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I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. I hope 2008 is an even better year than 2007.

Snape woke him up the next morning by shooting spells at him. Harry was still sleeping when he was pulled out of his bed by Levicorpus.

"What the fuck!?"

Snape dropped him to the floor then cast, "Obscuro!"

Harry dodged out of the way. Snape sent spell after spell, but Harry could dodge nearly anything sent his way. Finally, Snape lowered his wand to touch the table.

"Much better."

"I can't dodge when I'm sleeping!" Harry panted as he tried to catch his breath.

"You will be able to when I am finished with you," Snape informed him.

"Are you serious?" Harry sat down at the table.

"You should wake up when a spell is used in your presence, and be prepared to dodge almost immediately after waking." Snape summoned tea for himself.

"So if I fired a spell at you while you were sleeping you'd dodge it?" Harry asked incredulously as he ate his kippers.

"I'd wake as soon as you cast it," nodded Snape.

Harry stared at him suspiciously. "I think you are just looking for excuses to try to hex me."

"There's that too," said Snape with amusement.

"I knew it." Harry triumphantly finished off his toast.

Eager with anticipation to begin training, Harry almost couldn't finish his meal. As soon as he'd scarfed down everything on his plate, he hurried through his morning ablutions, dropping his clothes on his bed when he was finished.

Snape watched him over his tea. "You do remember that you have to clean the room first?"

"Yeah, yeah, I can't wait to get to the training part." Harry danced on the pads of his feet.

Snape led him up to the practice room, which was set up as a den. Harry had never seen it with its normal furniture, and he looked around with interest. Cleaning supplies rested on an end table, along with the nightshirt. Pulling on the shirt, Harry gave the room a thorough cleaning while Snape sat in a high backed chair and watched.

"If I had known you were so proficient at cleaning, I would've had you scrub the dungeons for your detentions," said Snape as he watched Harry dust off the tables.

"I would've purposely used the wrong kind of cleaner on your cauldrons," Harry told him.

"Hmph, I'm not surprised."

"It would be your own fault," Harry informed him.

"Focus on your cleaning," ordered Snape.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't be so eager for me to win." Harry rushed through his duties. As soon as he finished, he stripped off his nightshirt. "I'm ready!"

"So I surmised by your licentious display." Snape Summoned the balls but left the furniture. The fake Death Eaters gathered around the room but Harry had his eyes on Snape, certain that the Death Eater would try to cheat. A flick of Snape's wand started the exercise, and Harry confidently targeted each of the fakes.

It was difficult for Harry to adjust to having furniture bar his path, but he figured out how to use it to his advantage. After he had taken out all the fakes, he turned towards Snape. He dodged and weaved and got close to Snape, but the Death Eater was just too fast. Harry ducked behind a couch and plotted. He was close but he still wasn't ready to beat Snape yet. He'd have to cheat. Harry caught the next three balls still hiding behind the couch.

"Come on out, Potter. Are you giving up already?"

"Not at all!" Harry launched himself up over the couch and flung the balls at Snape. The first two hit the shocked Death Eater before he realised Harry's game and side stepped the third. "I did it!"

"You . . . you cheated. You can't catch spells and throw them at people!" insisted Snape as he stopped the balls.

"No, you see, I was able to grab a wand from Macnair there," Harry jerked his thumb towards one of the fakes, "and touching that wand allowed my magic to break through my cuffs," he tapped one with his finger, "and I was able to cast those spells at you."

Snape stared at him. Harry defiantly stared back. Finally, Snape spoke, "I'll grant you this boon but only this once."

"Yes!” Harry punched the air. "Now you have to say that I'm the greatest wizard who ever lived."

"You are the greatest wizard who ever lived," muttered Snape.

"Harry Potter," prompted Harry.

"Excuse me?"

"You have to say 'Harry Potter, you are the greatest wizard who ever lived,' otherwise you could be thinking of Voldemort when you say it."

"You are ridiculous." Snape scowled at him.

