he dried himself off and wrapped the towel tightly. He walked back to the cell and took his seat carefully. Snape stood at the bars.

"You forgot to put on the potion for your muscles."

"Oh yeah," Harry muttered in embarrassment. The last thing he wanted to do was be naked in front of Snape longer than absolutely necessary. "Can I put it on myself later?"

"You may." Snape Summoned towels from the bathroom and sent them to rest by Harry's bed as he stepped through the bars to conjure dinner.

Harry ate quickly. He wanted to get this over with fast because he was mortified by his hard-on. As soon as he took the last bite, he asked, "The potion?"

Snape placed it before him and left the cell. Harry quaffed it and immediately went to the bed, dropping his towel on the floor before he climbed on the mattress. He lay face down, pressing his head into the pillow to hide his flaming face. He was so fucking hard. He felt as if Snape touched his cock right then and there he'd explode. Only imagining Voldemort naked helped it to go down.

Before long, he felt the mattress dip as Snape entered the bed and his penis flared to life again as Snape's scent filled his nostrils. He had taken the potion, so it was okay to be hard this time, although he was still nervous about being touched. He tried to let himself slide away into the euphoria, but it was more elusive than ever.

Wanting control over Snape even as he wanted to lose his personal control, he rolled onto his back and made a request he had wanted to make for some time.

"I want to be on my back the entire time."

Snape did not respond, just lowered his head to take Harry's right nipple into his mouth. Startled and disgusted, Harry grabbed Snape's hair to push his head away, when Snape's tongue flickered over the nub and pleasure shot through his body. The potion must've taken effect because there was no way he'd find Snape licking his chest erotic without it. Lifting his hands from Snape's head, he relaxed.

The potion made his body eager for it, and when Snape sucked hard on one nipple while working the other with his fingers, it was too much. Harry reached up like a spider and tried to pull the Death Eater down on top of him so he could rub his cock against him. Snape paused and removed Harry's legs from around his own.

"Not like this. Come here." He took Harry by the hand and led him off the edge of the bed. It was awkward to be standing there, naked, with an equally naked Snape. Harry tried to avoid looking at Snape's cock as the Death Eater summoned his wand and did something to the bed, but he couldn't take his eyes off of it. It was long and thick, bigger than he thought it had been. How did Snape stick that whole thing inside him? Where did it go?

Harry knew that he was on the larger side. He had always been proud of his penis, which was the only part of him that was bigger than average, but he wasn't as long as Snape, although he was just as thick. It disappointed him, but he consoled himself with the acknowledgement that Snape was at least half a foot taller than him and proportionally, Harry had a bigger size for his smaller frame. Furthermore, while Snape had certainly stopped growing, there was a chance that Harry would get bigger.

"Climb on the bed," ordered Snape, and Harry tore his eyes away from the Death Eater's manhood to see that Snape had made another mattress appear out of no where. Climbing onto it, Harry perched on the edge, staring at Snape's dark nipples while Snape gagged him.

Snape gently pushed Harry's chest back, and he obediently lay back and looked up at the ceiling while Snape cast the spells, then opened the jar of lube.

Harry felt a moment of panic as he realised he hadn't lost control of himself. Had the potion worn off? He gripped the sheets as he felt Snape push his fingers in, and he was just about to rip off his gag and make Snape stop when Snape's fingers brushed against that spot that made his cock leap for joy. The potion must still be in effect. He relaxed and moved against Snape's fingers, trying to get him to thrust them more. The faster they went, the closer he'd be to orgasm. Apparently unwilling to hurry the matter, Snape added a third and slowly stretched Harry out.

Harry lifted up his head to watch Snape as the Death Eater got into position. He pulled Harry forward, and, holding Harry in place, pushed himself in, his eyes focused on his dick. Harry moaned with pleasure as he felt himself spread and fill. Snape pulled back out almost immediately before going back in again, his cock sinking deeper and deeper with each thrust. Clutching the sheets, Harry thrust back against him eagerly. Snape's cock felt so fucking good inside him, especially when it rubbed against that spot that made his cock drip precum onto his stomach. Snape wrapped an arm around Harry's right leg and positioned the left to rest up by his right shoulder. He thrust in slowly but deeply, burying his cock completely with each inward stroke.

It was fascinating to watch Snape's face, especially since the Death Eater avoided looking at Harry the entire time. His eyes had slid shut as soon as he pressed inside and when he opened them again, he stared down at his cock, watching as it was swallowed up by Harry's body. Harry couldn't see his face very well, but the line between his eyebrows was dark and the brows themselves were drawn in together as if he were angry or concerned about something.

