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Invictus Chapter 28/59

What if she didn’t show up today? Then he’d wait until she arrived. Well-concealed in a thicket of bushes, Severus pulled out one of mother’s books and opened it in his lap. Although he’d fallen a bit behind in the goals he’d set for himself at the start of that summer, he still couldn’t keep his concentration on the page. Lily had said she would come, and she said she’d come alone.

Wiping his sweaty palms on his knees, he stared at the book. He replicated the motions detailed in the book and whispered, “Incendio!


He shot out of the bushes, leaving his book behind as he hurried to her side. She’d entered from the south and stood by the hawthorn. When she saw him, she smiled. Severus’s heart skipped a beat.

“I can’t stay long,” she apologised. “I have piano lessons in a half hour.”

He squashed his disappointment behind a smile. “That’s alright. I brought one of my spell books and-”

“Oh!” she laughed. “Can we not study? Let’s just talk about Hogwarts. I have loads of questions.”

Whatever she wished. His heart hammered in his chest, but he knew it was now or never. Reaching into his pocket, he produced the small box he’d prepared earlier and thrust it out to her. “I got something for you.”

“For me?” Her eyebrows rose and her mouth opened. “Why?”

He shrugged, looking away so she wouldn’t see the ugly red spreading across his face. “I just wanted to.”

She opened the box and pushed aside the tissues to reveal the beautiful silver watch inside. Slender and shiny, it had tiny green jewels that matched her eyes. Her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ as she stared at it.

“Where did you get it?”

“Nicked it,” he said proudly.

Frowning, she shoved it back into his hands. “You should return it.”

Was she mad? Did she not like it? “Why?”

Looking at him as though she’d never seen him before, she said, “Because you stole it.”


“It’s wrong to steal.”

Tobias loved it when he nicked things. He’d taught Severus to do it and when Severus showed or offered him the goods, he’d always proudly say, ‘That’s my boy!’ His stomach sinking, Severus said the words his father had taught him when choosing targets, “Not if they have money.”

“My parents have money,” she pointed out. “Would you steal from them?”

Tobias would. He’d be proud if Severus returned from Lily’s house with pockets full of nicked items, provided that he didn’t get caught.

“I have to go,” she said. “My piano lessons will start soon.” She gave him a half-hearted wave and a sad little smile before turning and walking away.

He watched her until she disappeared from sight, then hurried to the river and threw the watch into the water. It sank quickly into the murky water. Now she’d never talk to him again and it was all Tobias’s fault. Even at his best, his father could never do anything right. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Severus trudged back to his hiding spot to retrieve his book. He couldn’t wait to get to Hogwarts. There, he’d be surrounded by intelligent, quality people. He’d learn to be a proper wizard, someone that Lily could respect.


“Do you need anything else, sir?” Young asked as he wiped down his worktable.

“No, that will be all.” Severus stepped away from one of the bubbling Clone Potions and collected the jars Young had prepared for him. “Are you in need of any potions?”

“I still haven’t finished using the last batch you gave me.”

Had the foolish boy kept them all for himself? Giving gifts was the quickest way of earning alliances. Carefully, Severus said, “You may wish to give away ones you’ll be unable to use before they expire.”

“Oh?” Young’s rag paused and he glanced at Severus. “They aren’t tailored to me?”

It was hard not to laugh at his ignorance. Potions were almost never custom-made for a single individual. Severus simply shook his head.

Young grinned a wide, catchy smile. “Thank you, sir.” He straightened, glanced at the cauldrons, at the worktable, then at Severus before asking, “Have you heard of the Knights of Walpurgis?”

Severus turned back to his Clone Potion. “Of course. We are the Knights of Walpurgis. There are some who still prefer that term over ‘Death Eaters’, but no one uses it except in ceremonies.”

“Ah, no... I didn’t mean them, sir,” said Young and there was something slightly odd in his tone. Severus pretended to concentrate on the Clone Potion and said nothing, hoping that the silence would likely draw Young to conversation.