"Come on...." Harry pleaded.

“Harry Potter, you are the greatest wizard who ever lived,” Snape grumbled.

It was good enough for Harry. “Let’s go again.”

“Lunch first,” suggested Snape. “Sit down on the couch.”

Harry did so and Snape chained him to it before leaving. Harry felt triumphant. He hadn’t technically beaten Snape yet, but Snape had given him a compliment and Harry had the feeling he had impressed the Death Eater with his little trick.

Snape returned and Harry eagerly ate the ham sandwiches.

“Slow down or you will choke to death,” said Snape disapprovingly.

“And then you would be denied your own personal house elf. I’ve decided that when I win again I want to see your owl.” Harry watched the Death Eater to see how he would react.

“I can not guarantee that. Pick something else.” Snape calmly drank his tea.

“Fine then, I will have you cook a meal entirely composed of my favourite foods,” Harry declared.

“I don’t have unlimited access to groceries.”

“Fine, I’ll make a list and if you can make them you have to. How’s that?”

“If you win, I will do that,” Snape nodded. “I think it is far more likely that you will lose and then I will get a clean throne room.”

“That place is huge!” complained Harry.

Snape sent their empty dishes away and unchained Harry. “Did you think I’d make things easier?”

Harry got to his feet. “Alright, let’s get this started. I’m already planning my meal.”

“We shall see about that.” Snape attacked and they were off. Harry found he had preferred having the furniture around now that he had figured out where everything was and no longer ran into things.

They hadn’t been exercising for long when Snape suddenly sent the balls away and hurried over to Harry.

“Why did you stop the lesson?” Harry asked as Snape bent him over a table and chained his hands. “What are you doing?”

“Be quiet,” Snape hissed.

But Snape’s sudden change scared Harry, especially when the Death Eater made bonds appear around Harry’s ankles.

“No!” He struggled. “Tell me what’s going on!”

Silencio!” Snape stepped away from Harry and left through one of the doors.

What the hell had just happened? Harry struggled against the chains but they were firm.

The door opened and Lucius strode in, followed closely by a displeased looking Snape. Malfoy’s eyes roamed over Harry and the young wizard turned his face away in shame.

“It will take a few weeks. I am currently working on a project for the Dark Lord that takes up much of my time,” Snape said as Malfoy perched in Snape’s favourite chair.

“Not too much of your time, I see,” challenged Malfoy with a pointed look at Harry.

“If I am to waste my time healing the brat, then I may as well take my enjoyment on occasion as well,” Snape retorted as he walked over to Harry.

“I didn’t realize you were a shirt-lifter, Severus,” Malfoy sneered. “But it all makes sense now… I always wondered why you refused to fuck those whores.”

Snape stepped between Harry’s forcibly spread legs and ran his hands up the exposed back before him. Snape wasn’t planning on fucking him in front of Malfoy, was he? Harry tried to speak to object but his voice was still taken from him.

“Don’t you have business to attend to, Lucius?” Snape’s wandering hands found Harry’s nipples and began to play with them. To Harry’s horror, it felt just as good without the potion as it had with it. He could feel his cock harden in expectation. No, no, he wasn’t gay! He tried to pull away from Snape’s hands but the bonds held him steadily.

“I can spare a minute to see Harry Potter humiliated.”

“It will be more than a minute,” Snape informed him as he placed his hand on the small of Harry’s back and cast the cleaning and lubrication spells. Harry tried to scream at Snape to stop. He would do anything to avoid this. Snape could beat him senseless or make him clean the entire house. Anything but rape. “I have to prepare him first.”

“Just give him a healing potion afterwards,” suggested Malfoy.

Snape pushed a finger inside of Harry and the young wizard desperately tried to pull away. It felt uncomfortable, but Snape added a second, even though the first was already too much. “I am rather well endowed and will tear him if I take him without stretching him,” said Snape stiffly.

“So give him a healing potion before,” said Malfoy impatiently.

