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I know I said that I'd slow down my writing but I can't help myself. :x I've been sending sections to my beta rather than whole chapters in justification for my inability to stop writing forward at such speed. I'm lucky to have a beta who gets back to me so quickly.

I also read the 'Tea Series' today. I know I said I wasn't going to read any fanfiction but I have no self restraint (it's terrible). The first couple of chapters were way too lovey dovey and I couldn't get through them so I skipped ahead to the first real sex scene and read from there. An interesting AU.

Harry hadn’t slept so well in a very long time. He woke feeling as if he had just slept for a week. Perhaps he would sleep in the cupboard more regularly. He lay for a while in the blankets, enjoying the feeling of softness against every inch of exposed skin. He could really get used to this. Finally, his hunger gnawed at him and he tried the cupboard door. To his surprise, it wasn’t locked. He pushed it open and looked around the hallway. Snape was no where in sight. He pulled himself up on his feet and tried the door he had never been through. It was locked as always.

Harry walked down the hallway, using the bars of his cell for support although it wasn’t really needed. Two of the bars were opened so he could return to his cell if he wished, but he preferred to see how much of the house he could explore while Snape wasn’t around. Where was the Death Eater anyway? Harry pushed open the library door and stepped inside. Being alone with all the books made him excited for reasons he couldn’t quite explain. He wondered if Hermione felt the way he did now every time she went into the school library.

Frankenstein was still perched on top of the bookshelf. After quickly looking for Snape, Harry was about to climb up and get it when he suddenly realised there were much better things to do now that he had found himself without a guard. He could escape or find the owl. He quietly climbed up the steps, not wanting to alert the Death Eater to his movements. At the top of the stairs, he heard Snape’s voice and paused to listen.

Snape was in his room and speaking words Harry could not understand. His tone was casual as if he were chatting with a friend. Harry wondered who Snape would be talking to while in his bedroom. He didn’t hear any response and Snape did not pause to listen to answers. It was curious, but there were other things to explore so he moved down to the other end of the hall towards the throne room. He had the feeling that the other doors of the throne room led to outside.

He was about half way there when the bedroom door opened and Snape stepped out. Harry considered making a run for it but he knew he wouldn’t get very far and besides, it seemed sort of pointless. If he knew that he would end up with the Order by escaping then he would run without a second thought. However, knowing his luck, he’d probably just end up captured by the Death Eaters again. Snape was the next best option after the Order. Harry turned around to see Snape standing with his wand out and ready.

“Return to your cage if you want breakfast,” Snape said evenly.

“Who were you talking to?” Harry asked as he headed back towards the stairs.

“An associate of mine,” Snape replied enigmatically. “Are you sore anywhere?”

“No, I feel pretty good, just hungry.” Harry passed through the library. “A Death Eater associate?”

“It is none of your business,” Snape said firmly.

Harry was dying of curiosity as he stepped through the open bars. Why would Snape have an ‘associate’ in his bedroom? A lover? If it was a lover, what did the lover think about Snape having sex with Harry? Harry doubted that it was a lover. Snape was probably using some unusual method of communication. Harry hadn’t seen a fireplace or a portrait in that room when he had visited it earlier, but who knew what other methods wizards had to speak with each other. Snape was also familiar with Muggle communication methods, although Harry had not seen a phone either. The only other thing Harry could think of was an owl, but Snape didn’t seem the sort who would talk to owls. Harry also would’ve seen the owl or at least signs of its presence the last time he was in Snape’s bedroom, and most wizards didn’t allow their owls in their bedrooms.

Harry was so busy trying to figure out who Snape was talking to that he almost didn’t react when the Death Eater summoned a chicken stew for him and placed a spoon in his hand. He had gotten better at feeding himself without moving his fingers.

“We will attempt to try dodging today. If you feel unwell, it is better for you to rest than strain yourself, so do not push yourself today.”

“I won’t,” promised Harry.

Snape just drank his tea. Once Harry had finished his breakfast, Snape removed the rest of the bandages. The lines were almost invisible. He felt fine except for his fingers. He hurried through his morning duties, excited to begin.

Finally, he stepped through the bars after Snape.

“What will we do today?”

“I think dodging will be enough.” Snape led him up to the practice room. Harry saw that the cleaning supplies had been replaced with new bottles and containers. He examined the new items with curiosity.