Young rinsed his rag in the sink before elucidating further. “I’ve heard of a group,” he said, a bit too casually. “They call themselves the Knights of Walpurgis and seek to restore aims originally conceived by the Dark Lord, such as a mingling of the Muggle and wizard world and establishment of a wizard ruling class.”

“As does the Dark Lord,” Severus felt compelled to point out.

“I know, sir.” Young nodded. “But I’ve heard - just rumours, mind you - people have said that these individuals want more equality between Muggles and wizards, without suppression of Half-bloods or Mudbloods. I’ve also heard - and I find this difficult, sir - that you are the leader of the Knights of Walpurgis.”

Severus felt his entire body freeze. His heart stopped in his chest. Who’d said? Lucius? That fucking bastard. Inventing a rebellious faction and putting Severus at the head wasn’t beyond him at all. It was too bad Severus hadn’t done it to him first. Bloody hell, if someone like Young had heard about it, then the Dark Lord certainly had. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. If he brought it up first then it would look suspicious. How could he convince the Dark Lord he wasn’t leading a rebellion? Or did the Dark Lord suspect him? Wouldn’t he be dead by now? Fuck.

He forced himself to chuckle as if he found the whole situation amusing rather than frightening. “And who told you that?”

“Rumours, sir,” Young said. “I know you are loyal as I am. Some people just imagine that, if these Knights of Walpurgis exist, a half-blood would most likely head them, and you’re the only half-blood with the intelligence, clout, and ability to lead such a group.”

I’m the greatest danger to the Dark Lord. Severus needed to crush this. He needed to prove his loyalty. Should he bring this supposed group to the attention of the Dark Lord? No, not without information. “I need every bit of information you can find on this group. Do not write it down, and bring the information to me in person.” Maybe he would tell the Dark Lord, just to head it off...

“I will, sir.”

“You may go now.” Young nodded and left. Severus tried to return to the Clone Potion, but he couldn’t concentrate. If the group actually existed, who was in charge? A half-blood would be the most likely candidate, but there were plenty of Purebloods who didn’t fully buy into the Death Eater mentality. The use of ‘Knights of Walpurgis’ sounded as if it had originated within the Dark Lord’s ranks rather than the Order’s. Had the Order created it and spread it about to cause strife and doubt amongst the Death Eaters?

No. Either it was a bunch of children who would be crushed shortly, or a hoax. The Dark Lord was too powerful with too many spies to not know of such a critical threat. Unless perhaps he let it grow, or even started the group to weed out those disloyal.

Bloody hell, he did not need this complication. Not when the Clone Potion remained behind schedule. As soon as he could escape the lab, he headed towards his room, where he fetched Albus’s portrait. When he saw Albus, he said, “I need to learn everything I can about a group called The Knights of Walpurgis. Apparently, they wish to accomplish the Dark Lord’s aims without subjugation of Muggles, Muggleborns, or Half-bloods.”

Albus raised a bushy eyebrow. “A rebellion has grown within his ranks?”

“I doubt it. Probably Lucius, or Avery, or-” He could go on for hours, “-someone is probably setting me up. Apparently, I am in charge of this group. I need to destroy this rumour or turn it back on whoever created it. I cannot be seen as disloyal.”

“I shall find out all that I can,” promised Albus.

“Thank you.” Severus shrunk the portrait, returned it to his robes and blinked the time away. He needed to step up his projects. He needed to finish the Clone Potion (or at least find some other container) and he needed to make Potter trust him.

He headed to the cellar, where he planted the viewing spell on the wall next to the bathroom, giving a clear, long look down the hallway, all the way into the library. He unlocked and opened the cupboard door, checking on Potter, who’d been heavily drugged with sleeping potions in order to give him time to recover from the last torture. The boy’s vitals were normal and, although he’d spent the night sleeping in a tiny, dark room, he slept soundly. No wonder he hadn’t responded to confinement within the cupboard as a form of torture. For him, it probably felt like home, which further explained how quickly he’d bonded to Severus when under the Sex Potion.