“That would dull his senses.” Snape’s fingers stroked over the spot that Harry loved to have touched while under the drug. He felt his penis thicken in excitement. No. No. No. No. He wasn’t gay! He hated being touched when he wasn’t under the drug. He screamed ‘Stop!’ over and over, hoping his voice would return to him.

“Why don’t you give him his voice? It looks as though he is begging you.”

“Lucius, if you are here to critique me, I assure you that I will do the same to you the next time you rape a woman,” Snape hissed at Malfoy as his fingers kept stroking. Harry had the horrible thought that Snape was going to stick it in soon and he’d be fully aware the entire time Snape raped him. And even worse – he’d enjoy it.

“Fine, I have more important things to do anyway.” Malfoy strode out.

Snape removed his fingers from Harry’s arse as soon as Malfoy left the room. “I will make sure he’s completely gone,” he whispered before he left the room as well, leaving Harry tied to the table.

Harry shook with relief and shame. He was glad that it was over but he was full of loathing for himself. How could he have gotten hard? He hadn’t taken the potion beforehand. He remembered how the last time he had had sex with Snape, he thought that the potion had kicked in when Snape had given him pleasure but he had probably been sober the entire time. It was such a revolting thought that he almost puked. He had enjoyed it, enjoyed being fucked like a girl.

Snape returned and released Harry from his bonds and Silencio. Harry sunk to the floor and curled into a ball, burying his face in his hands.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Snape moved towards Harry.

“Don’t touch me!” Harry flinched away.

“I warned you when this began that I would have to hurt and humiliate you if any unexpected guests arrived,” Snape reminded him. “You are safe now. He won’t return today. Don’t you want to continue your lessons?”

“You made me gay!” Harry yelled at him. “You lied to me and told me you weren’t so I’d trust you. And then you gave me that potion so I’d like it even when I don’t drink it. I DON’T WANT TO LIKE IT! I’M NOT GAY!!” He had begun to hyperventilate and he had to stop to breathe.

“You aren’t gay,” Snape countered impatiently. “The body will sometimes respond favourably to actions that are mentally abhorrent. I’ve told you this before. I don’t want to have intercourse with you either, but I manage to do so because my body reacts positively even though I detest it greatly.”

“You’re lying! You’re gay! Malfoy said-”

“Malfoy was wrong. If I told him that I preferred women, don’t you think that he would become suspicious as to why I wished to have intercourse with you? I refused to participate in rapes because I do not find rape arousing so-”

Harry screamed, “YOU RAPED ME!”

“LISTEN!” Snape bellowed. “I didn’t want to do that either! I had to! I saw what they did to those women. You would’ve… you would’ve been damaged beyond repair. What I did to you was cruel, but it was nothing compared to what Avery would have done to you!”

“You should’ve found some other way to stop him! I don’t care what you say, it wasn’t necessary!”

“If I had known ahead of time, I would’ve found a way around that,” Snape responded quickly. “But I had no idea he had those intentions until I walked in and found him on top of you. I did the only thing I could think to do in that short time. Even when I think back on it now, I see no other option. I could’ve killed him then but they would’ve taken you away from me and that wouldn’t have stopped any others from raping you.”

Harry shook his head. “You hate me. You say you don’t like it but I think you enjoy seeing me…seeing me hurt like this.”

Snape was quiet for a moment before answering, “Are you not able to comprehend that my aiding you could be advantageous to me as well? The Dark Lord is not an easy master to serve. If you are distressed, you won’t train and if you won’t train, then I will never be free of him. Therefore, it is in my best interest to minimize your suffering.”

Harry could understand that. Even if Snape was just using Harry to become the next Dark Lord, he still needed Harry’s help. Even if he hated Harry, which Harry was sure he did, he could still do his best to make sure Harry wasn’t hurt. It explained why Snape had kept saving and helping him all those years at Hogwarts even while loathing him.

Snape took off his outer robe and draped it over Harry’s shoulders. “Come, let’s get something to drink.”