He was so busy watching Snape that he almost forgot his own need. Then Snape began to thrust even faster and having that spot hit over and over so rapidly made him need to come then and there. Harry reached down to grab his own prick and wanked himself just the way he liked it, his fingers sliding over the slippery head. He thrust his hips back against Snape's body as the pleasure built and built and then he was over the edge, the cry lost in his gag as his semen sprayed out of his twitching length and his body clenched around Snape’s heat.

Snape thrust into Harry faster and the line between his eyebrows grew dark as he neared his own orgasm. His hips jerked as if he had been struck by lightning and his face melted into an expression of unguarded pleasure as he poured himself inside Harry. He leaned forward, his arms resting on either side of Harry's upper torso as he caught his breath. Harry could feel Snape's cock softening inside of him and it was a strange feeling.

Finally, the Death Eater straightened up and pulled out of Harry. Harry rolled onto his side to make room for Snape.

Snape lay down on the bed beside Harry and he rolled back over and pressed himself against Snape's side, throwing one leg over both of Snape's as he curled his head to rest it against Snape's chest. Snape did not object to the intimate contact, his rapid breaths stirring up hair on the back of Harry's neck.

They lay like that for a while and Harry wondered what he had been thinking when he thought Snape was planning to poison him and destroy his soul. That was the reason that Voldemort was keeping him alive. Snape was only just pretending to be making a potion to kill Harry so he could remain with Harry in order to train him. He wasn't really planning to kill Harry; otherwise, he couldn't become the next Dark Lord. Even if Snape was using him to become the next Dark Lord, Harry didn't care right now. The orgasm had left him very relaxed, and the way Snape's arm languidly rested over Harry’s hip spoke of such protection and care that Harry almost considered being a Dark Lord together with Snape. Of course, Snape had to ruin it by removing himself from Harry too soon. Harry sat up and took off the gag as Snape cast the cleaning spells and dressed.

"Can you help me with the lotion again?"

"Next time, you will put it on yourself," Snape insisted but he picked up the towels and spread them over the bed.

Harry climbed on top of them and lay down on his stomach. When Snape returned, Harry asked, "Can you please give me more sex potion next time? I think it stopped working for a bit."

Snape poured the lotion over Harry's back. "We are trying to ease you off of it, not increase the dosage. The small amount I gave you worked well enough."

"Please, I need it," he insisted.

"You've become addicted to it," Snape said in disapproval.

"You gave me an addictive potion?" Harry asked in disbelief.

Snape explained, "Mentally addictive, not physically." His hands worked their way down towards 'arse. "You don't need it to be happy or to have sex."

Harry tried to rise off the bed. "Yes I do!"

Snape firmly pressed him down. "No. If I can do it without the aid of potions, then so can you. You will just have to focus on the pleasure of your body and ignore the loathing in your mind."

"That's easier for you to do! You're in the male role."

"As we are having homosexual intercourse," said Snape distastefully as he moved to massage the potion into Harry's calves, "both roles are male."

"You can imagine that you are having sex with a woman, but I can't," Harry pointed out.

"Neither can I. You don't smell or feel like a woman."

Snape flipped Harry over and began to work the potion into the front of his calves.

It delighted Harry to hear that. He was so masculine that Snape couldn't even imagine that he was with a woman! But then he grew suspicious. If Snape didn't imagine him as a woman, then why did he close his eyes?

"Why d'you refuse to look at me then?"

"Because I don't want to have sexual intercourse with you," answered Snape with a sneer and it made Harry's chest hurt for some reason.

"Why not?" Harry asked before he could stop himself.

Snape's hands moved very quickly and methodically. "Many reasons, Potter. Does it not bother you to sleep with someone old enough to be your father?"

"Not when I take the potion, which is why I need it."

Snape stepped away from him and washed his hands in the sink. "Go to sleep now. We will train more in the morning."

Harry knew that Snape wouldn't give him more of the potion no matter how much he begged or argued, so he did not voice his complaints. As he started to drift off to sleep, he wondered why hearing that Snape didn't want to have sex with him bothered so much. It wasn't as if he wanted to have sex with Snape or wanted Snape to want sex with him. Probably just something the potion did.

Feeling comforted, he fell asleep.


"Wake up," Snape ordered, pulling the sheets off of Harry.

"Mmm?" Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"You can't train if you sleep the whole morning, Potter." Snape spelled food on the table.

"It feels like I just went to sleep," yawned Harry as he slid into his chair.