“Baking soda? Lemon juice? Toothpaste? White vinegar? Cornstarch?” Harry frowned. “How d’you use these in cleaning?”

“I’m sure you will figure it out,” Snape said dismissively. “I brought you here to train, not clean.”

Harry couldn’t argue with that so he stood and headed to the centre of the room. Snape sent away more of the furniture and began to send balls towards Harry. Harry was able to dodge five immediately. He focused on making tight movements and tried to remain in the centre the entire time. He had improved greatly since the last time he had attempted this exercise, and even with his limbs slightly sore, he wasn’t tired by the time Snape stopped the exercise for lunch.

“I can do more,” Harry insisted.

“I don’t want you throwing yourself on the floor as you have the tendency to do in a normal training session,” Snape explained.

“I won’t,” promised Harry.

“Then we will practise aiming again.” Snape finished off his sandwich.

“Okay!” Harry eagerly downed his pumpkin juice.

Snape cleared the dishes and unchained Harry. The young wizard ran to the centre of the room. Snape tossed him the laser pointer.

“Focus on staying in the centre of the room this time,” Snape suggested as he set up the exercise.

“Yes, sir.” Harry held his pointer like a wand as best he could with his bandaged hands. The balls began to zoom towards him, and he weaved as he tried to take out the fake Death Eaters. It was difficult without the furniture and he was hit several times but he managed to remain pretty stationary. By the time he took down the last Death Eater, he was hungry. “It’s harder when I try to stay still.”

Snape led him downstairs. “It is highly unlikely that being stationary will help you, but you should master the skill anyway.”

“I will,” Harry agreed. “I just hope I do it soon because I don’t like it as much as I like running around.”

Snape led him into the bathroom and spelled the taps open for him. Harry was determined to bathe himself so he climbed in the bath tub and grabbed the soap before Snape could move to help him. Snape took his chair, and Harry did his best to clean himself. The soap kept slipping through his fingers and he got shampoo in his eye instead of on his hair. Snape stepped in and helped him rinse out his eye. He then shampooed his hair for him, his fingers moving briskly. Harry felt embarrassed by his own helplessness. It didn’t help that Snape being so close to Harry reminded him of sex, and he began to get hard. He tried to will it down, but it had been quite a while since he had last orgasmed, and he had the feeling that he would explode if he didn’t come soon.

He kept his back to Snape as he got out of the tub. He was drying himself off when he realised he had no way to rub the muscle potion into his limbs with the bandages on his hands. Snape would have to help him and Snape would see he was hard.

“I don’t need the muscle potion today,” Harry insisted. “I didn’t work out that much.”

“It is better for you to use it even when you don’t think you need it,” Snape lectured. “This potion has no ill side effects, so it will not harm you even if you use it daily. If you are serious about your training than you should do everything you possibly can to make sure it goes smoothly and quickly.”

“I am,” Harry instantly responded. He could put up with a bit of embarrassment. He pulled the towel firmly over his groin. “Okay, I’ll put it on.”

“Lay down on your stomach.” Snape rolled up his sleeves.

Harry spread his towel out on the rug and lay down on top of it. Snape’s hands were cold at first, and he jumped when they touched him. They warmed as the Death Eater rubbed the potion into Harry’s skin, and the young wizard relaxed as the skilled fingers worked the potions into his muscles. He had to admit it was really rather nice to be massaged and he hardened even more, even though Snape wasn’t touching him in a sexual way.

He consoled himself with the knowledge that he was still a teenager, and inappropriate erections were just something that happened from time to time. When Snape tapped his hip to signal to him to roll over, he pulled his towel with him and bunched it over his groin so Snape couldn’t tell he was erect. Snape didn’t give it a second glance but worked on Harry’s legs with finesse. Harry’s nipples were painfully hard when Snape’s fingers passed over his chest. He almost wanted to request the potion and sex for that night, but he managed to hold himself in.

Snape finished and washed his hands in the sink. Harry sat up and held the towel tightly around his waist as he very carefully made his way back to his cell. He was so fucking hard he wanted to request a few minutes alone in the bathroom to wank, but he doubted Snape would allow it. Instead, he sat at the table and thought of the grossest, nastiest things he could think about while he tried to make himself relax.