Harry pulled the robe tightly around himself as he got to his feet and followed Snape into the kitchen. He took a seat at the table while Snape fixed tea.

“How long has the potion not worked?”

“I can’t say. I’ve been diluting it since I became aware that its use might be my downfall. You were developing a tolerance towards it before I started the dilution and would have eventually needed higher dosages anyway. I believe it still affects your system based on some of your reactions, it just isn’t as strong as it used to be.” Snape set a cup of tea before Harry.

Harry cupped it in his hands, trying to get the warmth to flow into his body. “I believe that you aren’t gay and that you don’t like to do it with me, but… you get to be the man and I have to be the woman… I shouldn’t like it unless I’m gay. I should hate it.”

“Being penetrated is not necessarily ‘the female role,’” argued Snape. “I’ve had intercourse with women and it is very different.”

“But you’ve always been on top. You haven’t been… dominated,” Harry muttered, staring into his tea cup.

Snape paused a moment before answering. “It is my understanding that you have feelings for Miss Weasley. Have your feelings for her changed?”

“No,” Harry shook his head. He’d still love and want her even if she didn’t want him.

“Then, at the most you can be considered bisexual,” Snape pointed out. “When you imagine yourself sexually involved with her, do you view it as a form of conquest? Do you think you will dominate her simply through the act of penetration? Do you desire to control her?”

“Of course not! Ginny is strong. If I tried to make her do what I wanted, she’d say ‘no’ and maybe even beat me up. Her brothers would at least.”

“Then why do you regard it as a form of dominance in your own situation?”

“Because…because… I mean…” Harry frowned as he tried to explain. “She’d want to have sex with me and I want to have sex with her. I wouldn’t force her.”

“It is true that you were forced originally, and therefore, dominated at the beginning... but you were dominated because it was forced, not because of the position. A woman can force a man into having intercourse with her just as a man can force a woman.” Snape argued. “Furthermore, we are both forced into this situation but neither of us is powerless. You have chosen to deny Avery his pleasure by engaging in this farce with me. If you wanted to, you could refuse to perform for the Dark Lord and take your chances with Avery. It is possible that he won’t gain favour again or that he is the only one with such intentions. It is a risk and I do not advise that course of action, but it is still an option for you to choose.”

Harry wasn’t willing to take those chances. At least Snape was gentle with him. Avery would probably cut off his nuts or something.

“The reason why they try so hard to degrade and humiliate you is because you are powerful,” Snape explained. “They fear you.”

“They don’t act like it,” muttered Harry.

“Oh, but they do. They hurt you because they are ashamed of their fear,” Snape assured him. “Eventually, they will lose their fear of you and regard you as nothing more than a toy and that is when you become the most powerful.”

“How?” Harry asked suspiciously.

“When you play the submissive slave, you assuage their fears and give them confidence in their mastery over you. This act pacifies them and lulls them into a false sense of security. When you rise up to destroy them, they will be completely unprepared to challenge you.”

“I don’t feel powerful. If I was, I wouldn’t be here. I’d have my magic.”

“You are too narrow in your view of the current situation. Yes, you are a prisoner and can not leave on your own. Yes, your magic is denied to you. However… you are close to your enemy. You would’ve needed to approach the Dark Lord eventually and you know by being here that he will be within your grasp each week. Furthermore, if you were out there you’d be on the run constantly, never knowing if Death Eaters would be right around the corner waiting to capture you. You wouldn’t be able to train as you are able to here.”

“There is a task that I have to do for Dumbledore. I can’t do that if I am trapped here.”

“I think Miss Granger and Mr Weasley have effectively handled that situation if my sources are correct,” Snape admitted. “I am told they were responsible for the action that compelled the Dark Lord to torture you, and they have yet to be captured.”

Ron and Hermione were still hunting the Horcruxes? They had probably just destroyed one. Harry grinned. Only two more to go!

Snape moved from the table and began to fix dinner. “Focus on your training and let your friends complete their task. You protect them with your presence here. If you had remained with them, every Death Eater would be trying to find you, just to be able to bring Harry Potter before the Dark Lord.”