Between Severus’s early knowledge of Petunia’s nature and the few glimpses into Potter’s childhood that he’d viewed during their Occlumency lessons, he knew the Dursleys had been somewhat abusive. Although, he’d only seen signs of neglect, not violence. Occlumency only showed so much, and most of Potter’s memories had been recent. They hadn’t ever physically abused him, had they? Surely Dumbledore wouldn’t have allowed that. Potter lacked scarring suggesting early abuse, but Severus knew all too well that not all forms of Muggle punishment left scars.

Brushing back the stray bits of hair that fell in Potter’s face, he ran his fingers down the side of Potter’s cheek, travelling down along his neck, then slowly pushing back the sheet that covered his chest. No trace of the chest wound remained. During the torture session, Severus had been busy pretending to squabble with Bellatrix and hadn’t paid full attention to Macnair’s ‘work’, knowing the potions he’d preemptively fed Potter eased his pain and would help him heal quickly.

Placing his hands flat on Potter’s torso, he closed his eyes and examined the skin with magic and touch, checking for imperfections. As he brushed his hands across the warm, soft skin, Potter’s nipples hardened, his body reacting instinctively to the touch. Later that night they’d have sex. Lifting his hands off Potter’s chest, Severus pulled the blanket back up over Potter’s chest and fed him a few drops of wakefulness potion.

With everything in place, he headed upstairs to his room and waited for Potter to wake up.

Several minutes went by and nothing happened. Had he not given the boy enough of the potion? He was just about to head downstairs when the cupboard door opened and Potter slowly crawled out.

For a moment, Potter glanced cautiously around him and Severus thought for sure he’d try to make a run for it. Then he tried the laundry room door, frowning when he couldn’t open it. It wasn’t the best start - ideally Potter would return straight to his cage - but curiosity didn’t mean that the boy wouldn’t voluntarily remain in the prison....

Potter stood, supporting himself on the wall as he walked down the hallway, his head twisting and craning as if he expected Severus to appear at any moment. He hobbled into the library and stopped. If Potter, the epitome of Gryffindor, aborted an escape attempt to pick out a book, Severus wouldn’t have had the heart to take it away from him, no matter what it had been.

Thankfully, Potter remained true to himself and headed to the stairs, disappearing from Severus’s view.

In his bedroom, Severus read out loud from his latest post, feeling for the wards that would reveal Potter’s path. If he could convince Potter that he remained in contact with the Order, the boy would be more obedient. It appeared to work, for Potter paused, stopping outside the door. The door and wards were too thick for Potter to have any chance of understanding that he was simply reading a letter.

It didn’t last long. Potter only listened for a short while before he moved away, heading down the hallway. Gripping his wand, even though he didn’t expect much of a fight, Severus stepped out of his room.

Casually, he said, “Return to your cage if you want breakfast.”

Potter did not hesitate to return. “Who were you talking to?”

“An associate of mine. Are you sore anywhere?”

“No, I feel pretty good, just hungry.” Potter glanced at him, the green eyes curious. “A Death Eater associate?”

Enigmatically but firmly, Severus said, “It is none of your business.”

Potter, apparently convinced he’d caught Severus in something, didn’t press the issue. He ate his breakfast without fuss. When it came time for cleaning, then training, he was not only obedient, but absolutely focused on his work. So focused, Severus was able to spend the majority of the afternoon researching transference spells. He still watched Potter, of course. The boy didn’t seem to know the meaning of the word ‘recovery’. He wore himself out so thoroughly and over-exercised his still-bandaged fingers to such an extent that, when it was time for his bath, he kept dropping the soap and managed to get shampoo in his eyes.

Sighing, Severus stuffed his book back in his robes and swept to the tub to help Potter clean out his eyes. Rather than risk him injuring himself on another basic task, he took over the shampooing.

In less than an hour, he’d have to find this clumsy child erotic enough to have sex with him. Think of Adam. Think about how you’d like to fuck Adam.

Potter stepped out of the tub and grabbed the towel. His skinny frame had filled out some, but he still looked a boy rather than a man.

“I don’t need the muscle potion today,” said Potter, oblivious to Severus’s stare. “I didn’t work out that much.”