"You slept for nine hours."

"Really? It doesn't feel like it." Harry tried to force himself to eat his crepes.

"Yes," Snape confirmed as he sipped his tea. "If you are still tired, then you can return to sleep, and we will put off training for a day."

"No, no, I'll be fine." Harry shook himself to try to wake up faster. "Just give me a moment."

"You need to clean your cell first anyway," Snape reminded him. He motioned to the pile of cleaning supplies that now rested near the sink along with the grey nightshirt.

"Okay." Harry nodded. "Maybe I'll make you clean when I win."

"That wouldn’t be much of a change," Snape said dryly.

Harry focused on his food, wanting to hurry up and train. Once he finished, he pulled on the nightshirt and headed over to pick up the cleaning supplies. Snape cleared the table and left. Harry gave the cell a good scrub down. He even stripped the sheets off the bed and placed them just outside of the cell in a neat pile. He was polishing the table when Snape returned.

"Much better," complimented Snape as he examined everything. He levitated the sheets down the hall out of sight.

"Lessons, now?" Harry asked as he stripped off the nightshirt.

"Yes, follow me." Snape opened the bars for him, leading him up to the practice room.

After being blindfolded, Harry weaved and dodged for hours, avoiding both spells and balls. He ran into walls seven times before he learned the dimensions of the room. The balls were harder to dodge than the spells, especially because there were so many of them and he was hit a few times.

"That will do for now," Snape's voice came from the side of the room and Harry heard the balls zoom to the side.

Harry pulled off the blindfold. "How many was I dodging?"

"Five," answered Snape as he chained Harry to the floor.

"Yes!" He sat down to catch his breath.

Snape left and returned with lunch. Harry finished off his sandwiches quickly. "Can I have another?"

"'May I', Potter," corrected Snape.

"May I have another?"

"Yes," Snape left.

Harry examined the ring again. He had noticed that conjured items tended to be less stable than real ones. He could probably break out of a conjured ring if given enough time or the right kind of effort. He was tugging on his chains when Snape stepped back in the room so he pretended he was just standing up.

"Thanks," he accepted the third sandwich. Snape had brought another glass of milk for him and he drank that one too.

"We should turn the whole house into an obstacle course and you'd try to hex me while I'd try to escape," Harry suggested as he waited for Snape to finish his lunch.

"I can not have you running free through the rooms," Snape reminded him.

"Then learn to run faster!" Harry rolled onto his back.

"Besides, you have not managed to evade me in this room yet. The race would be over before it began," challenged Snape.

"Oh, we shall see about that." Harry was determined to beat Snape. "Last time I was still weak from Voldemort's handiwork. This time I am stronger and faster and when I win you have to acknowledge me as the greatest wizard in the world."

"And if I win?"

"Um . . . you can lock me in the cupboard for half a day."

"I have no desire to do that," Snape sent their empty dishes away.

"You can give me a lecture on how I am stupid and reckless like every other Gryffindor, and how any one Slytherin is a million times better than me," offered Harry.

"I can do that anyway, but it is nice to hear you agree with the general sentiment," Snape's eyebrows shot up in amusement.

"It was an example!" Harry protested. "Okay, well what d'you want?"

Snape thought for a moment. "You will have to clean this room."

Harry was about to ask, 'That's it?' but then he realised that Snape could be quite diabolical when he wanted so he nodded instead. After all, Harry hadn't asked for much. He'd have to think of something better to request from Snape after he won this round.

Harry got to his feet and stood in the centre of the room while Snape set up the exercise. He was itching with excitement to begin. It was almost as fun as a game of Quidditch. If Harry had access to a broom, he imagined it would be even better than Quidditch which was saying a lot. Pitting his skills against a wizard who had twice his experience made him feel quite confident in his abilities, even though he had lost. The fact that he was even able to lead Snape on a chase meant that he was pretty good. Furthermore, the only wizard Harry knew of who was more powerful than Snape was Voldemort. Harry didn't know how much more powerful Voldemort was compared to Snape, but he had the feeling that if he could beat Snape, then he could beat Voldemort.

The spells and balls began their confusing dance, and Harry first took out the fake Death Eaters even though they had got clever and avoided the spell when they could. Harry had to stand very close to them and let the spell almost hit him before he managed to get one to go through a Death Eater. It was difficult, but he was able to take out all the fake Death Eaters without being hit once by anything.

Now it was time for Snape. Harry tried to lead him on a chase but Snape wasn't having it.