“Why are you making such faces?” Snape began to remove the bandages on Harry’s hands.

“I can’t wait to get these off,” Harry lied quickly, embarrassed about his horniness.

Snape removed the splints. “Try curling your fingers.”

Harry did so and was delighted to find that he could. His fingers felt a bit stiff, but he could curl them all the way up. He practiced opening and closing them several times, delighting in the sensation.

“Only your proximal phalanges were actually broken.” Snape took Harry’s right hand in his left and ran his finger across Harry’s just above the knuckles. The Death Eater felt each bone carefully with his right thumb and index finger. He released Harry’s right hand and took the left, repeating the process. “They appear to be healed, but I want to rewrap them just in case.”

Harry watched as Snape put bandages just between his knuckles and the first joint. When the Death Eater had finished, Harry had pretty good mobility in his hands. He tested them with the bandages while Snape spelled dinner on the table.

Harry dug into his pork chop, glad to have normal food again. Snape sat across from him and summoned tea. “We will have to perform either tonight or tomorrow. Since we will be attempting it without the use of drugs, I suggest that we do it tonight.”

“Can’t you give me some other drug instead?” Harry requested.

“No,” said Snape firmly. “I was assured the other drug would not cause you to lose control of your mental faculties, and yet you said something I had explicitly ordered you to never mention. Even if I gave you a traditional social lubricant such as alcohol, I fear you would still speak what you must never say.”

Harry was faced with a terrible choice. He could either admit that he had purposely said those words so that he’d get to have sex a second time or have sex with Snape without the use of any drugs. Harry gathered all his courage and said, “Okay, we will try it without it.”

Snape nodded, obviously expecting that answer. Harry slowly finished his meal, avoiding looking at Snape the entire time. To his annoyance, he was getting hard again. Fuck, Snape would think he was some sort of pervert. It wasn’t as if he wanted to have sex; he just wanted to have sex orgasms. He didn’t think he could do this even though he was pretty sure he had already had sex without the potion. It was a good thing he didn’t actually have to orgasm. He could just lay there and let Snape have his way if he needed to.

When he finished his meal he crossed over to the bed, holding the towel over his groin. He dropped the towel and lay face down on the bed. He stared at the wall as he heard Snape removing his clothing. Why had he ever insisted on Snape undressing? The thought of looking at the Death Eater while he was naked made him terribly embarrassed, and he considered telling Snape to remain fully clothed. No wonder Snape always closed his eyes.

Snape climbed on to the bed and touched Harry’s hip to tell him to roll onto his back. Harry did so, closing his eyes. He felt Snape’s hands move across his chest to touch his nipples. It made his cock jump although it didn’t feel nearly as erotic as it had when he had the potion in his system. He kept thinking about how it was Snape who was touching him. Snape’s body pressed against his side. Snape’s hands on his chest. Snape’s scent in his nose. He tried to think of Ginny, but it didn’t work, especially when Snape lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, his hair brushing against Harry’s chest. Harry tried to remember how good it had felt before but his mind kept reminding him that it was Snape touching him.

He spread his legs, wanting it over and done with. Snape took the hint and cast the spells. When he opened the jar, Harry’s cock filled completely. His body remembered Snape’s touch and hungered for more, but he just couldn’t get his mind around the concept.

The first finger pushed in and Harry clutched the sheets tightly. It felt weird. He didn’t understand how he ever found it erotic.

“Relax…” Snape petted Harry’s thighs. “Push back against me.”

How the fuck was he supposed to do both at the same time? He tried to follow Snape’s instructions but it didn’t work and the addition of a second finger made him more uncomfortable. The fingers stroked the spot and he felt his penis twitch and drip precum. He wanted to be aroused in both body and mind. It would be so much better for both of them if he could just recapture that perfect state he had been in the last time they had sex, but he just couldn’t get his mind to go there.

Snape added a third finger and stretched Harry out as he circled his thumb and forefinger and closed it around Harry’s penis right below the head. He slowly slid the foreskin up over the head and back down again. Harry focused on the pleasure in his dick, trying to keep his mind focused on thoughts of how good the sensations felt. He relaxed as he thrust up into Snape’s hand, desperately wanting the Death Eater to take more of him in his fingers. Snape’s other fingers fucked him until he was moaning with pleasure. Then, the fingers withdrew and Snape turned Harry around, pulling him up onto his knees. Harry moved so that he was kneeling before the wall. He remembered how good the sex had been the other times they did it in this position, so he leaned his upper body forward and pressed against the wall.