If he didn’t take that potion, he’d always be a skinny little boy. “It is better for you to use it even when you don’t think you need it. This potion has no ill side-effects, so it will not harm you even if you use it daily.” Then, because he knew it would prompt a reaction, he scolded, “If you are serious about your training then you should do everything you possibly can to make sure it goes smoothly and quickly.”

It worked. “I am,” said Potter. He held his towel over his groin. “I’ll put it on.”

“Lie down on your stomach.” Severus pushed his sleeves up past his elbows and pinned them in place.

Potter obeyed, albeit with modesty and hesitation. He lay flat, his body stiff and his eyes squeezed shut. When Severus touched the warm skin of his back, he flinched, one of his legs kicking up as if he wanted to do nothing more than attack Severus.

Focus on the parts of his body you like. For a teenage boy, Potter had surprisingly soft skin. Severus absently rubbed the potion into Potter’s back, imagining what would be like to sink into the heat of him later. His arse was rather nice, not nearly as skinny as the rest of him. Wouldn’t it feel grand to fuck that arse? To slide into that tight hole and fuck the hell out of it? Blood pulsed in his prick and he imagined Potter as eager and as wanton as he’d been on the first dose of the potion.

Potter stuck his arse up in the air, his full cock hanging between his spread legs.

Severus patted Potter’s hip, encouraging him to roll over and he did, holding himself stiff and keeping the towel pressed firmly over his groin. He was a tight chord of nervous tension now, but in bed he’d been helpless with lust, his rigid erection the centre of his entire existence.

Potter absently humped the air, his eyes unfocused and needy moans tearing from his throat.

Keeping his lascivious thoughts from his face, Severus focused on the hairy legs, which didn’t bother him nearly as much as they had before. A small amount of body hair he could deal with. It was to be expected with males, after all. He worked his way up, passing over Potter’s groin before he rubbed the salve into Potter’s chest, trying not to look at the tight nipples. Although he knew they were pebbled due to temperature or fear rather than arousal, seeing them in that state reminded him of how responsive Potter had been to the simplest of touches.

He brushed his thumb over the stiff peak, drawing a loud, sinful moan from Potter’s throat. He sucked the other into his mouth, working at it with his tongue and teeth and Potter’s whole body shuddered, his breath coming quicker as he canted his hips and grabbed at Severus, pressing his chest up in a clear demand for more.

Severus’s cock pressed uncomfortably tight against his pants. He stood and walked to the sink to wash his hands. He just had to find a way to keep this up for the next half hour.

Potter returned to his cell unprompted and obediently offered his hands, although he stared at them with an odd mixture of disgust and horror.

“Why are you making such faces?” asked Severus as he cut the bindings on the bandages.

“I can’t wait to get these off.”

Severus pulled off the bandages, removing the splints along with them. “Try curling your fingers.”

Potter curled his fingers, each digit stiff, but flexing in an almost complete range of motion. Much better than expected. If he had to, Severus would use Skele-gro, but as it caused severe rashes when used in conjunction with calming potions, he hoped he wouldn’t need it.

He took one hand and felt the bones as he said, “Only your proximal phalanges were actually broken.” And they had all healed. He switched to the other hand, looking for fractures, but the bones appeared to have been restored to normalcy. Still, knowing Potter, he had to force the boy to be careful with them, or else they might break again. “They appear to be healed, but I want to re-wrap them just in case.”

Potter didn’t whinge, and let him re-wrap the digits. The training period had perked up his spirits and left him so agreeable that when Severus said, “We will have to perform either tonight or tomorrow. Since we will be attempting it without the use of drugs, I suggest that we do it tonight,” Potter, after some hesitation, agreed.

After he’d finished eating, Potter moved to the bed and Severus looked at the table and slowly blinked. He stood, cast the wards, and undressed.

He still hated undressing. He knew it was necessary, but that didn’t mean he didn’t hate every single second of it. He kept his clothes near him and the wards prevented him from being caught entirely unaware, but still, he remained absolutely vulnerable without a wand. If he wasn’t worried about the damage it would do to the flexibility of his arm, he’d hollow out a bone and stick a wand inside. Never mind that now. He needed to focus on Potter.