"Come get me!" Harry taunted as he dodged Snape's spells. "I know you want to hex me silly."

"Are you scared, Potter?" Snape retorted. "You will never defeat me out if you persist on hiding on the other side of the room."

"I'm not hiding!" protested Harry. "I just prefer this side of the room. You should come over here and see . . . the light is so much better."

"I can see fine from here," answered Snape and sent a rapid fire of five spells nearly back to back.

Harry scrambled to get away from them and only just ducked out of the way in time. He realised then that his strategy had been a poor one. Snape was calm and cool, merely sidestepping or weaving to avoid the balls that did approach him. On the other hand, Harry had been dashing around the room and was already worn down because of the effort he had exerted in trying to get Snape to chase after him.

He moved closer to Snape but it was too late for that round. Snape managed to hit him with a hex.

"Okay, you won, but I figured out what I was doing wrong."

"Which was?" prompted Snape.

"No way I'm telling you! I'm going to win next time."

Snape sent the balls to the corner and led Harry down the stairs. "I think the entire house will be cleaned before that happens."

"Just you wait, I'm not going to lose next time at all."

"I think I will have you clean the throne room next," Snape mused as he led Harry into the bathroom.

"You really don't think I can do it, do you?" Harry asked him as he stepped into the tub.

"Potter, you are half my age, nearly blind, without wand or magic, and I know what you are attempting to do." Snape opened the cabinet to retrieve the muscle potion and set it on the tub. "If you do manage to hit me, then you deserve the title ‘greatest wizard alive’ because it would probably be true."

That made Harry all the more determined to beat Snape. "I'll do it. Give me enough time and I will do it."

"Hopefully that will happen within the next month at the very latest."

"Yeah, I don't want to stay here any longer than absolutely necessary," agreed Harry.

"Nor do I."

"What's the first thing you are going to do when this is all over? I think I'm going to go on holiday somewhere. Not Australia. I don't want to encounter any Box Jellyfish." Harry scrubbed his legs.

"If I survive this, it will truly be a miracle."

"Don't be so pessimistic." Harry ducked under the water to rinse off his hair. "What place has the most poisonous creatures? I bet you'd go there."


"I've always wanted to visit there. It sounds neat." Harry climbed out of the tub and dried off.

"You just said you wouldn't because of the jellyfish," Snape pointed out.

"I wouldn't go there for my first holiday. I'd go to Capri or something," explained Harry as he smeared the lotion over his arms. "I'd save Australia for later."

"I'm sure you'd manage to find the most venomous creatures by accident," Snape commented.

"Probably, which is why I am not going there first. Knowing my luck I'd get stung by a box jellyfish the first time I stepped into the water." Harry had trouble rubbing the lotion into his back and Snape stepped forward and did it for him. "Trouble seems to find me."

"I think you find it," Snape corrected as he led Harry back to his cell. He spelled dinner on the table. "We will train more tomorrow."

"Okay." Harry dug into his chicken as Snape replaced the linens and Harry's clothes before leaving. Harry finished his meal, dressed, and reclined on the bed with the astronomy book. He felt excited about his training, even if he had lost twice in a row. Snape had said that he would be the best wizard in the world if he ever managed to get one of the balls to hit Snape and he was certain he could. At the very least he could distract the Death Eater with sex talk.

He still didn't know what to think about Snape. The Potions Master still continued to be very agreeable, although Harry couldn't imagine why. While he certainly didn't like being insulted all the time, it unnerved him. Why was Snape being so nice to him? He didn't think that Snape was doing it because his true nature had finally been revealed and he was really a good guy after all. Whenever Snape was being nice, his words and movements were stiff as if it were hard work to be civil to him. Harry still hadn't forgiven him for the rape, and he couldn't help but wonder if Snape wasn't trying to bring down his guard so he could do something horrific just when Harry least expected it. However, Harry wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice. He still didn't trust Snape and he was constantly waiting for the day when Snape revealed his true colours.

Feeling confident about his ability to beat Snape at whatever game the Death Eater played, Harry put down the book and went to sleep.

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  • Nights of Gethsemane (65/65)

    Here it is, after years of work, the end. As soon as Harry stepped though the front door of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, Kreacher appeared.…

  • Nights of Gethsemane (64/65)

    I wasn't going to post this until after I had 65 completed, but I'm too damn impatient and I'm hoping that this will spur on one of my betas. ¬_¬…

  • Nights of Gethsemane (63/65)

    Not only Ron awaited him at the safe house, but also the twins, Molly, Charlie, and so many other people, he lost track in the huge swell that…