Snape got into position and pushed inside. It hurt and he didn’t like it. He expressed his displeasure with a hiss and tried to pull away. Snape’s fingers curled around his penis again, and he tried to focus on that instead of the discomfort in his arse. He couldn’t do it. It just wasn’t going to work; he would never like being fucked without the potion. He must’ve had the potion those other times they had sex.

“Just do it,” he muttered through gritted teeth when Snape waited for him to adjust.

Snape pulled out instead, which frustrated Harry.

“Just do it!” Harry yelled, wanting this whole thing to be over with.

“Come.” Snape manoeuvred the young wizard to lie on his back on the bed again. “You need to relax first.”

“I’m not going to relax! You did it before, just do it again.” Harry kept his eyes closed, not wanting to look at the Death Eater. “He probably likes it better when I hate it anyway.”

“You need to relax so that I don’t hurt you.” Snape’s fingers stroked Harry’s inner thighs.

“Just give me a painkiller.”

“And let you become addicted to them as well?” said Snape disapprovingly. “I don’t want it to be like this every time.”

“It’s not going to be different. I’m not a woman,” Harry insisted.

Snape’s fingers paused. He took Harry’s hand. “Come here.”

Harry reluctantly allowed Snape to pull him from the bed and move him so that he was standing with his face to the wall. Snape then turned him around.

“Now, you must never show this to anyone, is that clear?” Snape threatened in a voice that suggested he would kill Harry if Harry did.

“I’m never showing any of this to anyone!” Harry would die before he let another soul knew what happened here.

Satisfied that his secret was safe, Snape knelt before Harry. Oh my god! Harry clutched the wall for support, wondering if Snape was really going to do what Harry thought he was planning to. Snape curled his hand around the base of Harry’s penis and took the head into his wet, sinful mouth. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Harry’s eyes rolled back in his head and he couldn’t breathe for a moment. This was better than a thousand hand jobs. Was this what it felt like to have sex like a man? Snape’s mouth was so wet and warm, and Harry wanted to stuff his cock all the way inside of it and never let go. His dick had wilted when Snape had penetrated him but now he was growing hard again and he wanted nothing more than to come while inside Snape’s mouth.

Snape moved his other hand to caress Harry’s balls as he bobbed his head on Harry’s shaft. Harry had to lean forward and clutch Snape’s shoulders for support, especially when the hand massaging his balls found a spot just behind him that felt almost as good when it was stroked as that spot inside of him did. Harry spread his legs so Snape could access it better and then Snape’s free hand began stroking his entire crack. He teased Harry’s hole with his fingers and Harry found he didn’t mind it much at all, not when his prick was being sucked so wonderfully. Snape’s fingers slid inside and then he was finger fucking Harry as Harry fucked his mouth. If Snape could somehow fuck Harry while sucking him off, Harry would’ve done it eagerly.

He needed to ask Snape to teach him vocabulary because ‘fucking amazing’ wasn’t enough to describe how euphoric the sensation was. It was almost like the first time with the drug. Pleasure surged between his arse and his cock, and the rest of his body tingled with excitement as he neared orgasm.

Harry was almost going to blow when Snape removed his fingers and his head.

“No! I’m so close!”

Snape turned Harry around to face the wall and stood. He spread Harry’s arse cheeks with his thumbs and thrust inside. It didn’t hurt like it had earlier, even though Snape had moved faster and stuffed more of himself inside this time. Snape rocked into him steadily and his penis rubbed against that spot inside Harry that made the young wizard quake and cry with pleasure. Harry surged up on his toes with each thrust, his upper body pressed against the wall and his arse sticking out so Snape could go in just the way he liked it. He was so very, very close. His cock was dripping furiously and he knew he’d die if he didn’t relieve the pressure so heavy inside him that every muscle in his body was taut.

Harry moved one hand to close around his aching prick and he only needed to fist himself twice before he came with a howl, every single bit of energy and fluid in his body spewing out onto the wall. Snape curled his arm around Harry’s chest to hold him upright, as the young wizard’s limbs turned into cooked noodles.