“I guess that’s true,” Harry nodded, watching as Snape cut up the vegetables. “I just feel that I should be out there helping them.”

“You are helping them,” Snape insisted. He pulled meat out of the fridge and sliced through it rapidly. Harry watched the blade fall with interest. “Already you have progressed to the point where you should be able to kill several Death Eaters without a wand or even magic. There are not many wizards for whom that would be possible.”

Harry was proud that Snape thought he would be able to do that even now. They hadn’t been training that long. Training always made him feel better. At least he was doing something.

“I know I can beat him if given the chance,” he declared.

“As long as you keep your head, that outcome is highly probable,” agreed Snape as he began cooking the meat in a large pan.

“Have you come up with a plan?” asked Harry curiously.

“I have one in mind.”

“When are you going to tell me?”

“When I believe it is necessary for me to do so.” Snape moved around the kitchen with ease, adding spices to the pan.

The simple dismissal irritated Harry. “Why not earlier?”

Snape glanced at him. “If I had told you a month ago that I expected you to destroy the Death Eaters without a wand or magic by getting close to them, would you have believed me?”

Harry shook his head, “No, I would’ve thought that you were trying to kill me.”

“Exactly, if I told you of my plan right now, you’d have a similar reaction.”

“It’s equally as suicidal?” Harry was curious to know what Snape had in mind.

“You could say that.” Snape nodded and began cooking the vegetables.

As Harry watched Snape sauté the vegetables, he realised that he trusted Snape to help him through this whole ordeal. He didn’t trust that Snape had his best interest at heart, but he believed that Snape wanted Voldemort destroyed and would do his best to help Harry in order to see that happen. It felt good to acknowledge that he had an ally in this, even if his ally was a snake like Snape.

Harry also recognised that he could trust Snape to be gentle with him when the Death Eater was able to do so. When Snape had offered Harry the potion the first time, he had said that he would stop if Harry really wanted him to. Harry hadn’t believed him then but now he felt that if he asked Snape to stop even right before the Death Eater orgasmed that Snape would.

“Don’t take my voice away again,” Harry requested.

“I can’t promise that I never will,” Snape said from the stove. “But I will avoid it unless absolutely necessary. If I ask you to be quiet, you must do so immediately.”

“I will,” Harry nodded.

Snape heaped delicious smelling food on plates and put the plates in a wide, black box on a counter. He added more items to the black box before pouring drinks and putting those in as well. “You must return to your cage to eat.”

Harry got to his feet and followed Snape downstairs. Snape led him to the bathroom, and took out the muscle potion, setting it on the edge of the tub. He stepped out of the bathroom and Harry dropped Snape’s robe to the floor and took a shower. Snape returned when Harry was rubbing the lotion into his skin.

“Your laundry won’t be ready for another fifteen minutes.”

“That’s fine. Can you rub this on my back?” Harry handed the potion to Snape and turned around. Snape massaged it in with quick strokes before stepping to the sink to wash his hands. Harry wrapped a towel around his waist and padded back to his cell.

Snape tapped the table in front of each chair and meals appeared for both of them, Harry’s twice the size of Snape’s.

“I thought you couldn’t eat with me?” Harry remembered how Snape had said that sharing meals was a sign of equality.

“I doubt Malfoy will be visiting again today,” answered Snape.

“Oh, that’s good.” Harry felt rather clumsy eating in front of Snape, who had very elegant and controlled table manners. “I didn’t know you knew how to make stir-fry.”

“I just ordered a new cookbook that has a variety of recipes.”

“It’s very good,” complimented Harry.

“It did turn out better than I expected,” Snape admitted.