Potter groaned, his entire body flush with colour as he rubbed his groin against Severus’s body.

Potter lay on the bed, stiff and still. Severus tapped his hip to get him to roll over and he obeyed, but with the same rigidness he’d had in the bathroom.

Focus on Adam, on how Potter wanted it as much as him once. Foreplay, fingers, penetration. He brushed his thumbs over Potter’s nipples, drawing a sharp intake of breath. Their bodies had learnt to crave each other even though their minds could not. He lowered his mouth to tease and suck on the delicate flesh and it didn’t take long for Potter to uncoil from the tight rod he’d wound himself into and spread his legs.

Quickly, before he could lose his erection, Severus cast the spells and opened the jar of lube. Potter’s cock, well-conditioned and expectant of release, twitched, the engorged head pushing tight against the small band of foreskin still wrapped around it.

However, although the first finger slid in easily, Potter gasped and grabbed the sheets, his body clamping down, resisting the intruder.

“Relax,” said Severus softly, stroking Potter’s thighs with his free hand. “Push back against me.”

The tightness eased and Severus added a second finger, stroking the prostate to help Potter relax. Since he still held himself so stiffly, Severus wanked him as he added the third and that simple act melted Potter’s resistance, transforming him from a scared, disgusted boy to a desperate, needy creature, hungry for sex.

Severus held out until every inward press of his fingers drew a guttural moan and Potter was fucking himself more than he was fucking Potter. He withdrew his fingers and put Potter into position. A few strokes of his lubed hand were all that he needed, and he pushed inside.

Potter hissed, his back tightening. Severus wrapped a hand around him to hold him in place and to stroke him again. This had to continue. He didn’t want to be forced to use the aphrodisiac.

“Just do it,” said Potter through clenched teeth. His entire body had tightened again, even his penis remained unresponsive to the hand curled around him.

It wouldn’t work. He wasn’t relaxed enough. Severus carefully pulled out.

Potter yelled, “Just do it!”

“Come.” Gently, Severus placed him flat on his back. “You need to relax first.”

“I’m not going to relax!” said Potter petulantly. “You did it before, just do it again.” He closed his eyes and turned his head away. “He probably likes it better when I hate it anyway.”

Damn it. Things had been going so well! Severus stroked Potter’s thighs again. “You need to relax so that I don’t hurt you.”

Potter stubbornly said, “Just give me a painkiller.”

Why did the brat have to make everything a hundred times more difficult? Did he honestly think, in that tiny head of his, that he hadn’t already been given an analgesic? “And let you become addicted to them as well? I don’t want it to be like this every time.” Rape was rape. If he absolutely needed to, he’d take an aphrodisiac, tie Harry to the bed, and have him that way. He’d hoped that things could be different. He’d hoped that he’d be able to gain at least the illusion of consent, but if it came down to force, then so be it.

In the same whinging tone, Potter said, “It’s not going to be different. I’m not a woman.”

Not that childishness again. How many times did Severus have to explain it? Maybe they should start this over on the Sex Potion? No, he couldn’t keep giving it to Potter. Potter would just have to learn to deal with it. First, though, he had to get over this inane notion of himself as a woman. There had to be some way Severus could make him feel like a man. Perhaps suck him off? He could just chop it out of Potter’s memory. He only had to do something noteworthy enough to make Potter receptive in the meantime...

Grabbing Potter’s hand, Severus said, “Come here,” and tugged him from the bed. He positioned him facing the wall and closed his eyes, then turned Potter around as he opened his eyes. As it might be difficult to get Potter to stand in the exact same position, he met Potter’s eyes and threatened, “Now, you must never show this to anyone, is that clear?”

His voice slightly panicked, Potter replied, “I’m never showing any of this to anyone!”

He couldn’t keep it from the Dark Lord, but that was good enough for Severus.

Alright. He’d seen fellatio enough times to figure it out, even though he’d only been the recipient before. Sinking to his knees, he grabbed Potter’s dick and guided it into his mouth. It just tasted like skin - albeit salty skin - and he bobbed his head rhythmically. What else had the girls done to him? Oh yes, play with the testicles. He brought up his hand to caress the balls and Potter grunted, falling forward to clutch Severus’s shoulders tightly.

