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Nights of Gethsemane Remixes

Here is a list of the Remixes I made for Nights of Gethsemane. These were inspired by Maki Murakami's amazing Graviation remixes. Although they are mostly written to just be mindless porn pieces, a few contain clues for NoG as well as possible endings and beginnings. You don't have to read NoG to understand most of them although you might be a bit confused. You also don't have to read these to enjoy/understand NoG.

Since they are all basically PWPs, they are all rated NC-17 so I won't warn for that again.

Remix 1: Harry/Draco "Turnabout is Fair Play"
Written for Jessica.
Part 2: The Birthday Wish

Remix 2: Lucius/Snape/Harry
Written for Kathrine. Warnings: Threesome. Non-con. Drugged Harry.

Remix 3: Lucius/Snape/Harry
Written for dixiebell. Warnings: Threesome. Non-con.

Remix 4: Random Death Eater/Harry
Written for fans in general (thanks guys).

Remix 5: Snape/Harry
Written for Rai. A possible beginning. Warnings: Non-con. Dark canon Snape.

Remix 6: Snape/Harry/Ginny
Written for Visitkarte. A possible ending. Warnings: Threesome. No Ginny bashing.