They ate in silence, Harry struck by the absurdity of sharing a meal with Snape. If he ever told Ron and Hermione even half of the things that had happened to him here they would never believe him. Harry wasn’t sure he believed it himself. Was this another trick of Snape’s? He didn’t think so. Snape had been suspiciously mild mannered and nice to Harry his entire imprisonment. Now Harry understood why Snape had reigned in his hatred. He was helping Harry for selfish reasons, to be sure, but those reasons compelled him to be nice to Harry. Never had Harry been so glad that Snape only cared for himself. Snape would do everything in his power to make sure that he made it through this alive and he needed Harry’s help to do that. Snape would help Harry right up until the end.

Snape cleaned the table after they had finished. “I expect the Dark Lord to arrive tomorrow. We will train in the morning.”

“Okay,” Harry acknowledged, watching as Snape stepped out through the bars and left. He retreated to his bed, curling up with his book. He fell asleep dreaming of other worlds.

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Jan. 2nd, 2008 01:49 am (UTC)
Ah poor Harry is not the brightest at times, lol ^_^ It's funny how Harry's learning about roles and relationships from Snape.

I kind of like the two line spacing, but it seems more natural to read it with one line spacing. I don't think I'd like the two spaces with no ident.

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I think they both have a lot to teach each other about relationships. ^^

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I'd rather see 2 spaces with no indent. It's just easier on the eyes. I did find this chapter a bit harder to read and kept jumping over the same paragraph.

First things first THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER CHAPTER SO SOON! You are indeed good to us fangirls.

Lucius.... what's he got up his sleeve? Is he planning on getting Harry for himself? *squints at him in his expensive robes and his Forbes list*

I am dead curious as to this cock-a-meme scheme that Severus has cooked up. Although he is the master of manipulation, and i'm sure that he will have talked Harry into doing it before long.

I felt a bit sorry for Harry in this chapter when he realized that *horror of horrors* he actually enjoyed having sex with a man...

I must say you're meals make me hungry. Every time I finish a chapter, I have an urge to go and make a sandwhich! This.Must.Stop as I will blow my new years resolution straight to hell!

Thank you for this chapter....

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Ah, your responses make me want to post more, but the next chapter isn't quite ready yet! I've tried to slow down my writing so that I release good stuff and don't have to go back and edit it later. Thankfully, my beta is a fast reader and can normally knock out a chapter or two each day so it's more a matter of me writing ~4k worth of words in a day x.x

Hopefully I will have the next chapter tomorrow. That's the good thing about having lots of days off of work!
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Yes, another chapter tomorrow! :D I keep scanning my email hoping to get a notice that you've posted another chapter. You've got me completely addicted to this complicated story.

And I didn't know you lived so close to me. For some reason I thought you lived in Asia somewhere :/
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My timestamps were off for a while. I think I fixed them.
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Tomorrow? Damn, but you ARE good to us *wipes a tear*
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Personally I like the format you used before but however you like it is just fine 'cause honey this fic is fantastic. I love it, love it, love it.

I've read quite a bit hurt/comfort stuff before but due to the rape it take it a hell of a lot further and I've not read anything quite like this before. I wasn't expecting to like it. I honestly thought "I'll have a go, if it becomes to much I'm off" but no, I just love it. So thank you so much for opening my eyes a bit and for writing this gem.

A chapter tomorrow? My god woman you so good!
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Thanks! Feel free to correct any mistakes I make in my attempt to write it in "British Speak".
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Aw, Harry is unsurpisingly naive but it's still frustrating as a reader waiting for realisation to dawn on him. That's not to say I'm not enjoying it, because I am, but I do have to quell the urge to shout at my computer screne from time to time.

Harry must have really scared Snape after the whole near death thing, Snape's been much more civil towards him. Although Harry is also acting less harshly. I just hope Snape doesn't let his guard down to much and blow his cover.
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Yes, there are a lot of things that both of them do that drive me craaaaaaazy. Sometimes I want to just force them to do what I want. But... they have to do it on their own time and I'd much rather let them have control then be a puppet master and force them into situations. Occasionally they do surprise me by moving ahead but mostly they take forever to get where I want them to go.

They are both incredibly stubborn people.
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Thanks! These early chapters were so embarrassing...
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