His jaw ached, but still he worked his mouth over the shaft as he slowly worked his hands up towards Potter’s hole. He needed to somehow rekindle his flagging erection. Although sucking dick, surprisingly, didn’t disgust him at all, he was still sucking Potter’s dick.

No, concentrate on his moans. On how much he likes it. You’re going to fuck him hard after this.

Potter gasped and spread his legs.

Severus brushed his fingers up and down over the puckered flesh, drawing a shudder and a moan from Potter. Fuck that tight arse.

Carefully, he pushed a finger inside, but Potter welcomed it, thrusting back against it. Severus added a second, then a third, but, if anything, Potter just pushed back against him harder, as if he wanted more.

He wants it. He wants your cock, spreading him open.

Potter’s balls shifted, pulling tight against his body. He was about to come. Severus immediately stopped everything, withdrawing his fingers.

“No!” cried Potter. “I’m so close!”

Flipping Potter back around, Severus stood and blinked. Grabbing Potter’s cheeks, he spread them apart, held him in place, then thrust inside quickly, hoping the heightened arousal masked any pain from such an abrupt entrance. Potter gave a soft groan, but didn’t protest. Encouraged, Severus rocked into him, trying to take it slowly, but finding it difficult to be gentle. Merlin, what he wouldn’t give to be able to really pound away, to properly fuck him.

Still, the ability to simply slide in and out of another body was more than enough to urge him ever higher. When Potter started wanking himself again, his body tightening, Severus kept the pace steady, enjoying the slow build to orgasm.

Potter came with an ear-shattering howl, his body growing painfully tight and Severus had to just breathe and hold him in place for a minute before he could continue fucking that arse.

Oh Merlin, yes. Despite everything, it was just what he needed, and when Potter’s body clenched around him perfectly, he couldn’t hold back anymore. Holding Potter tightly, concentrating on how his dick felt, he dove over the edge, his entire body shaking as release burst out of him.

Damn. He hadn’t expected it to be so good, or Potter to be so responsive. If he had known sucking cock would make Potter stop whinging and spread his legs, he would’ve done it earlier.

Not wanting to hurt the boy, he waited until he’d deflated considerably before pulling out and letting him go.

Potter immediately collapsed on the bed, scooting to one side to leave room for Severus to join him. It would look odd if he didn’t join him this time, and he needed a moment to catch his breath, so Severus climbed onto the bed as well.

Turning part octopus again, Potter immediately latched on to Severus’s side. His body - always warm - wasn’t exactly welcomed, but he’d been so fussy, Severus decided to allow him the familiarity. He probably ought to check his vitals anyway. He set his hand on Potter’s body and subtly sent out the spells. Perfectly normal.

He needed a shower. He waited until he felt too hot and sticky to continue, then pushed Potter off of him. As he dressed, Potter asked, “Are you really going to show that to Voldemort?”

“I will not show him a certain part and neither will you.” He raised his wand, ready to remove the memory of the blowjob when Potter curled in on himself.

“No, no! Don’t do that to me! I swear I won’t ever show it to anyone.”

Bloody hell. How the fuck had Potter remained aware - if unconsciously - of all the memory modification? He’d been so careful! Of course, the memories still left impressions, but not to such an extent! Not normally!

With no other option, he lowered his wand and marched away. Those memories should not be there. Was it Tom? Did Tom somehow have access? Had Potter’s mind been too severely damaged?

No matter what, he couldn’t afford to Obliviate Potter again.

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  • Invictus Chapter 59/59

    Blackness covered everything. His hands groped blindly in the dark, but found nothing. “Harry?” Where had Harry gone? He had to be sure that he’d…

  • Invictus Chapter 58/59

    My boys are going through a growth spurt and have been keeping me busy. I promise I will respond to your feedback as soon as I can. I love it, so…

  • Invictus Chapter 57/59

    NoG to read: 61 As they headed back to the lab, Harry told the story of how he’d found the Sword of Gryffindor. “Ron pulled me out of the…