Snape kept thrusting and it still felt good even though he had already came. Harry was glad that he hadn’t orgasmed inside of Snape’s mouth because he probably would’ve come again from the fucking alone, and that would’ve been very embarrassing. His penis was already twitching with interest again. Snape’s cock felt so strange inside of him. He had always focused mostly on his prick rather than his bum during sex, and the sensation of being completely filled there was really odd yet somehow erotic. Harry clenched his muscles around the thick heat inside of him and Snape made a grunt of appreciation and thrust faster. Harry hurried him along by tightening around him, and it wasn’t long before Snape was spilling himself inside the young wizard, holding him so tightly Harry was afraid he was going to have bruises on his chest the next morning.

Snape carefully pulled out when his cock had finished twitching. He released Harry as soon as he removed himself from his body. Harry stumbled over to the bed, leaving room for Snape. Snape lay down on the bed and Harry pressed himself against the Death Eater’s stiff body. He lay with his head on Snape’s chest, listening to his rapid heart beat. Snape gradually relaxed and very hesitantly moved to rest a hand on Harry’s back. The post orgasm bliss wasn’t the same as it had been earlier. Harry supposed that he had gotten used to sex orgasms now and that was why he no longer felt so connected to Snape after orgasm. It made sense. Although fucking was still amazing, it wasn’t quite like that first time when he had been able to come without touching his penis at all.

Harry lay with his eyes closed, enjoying the feel of a warm body pressed against his own and drifted in pleasure and happiness. Snape had to ruin it by pushing Harry off of him in too short a time.

“Are you really going to show that to Voldemort?” Harry asked, watching as Snape’s blurry figure dressed and cast cleaning spells.

“I will not show him a certain part to be sure, and neither will you,” he raised his wand and pointed it at Harry.

Harry raised his cuffs to protect his head. As he did so, he was filled with the odd sense of déjà vu. “No, no! Don’t do that to me! I swear I won’t ever show it to anyone!”

To Harry’s relief, Snape lowered his wand and strode out of the cell. Harry pulled a sheet over himself and lay in the warm spot Snape had left in the bed. He still couldn’t believe Snape had actually given him head. Only gays and women gave head. Snape had to be gay. Harry could think of no other reason why a bloke who claimed to be straight would willingly suck another bloke’s dick. And Snape had sucked it so wonderfully. Thinking about Snape’s mouth around his penis made him harden completely and Harry slid off his bed to fetch toilet paper. Ordinarily, wanking so closely after Snape had fucked him would’ve filled him with shame and loathing but the memory of the blowjob was far too hot to try to wish away.

Harry lay on his back and made a circle with his thumb and first finger as Snape had done to him earlier. His fingers weren’t quite as good at Snape’s had been but it was still really hot. Harry had never tried masturbating like that before -- only manipulating the foreskin rather than sliding his whole hand over his length. He found that he didn’t need to spit in his hand when he did it this way and it wasn’t long before he had to press the toilet paper to the head of his cock to catch the spunk that hadn’t spurted out the first time. His orgasm wasn’t as strong but still very satisfying. He relaxed against the bed for a moment before he crossed the room to dispose of the remains of his pleasure in the toilet.

Harry returned to his bed and curled up in the sheets. If Snape was going to give him head every time then he could do it without taking the potion. Hell, if Snape was going to give him head so he could go inside then Harry’d ask for it. Harry thought it was far gayer to give a man head than to take it up the bum. Obviously, Snape was in denial about his homosexuality. He said he hated having sex with Harry, but Harry knew the Death Eater didn’t have to be coaxed into hardness like Harry did. No matter. If Snape wanted to pretend to be straight, Harry wouldn’t call him on his bluff. Especially if he was willing to give head every time.

Harry fell asleep quickly.

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Jan. 5th, 2008 04:40 am (UTC)
as always nice job, i think that you are writing slow enough, but i am selfish and want to read more lol, i always find myself checking my livejournal to see if you have posted, and i get soooooooooo happy when you do!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan. 5th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
Re: wow
I am glad you enjoy it!!
Jan. 5th, 2008 05:12 am (UTC)
Waiting one to two days for the next chapter is long enough for me. But I'm greedy, lol. This story is just too good ^_^
Jan. 5th, 2008 06:38 am (UTC)
I agree with the other two, I want it all right now! Having said that, I hate it when people pressure me to update so therefore, ignore me.

I see that Snape is slowly lifting the embargo's that he'd placed on Harry - or was it an accident that he left the closet door unlocked? I'm wondering how aggressively he would stop Harry should he try to escape at this stage of the game. Considering Snape is walking a very fine line, I imagine he'd resort to violence to keep his prisoner. Considering Harry would not only be in danger on the outside, but Snapes arse would be Crucio fodder as well.

I'm also curious as to why Snape is keeping Frankenstein from him? It seems an innocuous book.

The sex was interesting this time because Harry took a long time to turn on. Ahhh Snape, a good spy who will do anything for the Order, or happy to debaunch the boy-who-lived?

Jan. 5th, 2008 08:55 am (UTC)
OK, here's my theory on the Frankenstein book which is probably really wrong, lol. I think someone signed their name in the book to Snape. Possibly from Lily ;) He doesn't want anyone to see it. Because he told Harry that a female discussed with him their opinion about Dracula and how sexist it was. I'm guessing that was Lily also.
Jan. 5th, 2008 08:57 am (UTC)
Ooooh, I'd not thought of that... good call!!

Isn't this fic FUN?!? I'm loving every word! It's not often I'm THIS excited about a story.

Jan. 5th, 2008 09:37 am (UTC)
I love this fic :) It has a mixture of a lot of different topics and events in it, which makes it very interesting. I want the next chapter to hurry up, but I'm not looking forward to the story ending either.
Jan. 5th, 2008 10:11 am (UTC)
Oh me either. I want to read it yes, but I wish it would be ongoing....

Snape should keep him there for years and years - even after he defeats the Dark Lord. Oh yes... straight back to the dungeon.

LOL I don't think kibatsu is going to indulge me on this one.
Jan. 6th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
I've already had to expand my timeline by a month! If I do anymore I will have to think of a different ending.

You guys are making me want to post the next chapter but I have a million things to do x.x
Jan. 6th, 2008 02:51 am (UTC)
I can't say if it was an accident or not. Or talk about Frankenstein. Those would be spoilers :x

I will say this. Snape makes very few mistakes but those he makes are very costly.

Snape will do a lot of stuff to keep Harry under his control. He would murder for it. I've put in subtle hints for some of the things Snape is doing to keep Harry his prisoner.
Jan. 6th, 2008 04:48 am (UTC)
You can't update quick enough for me Although I don't want it to end either.

I kept wondering about the cleaning supplies. I guess I'm used to JK aways having hidden meaning in everything she writes. So I was sitting there wondering, "can you a bomb out of this stuff" Mcgaver Harry (giggle).

Jan. 6th, 2008 04:59 am (UTC)
Actually, there are a lot of things that Harry could do that he doesn't think of! Hermione would though. A Hermione version of this fic would have incredibly less drama and would be over quicker. :p

Harry could've tried to kill himself or injure Snape with the cleaning supplies if he had thought to. The first time he was in too much of a funk. Later... let's just say that he doesn't hate Snape as much as he thinks he does/claims too. Yeah, I did put that in to show a disconnect between what Harry says mentally and what he does.
Jan. 6th, 2008 05:08 am (UTC)
PS. Don't you think it is suspicious that Snape insists on watching Harry in the bath in case he drowns himself but allowed him to be alone in his cell with toxic chemicals that Harry knows how to use which suggests that Harry would know they are toxic?
Jan. 11th, 2008 06:24 pm (UTC)
Once again, an excellent chapter! I've been reading all day and I don't want to stop! But at the same time I'm almost afraid to continue because eventually it's going to end and then I'll have to wait for you to post more!

One thing I did notice was that near the beginning to middle you wrote: He was so fucking hard he wanted to request a few minutes alone in the bathroom to wank, but he doubted Snape would it. Instead of: but he doubted Snape would allow it
Jan. 11th, 2008 08:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I have corrected that. I will hopefully post another chapter by today or tomorrow. Crosses fingers
Nov. 5th, 2009 04:42 am (UTC)
Ha! Harry's skill at justification is growing as rapidly as his erections! I love his twisted little pronouncements on what constitutes gay, lol.
And, GULP, holy Merlin, what MacNair DID to poor Harry! What a nightmare to be frozen and vivisected. *shudders* Who can blame Harry for passing out?
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